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An Introverts Guide to Social Networking — MAQTOOB For Entrepreneurs. Belong: Talent Acquisition Solution. Triplebyte: Helping Engineers Find Great Startups. - Get high-quality candidates, shared by companies you trust. Se connecter - Hired. Matching tech talent with the best startup jobs. How to Break Into the Tech Industry — a Guide to Job Hunting and Tech Interviews.

How to Break Into the Tech Industry—a Guide to Job Hunting and Tech Interviews I recently completed a job search for my first role as a software engineer.

How to Break Into the Tech Industry — a Guide to Job Hunting and Tech Interviews

Despite having first learned how to code almost a year before, having a background as an English major and former professional poker player, I was able to land a total of 8 offers including Google, Uber, Yelp, and Airbnb (where I ultimately joined). In this three-part blog post I’m going to describe my advice to a job-seeker trying to break into the tech industry. If you haven’t read the story of my job search, you can read about it here. It provides some of the backdrop for this post. First, several caveats. I have a weird background, but make no mistake—I both worked my ass off and got very lucky. In light of that, some people have interpreted this as a “get rich quick” sort of thing.

Note that my advice here draws not just from my own experience, but also from the advice of many others. Find your people - Meetup. New Job Search Sites Where You’ll Get More Love — Hustle Books. New Job Search Sites Where You’ll Get More Love Leverage their desire to make you successful for their own benefit If you’re looking for a job, you’ll naturally go to sites like LinkedIn and Indeed.

New Job Search Sites Where You’ll Get More Love — Hustle Books

No problem with that, except everyone else does the same so the competition is very high. Here’s a simple trick. Unicorn Coders. Coffee & Code (Toronto, ON) Full Stack Toronto. HN Hiring. Startup Weekend - Learn, Network, Startup. 24 Remote Work Resources to Change the Way You Work. The culture of work may be changing, but the value and effectiveness of clear communication is not.

24 Remote Work Resources to Change the Way You Work

In fact, as people spend less time in the office—which results in less face time with the team—clearly communicating ideas, emotions, and concerns is necessary when body language and the benefits of proximity are absent. Teams that work well together communicate effortlessly. Technology and software facilitate various styles of communication; it’s important for your team to test different platforms so your thoughts and ideas flow freely. Since more than half of the team at Help Scout works remotely, I curated some ideas from our archives and insightful resources from other sites. Together, these should provide a general framework on how remote teams are communicating effectively, what tools they use, the roadblocks they face, and underlying strategies that coalesce various remote work components to ensure productivity and progress.

Communication. GitHub - jessicard/remote-jobs: A list of semi to fully remote-friendly companies in tech. - All of the remote friendly tech jobs in one place, frequently updated - why not work from home? RemoteCoder Jobs. What is the best job search site? - Quora. Remote Jobs. Who is hiring? (May 2016) – A job board for all things JavaScript. AngelList - Where the world meets startups. RemoteCoder Jobs. 200 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2016. Two Trends on Startups hiring remotely in 2016 Learning more about over 200 startups hiring remotely is very insightful, here is what we see happening in 2016: 1.

200 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2016

From Office Space to Office-as-a-Service (OaaS) In 2009, a former colleague damaged her thumb due to BlackBerry overuse. It really made me think about how connected we were, and connectivity has only increased ever since! Technology companies like Slack, Zoom, Trello and many others let us communicate and work from any device at any time. 199 FS Remote Consulting Tools and Techniques - Freelancers' Show - [This episode is sponsored by

199 FS Remote Consulting Tools and Techniques - Freelancers' Show - is offering a new freelancing and contracting offering. They have multiple companies that will provide you with contract opportunities. They cover all the tracking, reporting and billing for you, they handle all the collections and prefund your paycheck, they offer legal and accounting and tax support, and they’ll give you $1,000 when you’ve been on a contract for 90 days. But with this link, they’ll double it to $2,000 instead. Go sign up at] [If you're someone who runs your own service-based business, then spending less time on pesky admin tasks means having more time to focus on your clients’ work, which is why you need to give FreshBooks a try. [This episode is sponsored by LinkedIn Students: Discover career paths and land a job. Where To Find the (Tech) Jobs — Don’t Panic, Just Hire.

Where To Find the (Tech) Jobs I recently made the decision to switch jobs after 8 years in the same (great) organization.

Where To Find the (Tech) Jobs — Don’t Panic, Just Hire

When I started looking, however, it became clear that a lot had changed since I’d last switched jobs. One thing was immediately (anecdotally) apparent: the market is lot more competitive. for Developers. Hired - Job Search Marketplace. Job Hunting Simplified! Online CV Builder and Professional Resume CV Maker. Apply to top startup jobs in 60 seconds. Side projects for Digital Nomads. Permanent & contract IT careers. Job Search Engine, Find Jobs. Tech Jobs & IT Staffing Services. Huma: Matching new graduates with jobs and companies. 101 Ways to Make an Extra $500 a Month While Keeping Your Full Time Job - Due Blog. 101 Work From Home Jobs. TopChart - Best remote-jobs resources. Startup Jobs. The 6 hottest new jobs in IT. When CompTIA conducted an intensive examination of the IT employment market last year, it uncovered demand for jobs whose titles would have been meaningless only a year or two ago: augmented reality designer, Internet of things architect, container developers.

