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ТСК-1 ООД. Based on GM-47 GSM module. Designed at January 2006 by Vassilis Serasidis.

Based on GM-47 GSM module.

Published at 27.Jul.2010 by Vassilis Serasidis . The source code was written in AVR assembly language. Picture 1: The SMS remote controller V3.0. BieneRemote. Applications. GSM-SMS controller D3K3. NPE-9100-GPRS - Industrial computer, Linux ARM9 32-bit RISC 180MHz 200MIPS CPU. 2x RS232, 1x RS485, 8x DI, Ethernet 10/100BaseT., 6xDO, built in GSM/GPRS modem. Device from the NPE series is the industrial computer, equipped with the efficient processor RISC ARM9 with preinstalled in the Flash memory operating system Linux ver. 2.6.

The computer is equipped with the Ethernet 10/100 BaseT port, two RS-232 ports, RS-485 port, 8 binary inputs and SD cards reader. The NPE computer cover is especially adapted to the installation in difficult industrial conditions on the DIN bus, and assures quick and comfortable installation in the target location. The relatively small dimensions and the IP21 standard cover, no moving parts (fans, discs) assure the failure-free operation in the industrial objects as well as in various cabinets. Moreover, the NPE computer may be optionally produced in versions with enhanced operational temperature range (-25°C¸ 70°C). The NPE computer has been equipped with the Linux operating system in version 2.6. 1. The NPE hardware configuration is based on ARM9 32-bit RISC CPU 180MHz processor, 64MB SDRAM, 16MB Flash disk.

Submersible Electric Water Pumps. The General Function of the AC Diggi Controller The control module, AC Diggi Controller, is an electronic device which is installed into an AC motor’s switchgear. With useful application, the AC Diggi Controller guarantees a full protection for the connected electric load. Sistemes Electrònics Progrés s.a. - Conventional fertigation control.

Electronic Control. SMS SECURITY, REMOTE control. Zadako - wireless solutions. SMS Central Heating - Mobile phone central heating control, SMS text message heating control. × GsmControl+ × SeNd Technology Ltd - "TranSceNding the Boundries" Returns: We will only accept returns that have been previously agreed and we have issued a returns number.

SeNd Technology Ltd - "TranSceNding the Boundries"

Email: Items found to be faulty due to manufacture will be replaced within the warranty period. Please ensure you retain all original packaging and documentation as this must be returned with the product. If, after testing, we find the product to be working to specification we may pass on a handling/test charge of no more than £50.

SeNd Technology Ltd or it's suppliers will not be held responsible for problems caused by incorrect use, installation and subsequential damage caused. Warranty: SeNd Technology pass on the manufacturers warranty for all products. Terms & conditions of sale: Owasys S.L.L. Industrial Interface - The Signal Conditioning and Signal Isolat. Remote Control by Mobile Phone (080324-71) - Remote control using mobile phones and SMS (Text Messaging) is in great demand but many systems on sale suffer from imperfections. This ingenious design combines powerful capabilities with low technical overheads. It has programmable AC mains switching outlets plus status reports by text message and alarm-activated delivery of GPS data. • Worldwide remote control from a mobile phone (GSM/Cellphone) without incurring call charges • Three switched outputs with on-off switching, changeover switching and timed switching, max. 230 VAC, 6 A • GPS data transfer indicates location (GPS tracker function)

GSM Remote Control, Mobile Phone Remote Control. GSM Transmission. GSM Remote Control, GSM Gate Opener, GSM Gate Controller, Telcon. The TELCON 500 MK2 is a GSM remote control switch and access control unit that allows you to open your automatic gates, garage door or activate your electric door release by simply making a phone call to its mobile telephone number.

GSM Remote Control, GSM Gate Opener, GSM Gate Controller, Telcon

The Telcon 500 connects to the mobile phone network and like a mobile phone it has its own telephone number. The TELCON 500 is activated by calling its phone number, it will recognise an authorised telephone number calling it, reject the call without answering and activate the gate control panel, garage door opener or electric door release, because it rejects the call without answering there are no call costs incurred.

Up to 500 telephone numbers can be stored in the unit’s memory. Whenever a call is made to the TELCON 500, it compares the phone number of the incoming call with the numbers stored in its memory. If a match is found, it recognises that the caller is authorised and the unit will activate. Tel-me Remote Monitoring and control by GSM/SMS. Compulogic Internet and Communications solutions powered by Pico. SmartHome Text - Remote control of your heating. STD32 - Telemetry device for remote control and alarming via GSM. The STD32 can easily be used as an alarm system, to open the garage door, for fluid level control, temperature control or to receive pictures in alarm situations or on request.

STD32 - Telemetry device for remote control and alarming via GSM

STD32 is the perfect device for remote monitoring and remote switching via your mobile phone or internet. Another advantage: The robust und water-protected STD32 housing facilitates its outdoor application with industrial facilities and machines. The STD32 is a telemetry device for alar ming via SMS or E-mail and for switching output relais via call, SMS or the internet.

It offers 2 optocoupler inputs to monitor status information. Additionally the STD32 now also offers a camera interface (accessory part). To be able to use this E-mail functionality your SIM Card needs to have a GPRS subscription; to use the webbrowser functionality the SIM Card needs to have a fixed IP address. . GSM alarm. GSM ALARM and REMOTE CONTROL SMS CONTROLLER GX8 User manual V8.x-11 Francais NL Just insert your SIM card in the SIM card holder, connect the antenna and plug the delivered power supply adapter into the main power.

GSM alarm

You are then ready to check and get familiar with the functionality before definitive installation. ASL Holdings Ltd. GSM Remote Control. Documents model GSMRELAY DocumentsGSMRELEY with 4 channel temperature control GSM Relay diagram Webasto diagram A gsmrelay A GSMRELAY for Webasto A PG15 + pils water sensor click picture for bigger picture---GSMRELAY/WEBASTO A Gsmrelay with one output for Webasto/Eberspraecher timing , 2 wire connection A Nokia phone HF-connection ready made 12V power supply to car battery Set phone number 04001234567 + command 2 for relay 3 put 29 minute timing for the heater 04001234567p2329 p waits the connection then sends the rest numbers Picture below shows all needeed parts 1.

GSM Remote Control

A GSMRELAY/WEBASTO one relay output Brown wires connects the Webasto on. Advanced Information Networks Technology and Distribution Partne. Telecontrol gsm, domotica, control sms, transmisor gsm, datalogg. UControl Solutions M2M GSM GPRS SMS Controller. Home - Switch on SMS - Remote Control Mains Electrical Power usi. EPSICOM - Productie circuite imprimate PCB. TS SMS Remote Control - Transport Support – Vehicle Safety Syste. Automatic heat detection system, sms remote control box, ruminal. Wireless radio remote control via mobile telephone by Tele Radio. Wireless Telemetry, Up to 20Km Range. Mozilla Firefox. EcoStarter: SMS-operated remote controls and alarm systems - eas.

Wireless GSM controller. SMS Zusatzalarmierung f黵 Feuerwehren, Rettungsorganisationen und. Scandinavian Micro Systems. Products. Licera. Mozilla Firefox. Monitoring and remote control What can you do when intruders enter your office, your factory, your car, your sailing yacht, your machines?

Mozilla Firefox

Using the Alarmline from BD-Consult it is all your decision what needs do be done. Alarmline is a compact unit that can be fitted into both mobile objects like cars, trucks, boats and construction machines as well as in buildings. Alarmline can handle up to 11 different inputs, which when activated can send SMS messages to up to 3 different mobile telephones. If the unit for instance is fitted in a construction machine one of the messages could be: “door open” activated by a door switch and another one could be “movement in steering house” activated by a sensor.

However it does not stop here. Alarmline can be set to start 5 different actions, either activated by one or more of the 11 outputs or from one of the mobile phones preset to activate them. The system can be combined with a PC still using the mobile telephone network. A2B Communication - Remote Controllers & Alerting, Wireless Cont.

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