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Wildlife Acoustics - Overview of the Song Meter SM3. Nrcs144p2 045486. 10 Field Guides for the Serious Naturalist – Cool Green Science. Wildlife I’d just as soon leave binoculars and camera at home than head afield without field guides.

10 Field Guides for the Serious Naturalist – Cool Green Science

I know some now prefer apps: they’re undoubtedly lighter and even allow you to hear bird songs. (And you can check out birder Tim Boucher’s favorite bird apps in our previous blog). But I still prefer an old-fashioned paper field guide. I love paging through the (often beautiful) illustrations, using the books not only to identify species but to plan future adventures. Roger Tory Peterson created the first modern field guide in 1934, Guide to the Birds. Today, field guides exist in an almost mind-boggling variety, covering just about any flora or fauna you’d like to identify. These guides now take innovative approaches to natural history. Let me know your own favorites in the comments section.

“Life listing” birds can have an unfortunate side: it can reduce birds to mere tokens to be “ticked” in a competitive game. Follow Matt. Infrared Thermal Video Analysis of Bats: Videos. Tracked Bats Foraging at Davis Cave: No video?

Infrared Thermal Video Analysis of Bats: Videos

Get the DivX Web Player for Windows or Mac Screen capture of EcoTracker interface in use. Citable Life Science Research Database. Field Guides by Area. Know what animals and plants share your backyard?

Field Guides by Area

Taking a trip? Use our ZipGuides to get a comprehensive local wildlife guide to the animals and plants native to any place in the United States. Understanding Science. Wildlife and Natural History - Master of Links. is always looking for Web sites that present accurate, useful information for those interested in Wildlife and Natural History.

Wildlife and Natural History - Master of Links

If you have problems locating any of these sites, or would like to suggest an additional link, let us know. Birds The Backyard Birdwatcher: George H. Harrison, eNature's birding expert, is an award-winning nature writer, photographer, PBS television host, and the author of a dozen nature books, including The Backyard Bird Watcher. He is field editor for National Wildlife, International Wildlife, and Sports Afield magazines and contributing editor to Birds & Blooms and Birder's World. Wild Bird Watching: Birdwatching information about the mating, nesting, and feeding habits of common North American backyard birds. Expert advice on bird-watching, backyard bird feeding, bird gardening, bird identification, bird travel and cool birding products. The Virtual Birder The Virtual Birder offers several interactive virtual tours. Mark W.

Parks & Wildlife Refuges Finder. Track your Wildlife Sightings. Birds & Birding. Field Guides. About eNature | Get eNature Content | Contact | Wildlife List Login | Help Species Search: Ask an Expert Advanced Search Ringtones Mobile Apps Blog I want to: ©2007 Site Map User Settings About Us/ContactFree content Media Kit Link To Us Copyright Privacy Policy.

Field Guides

Global Directory for Environmental Technology.

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Endangered & Threatened Species. Want to know which species are endangered or threatened and where they live?

Endangered & Threatened Species

Use's Endangered Species Guide to get your free regional guide to threatened and endangered birds, butterflies, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. About Threatened and Endangered Species Guides: The Threatened and Endangered Species Guides list all the species of the continental United States (i.e., all states except Hawaii) that are classified as endangered or threatened on the U.S. Endangered Species List. An endangered species or subspecies is one that is in danger of becoming extinct throughout its range or in a portion of its range. All animals and plants on the Endangered Species List are protected by the Endangered Species Act of 1973. About Poisonous and Dangerous Species Guides: PoisonousAn animal is considered poisonous/venomous if it can either inject a poison into a person or produce a poison that is irritating to the touch or if ingested.

Database of Ancient Trees. OldList is a database of ancient trees.

Database of Ancient Trees

Its purpose is to identify maximum ages that different species in different localities may attain such that exceptionally old age individuals are recognized. In addition to this original OldList, Neil Pederson at Harvard Forest and colleagues at the Virginia Tech Tree Program maintain a companion Eastern OldList, focused on old trees growing in the eastern United States. May 2019: Amazingly enough, this month has brought in two new 2000+ year-old species from two areas of the world where old trees were previously known to occur, but not quite this old.

Dave Stahle and colleagues found a new stand of very old bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) from the Black River in North Carolina, USA, with a new 5th oldest known individual coming in at 2,624 years old. Dave also maintains a terrific website on their bald cypress project that old tree enthusiasts should check out.

Five types of tree ages are recognized in the OldList database: Ask an Expert.