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Daily Environmental News | National Geographic News December 12, 2012 Want to know if you're literally sitting on a gold mine? Get some termites, a new study suggests. The drive for a 21st-century electric grid faces privacy worries. What will happen to the detailed information on home energy use that utilities will be able to collect through smart meters? December 11, 2012 So much hot water goes down the drain that cities worldwide are recognizing sewer heat as an untapped resource that can help cut energy costs. December 10, 2012 The United Kingdom, reliant on natural gas, moves toward lifting its hydraulic fracturing ban. An Australian dog specially trained to locate buried human bones by scent could aid archaeologists. Complex hiding behavior encased in amber for 110 million years. December 7, 2012 <strong>The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration proposes protections for 66 coral species. Turns out plants grow just fine on the International Space Station. December 5, 2012 December 4, 2012 November 30, 2012 November 29, 2012 July 9, 2012

Vegan Versand VEGGIE >FOR YOU< animal friendly f o o t w e a r Unter VEGGIE SHOES vereinen wir die Sortimente bzw. eine Auswahl der angesagtesten internationalen Hersteller & Designer für vegane Schuhe (ohne tierische Materialien). Der Markt für diese Schuhe ist relativ klein, aber wir sind ständig bemüht, eine größere Bandbreite abzudecken. • stylish & cool• sportlich & bequem • praktisch & bewährt • klassisch & elegant • alternativ & anders • ökologisch & modern VEGGIE SHOES ► sind mehr als nur Schuhe! ► sind vorzeigbar! Hervorgegangen ist Veggie Shoes 2011 aus dem "Vegan Versand", der bis 2010 auch Lebensmittel & Kosmetik im Angebot hatte. Wir bieten bereits seit 2000 (damals als erster Versand) in Deutschland lederfreie Schuhe in großem Umfang an und verfügen somit über lange Erfahrung mit Händlern, Material, Passform und Entwicklungen. Wir bemühen uns, nur Schuhe in unser Sortiment aufzunehmen, die neben dem Tierschutzaspekt unter weitgehend fairen, umwelt- und menschenfreundl. !

Solar Photovoltaic Research, Analysis & Consulting | PHOTON Consulting Vertical Farms Need a Residential Piggyback Urban farming continues to ride the wave of sustainability with efforts sprouting up across the country that find very real and fruitful results. The rush of interest has maintained conversations of massive towers buried in the center of urban cores to produce local, sustainable crops for city dwellers. However, the conceptual mecca of farming in the city, vertical farms, still remains mired in the theoretical world due largely to the unwillingness of any funding sources to make the first cut on a bleeding edge development pattern. On their own, large vertical farms in the cityscape bring costs that may be insurmountable for a largely unproven model, but if the system was paired with high-end residential and positioned as an amenity then new crops could get the prime exposure they need to test their strength where it its needed most. The Planting of Blocks The fascination for farming in cities bears a greats deal of latent merit. Efficient Doesn’t Always Mean Cheap

The Weberian Apparatus Environmental News Network -- Know Your Environment Warum Vegan? Veganismus - Für die Tiere, für die Umwelt ... und für Sie! Stand Juli 2013 Jedes Jahr werden allein in Deutschland ca. 1 Milliarde Landlebewesen getötet, hinzu kommen Milliarden Meeresbewohner. Die Aufzucht von Tieren in Tierfabriken ist grausam und eine ökologische Katastrophe. Das Essen von Tieren ist schlecht für unsere Gesundheit und wird mit vielen Krankheiten und Beschwerden, einschließlich Herzinfarkt, Schlaganfall, Krebs, Diabetes und Fettleibigkeit in Verbindung gebracht. Für die Tiere In den Tierfabriken werden die Tiere wie Maschinen behandelt. Für die Umwelt Die heutigen Tierfabriken verwerten bis auf das „Muh“, „Gacker“ und „Oink“ alles — und dabei hinterlassen sie schwerste Folgen für die Umwelt, für die noch Generationen nach uns werden zahlen müssen. … Und für SIE! Lesen Sie mehr:

The ethical partnership ltd Up On The Roof: Vegetables! The bagged organic baby mixed greens on sale in my local Whole Foods Market in Bethesda, MD, are not very “green” at all. To grow the lettuce, vast amounts of water must be moved from the Colorado River to California, the most hydrologically altered landmass on the planet. The lettuce is picked, packaged, washed and shipped in refrigerated trucks (because it’s perishable) roughly 2,800 miles across America. The cost? $3.99. There ought to be a better way of getting lettuce into the hands of supermarket shoppers. Paul Lightfoot, the chief executive of BrightFarms, a New York City-based startup, thinks he has found one: His company is planning to design, build, finance and operate hydroponic greenhouse farms on supermarket rooftops, eliminating time, distance and cost from the food supply chain. A mockup of a BrightFarm on a roof You can’t get more local than that unless you grow vegetables in your own backyard. Paul Lightfoot “I’m first and foremost a capitalist,” Lightfoot replied. Earth Island Journal | Earth Island Institute SeaWorld’s Advertisements Are Full Of Lies (Video) In effort to reinvent its image, theme park resorts to fudging facts again by Laura Bridgeman – October 6, 2017 The International Marine Mammal Project released a new video last week that debunks many of the lies SeaWorld tells the public and its shareholders, lies that are increasingly getting the theme park and entertainment company into hot water. At its core, SeaWorld…> Read more A Tale of Two Wild Sisters Saga of African wild dogs siblings offers a stark reminder of the challenges predators face in Man’s world by Megan Claase – October 4, 2017 One of the greatest things about spending your time studying endangered African wild dogs (Lycaon Pictus) is getting to know the dogs as individuals. An Unlikely Alliance Holds Strong against Keystone XL In the fields of Nebraska, Jane Kleeb has grown a bipartisan coalition of farmers, ranchers, tribes and environmental advocates to fight an international pipeline by Gail Ablow – October 3, 2017

Die Umsteiger-weg vom Fleisch! Governance Metrics International Plant an Edible Forest Garden Related Content Plant Edible Ground Cover You can sneak a few attractive, low maintenance food plants onto your lawn, and your neighbors will ... Permaculture 2012 Permaculture is a holistic, integrative design for a sustainable future: registrations now open for ... Are you feeling adventurous? I’m convinced that imitating natural systems is fundamental to any successful effort to raise food. I’ve been exploring the idea of forest gardening for several years, and have recently begun to try it on my own homestead. One of the main differences between a forest garden and the typical food garden is that forest gardens rely on perennials. To understand the difference this makes, consider the role of annual plants in nature. Because of the speed and fecundity of the annuals’ lifestyle, they are able to cover patches of bare ground quickly. Most gardeners are used to a fair amount of disturbance and change in their gardens, from tillage, crop rotation, and so on. Forest Gardening & Permaculture

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