The 6 hottest new jobs in IT

That’s no surprise, given that the IT job market is in constant flux, with new technologies emerging so quickly that hiring managers struggle to define those positions -- let alone give them a title. IBM, for example, has a director of blockchains, and Ford Motor is among many companies looking for GPU cluster engineers. Surely, some emerging fields will falter. Others, however, will grow to become the next big thing. When InfoWorld looked at emerging jobs in 2011, No. 2 on the list was data scientist. At the same time, traditional IT jobs are morphing, requiring new abilities, says Tim Herbert, senior vice president and researcher at CompTIA. Haller’s point reflects the growth of what CEO Bob Melk calls “the skills gap.” Tech Jobs and IT Recruiters.

Jobs - NowUnemployed - United Kingdom. Freelancer Jobs & Projekte. AngularJS jobs and developers - We Love Angular. A Great JavaScript Side Project is your Most Important Asset. Dan Abramov completely changed his life with just 99 lines of code when he created Redux.

A Great JavaScript Side Project is your Most Important Asset

Ryan Dahl changed programming history by introducing the world to NodeJS. The two stories have a few general things in common: Both are JavaScript related.Both were created by talented and motivated individuals.No one asked them to do it. The two side projects, one big and one small, initially were just ideas two people thought were cool. Both developers took their ideas one step further. Remote-jobs list. Remote-jobs list by Charles Jo, 1st draft 6 March 2016 Why?

remote-jobs list

Zippia - Achieve Your Career Goals. Land Any Job You Want – Unconventional strategies to do what you love, get paid what you're worth, and skyrocket your career growth. A Primer for Startups and Job Seekers to BOTH Win the Talent War. Tammy Han sees the tech ecosystem from a very unique vantage point.

A Primer for Startups and Job Seekers to BOTH Win the Talent War

She spends nearly every waking hour (including those when she really should be sleeping), working with startup founders looking to hire and candidates looking — or in most cases not, actually — to get hired. Her role on First Round’s Talent Team is to make matches between great talent and the right companies in a market that can only be described as red hot. She’s also observed the broader industry trends and many mistakes that this frenzied mentality has driven over the past few years. “One of the findings in First Round’s recent State of Startups report was that hiring the right people tops the list of founder concerns,” says Tammy.

Recruiting, especially early on, can make or break a startup. In this exclusive interview, Tammy walks through the three non-obvious yet massively influential challenges shaping the recruiting landscape. Help for Ireland's Entrepreneurs. Beta. IT Jobs - Marketing - Internships - Freelance. Jobs and Recruitment on, the UK's #1 job site. Authentic Jobs: Web, Design, Freelance, and Tech Jobs. for Developers. CodeUpStart. LeetCode Online Judge. MeetCoder. Boost Your Interview Chances. Apply to top startup jobs in 60 seconds. Confidential Job Search. Hired - Job Search Marketplace. Job Hunting Simplified! 20 And More Job Boards You Love. 20 And More Job Boards You Love We have talked a lot about how to hire people in the previous posts.

However, since Remoot is a community for people who are looking for someone to hire and jobs to work on, it’d be great to share some thoughts on how to get hired too. When I started building Remoot, I tried almost all the job boards existing, so I chose “job boards” as the first post topic. Many of you may already have heard of — or even used daily — some of the “job boards” below, but I’d like you to focus on how to make the most of them rather than knowing what kind of jobs boards are out there. The ways to use them varies depending on what you look for and your situations. Don’t find jobs without a context. Few warnings first. Authentic Jobs ~ Full-time and freelance job opportunities for web, design, and creative professionals.

Jobs and Recruitment on, the UK's #1 job site. IT Jobs - Marketing - Internships - Freelance. Jobsuitors. A talent-driven tech job marketplace. Makeitapp - The mobile solution for your personalized mobile App (native iOS and Android) Makeitapp - MakeItApp - Create apps together for free! - The power of share. Top 50 Freelance Job Sites For Programmers and Designers. Top 50 Freelance Job Sites For Programmers and Designers Visit just about any freelancer forum for a few days and the number one topic that you’ll undoubtedly start to notice is of “where to go to get jobs?”. It’s the most pressing question for both newbie and established freelancers alike. And once upon a time, a very hard one to answer. But not anymore. Now there are literally hundreds of sites out there that help freelancers find work.

In this post I aim to show you the best ones out there right now, so you don’t have to waste the time that I did to dig them out. Enjoy the post! WorkDifferent Jobs: Find jobs based on the work culture that suits you. Resources to Help You Land Your Dream Job in 2016. Resources to Help You Land Your Dream Job in 2016 We’re several weeks into a brand new year, which always gets us thinking about our big goals for the months ahead.

If landing (or finding) a dream job is on your wish list in 2016, here are five tools to help you prepare. These alternatives to traditional resumes make the process of finding and preparing for a new job much more exciting. The Road to Location Independence — Life + Travel + Work. The Road to Location Independence: How to Find Remote Jobs For those of us running our own online businesses, location independence is (relatively) easy. With my laptop and a WiFi connection, I’ve worked from London for a month, taken a workcation to Mexico, and spend weeks at a time in China every year. AngularJS Jobs + JavaScript Developer Community Resources.

Find Jobs in Edtech, Education, Teaching. Fiverr: The marketplace for creative & professional services. Find Creative, Design & Tech Jobs. All Jobs. Authentic Jobs ~ Full-time and freelance job opportunities for web, design, and creative professionals.

Remote Jobs: Design, Programming, Rails, Executive, Marketing, Copywriting, and more. For digital nomad & remote workers or companies. Job Listings. Beta. Jobs. Home. Floown - