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EF Class - Activate your classroom.

EF Class - Activate your classroom.

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Using to Create Visual Activities for the Classroom Here I am again. Trying another tool. To be honest, the tool was suggested to me by one of the teachers (Marga Valdés) attending a talk I gave last year. It was a talk about creating activities for the classroom using free online tools, and when I finished the presentation, this teacher came up to me and said she was surprised I hadn’t mentioned I confessed to her I didn’t know the tool and promised I would give it a go. It was almost the end of the course and although I gave it a quick try, my mind was in holiday mode, and I didn’t put my heart into it.

Warmers, fillers & coolers Warmers Below is a list of warmer/cooler/filler/game activities in no particular order. If you have any warmers you'd like to add to the list then please send them to via the Contact page Aims: - to introduce a theme - to relax stds after a hard day's work - to wake stds up after a hard night - to wait for late arrivals - to provide a break in the lesson - to provide humour - to provide oral fluency practice - to finish the lesson on a light note Andy's Wild Adventures Target Age 2-5 year olds Episode Duration Life after Compulsory School ⋆ Intermediate, Themes Songs Sarah McLachlan – I Will Remember YouPhil Collins – You’ll Be In My HeartRascal Flatts – My WishSo Long Farewell – Sound of MusicGreen Day – Time of Your LifePhil Collins – On My WayLulu – Το Sir With LoveRyan Shupe – Dream BigAndy Grammer – Back HomeMatchbox 20 – Let’s see how far we’ve come Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World Pharrell Williams – Happy Projects

Why So Much Variety in English? Vocabulary Make sure you understand these words before you read the text. Use the dictionary in the link collection to look up new words: distinctiveinvasionretreattribecommondescendantvictoriousfrontierapartflourishsubstrate language = local or original (underlying) languageexercise (v)unifyvastpost-vocalic "r" = "r" after a vowelpronouncerhotic = describes accents where "r" is pronounced in all positionsoriginnotablepenalretroflex consonants - tongue bent, curved, or turned backward, e.g. retroflex (Phonetic symbols: ʈ ɖ ɳ ɭ)diversityHide

High quality content and interaction in the ELT world I don’t think I have ever taught or observed an advanced lesson that went seriously wrong. I mean cringe-worthy wrong. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, advanced students have been in the game long enough and know enough English to ensure that most of our lessons run – at worst – relatively smoothly. Except perhaps for those all-too-familiar “How do you say X?” questions (X = a word YOU don’t know), which they seem to pluck out of nowhere, at the worst possible moments.

Famous People A-Z Activity Village has a large and growing resource of famous people resources - from colouring pages to "learn to draw" tutorials to fun and quirky worksheets that are designed to get your kids interested! Here you can find a listing of all the famous people, ancient and modern, we have on the website, in first name order. Explore all our Famous People Famous People are featured in first name order. Banjo Paterson - Australian bush poet, author of Waltzing MatildaBarack Obama - 44th President of the USABeethoven - Brilliant pianist and classical composerBenjamin Harrison - 23rd President of the USABill Clinton - 42nd President of the USABlackbeard - Notorious pirate of the CaribbeanBonnie Prince Charlie - pretender to the British throneBoudicca - brave Celtic queen who rebelled against the RomansBram Stoker - Irish writer best known for DraculaBruce Ismay - Chairman of the White Star Line, owners of the Titanic

New York 4-9 Songs Children’s Song- I LOVE NY – YouTube (2:20) LOVE NY is about all things NYC. Starring Kindie Rocker Joanie Leeds and video by Glen Biltz, this NYC chant is New York’s newest (and catchiest) Worksheets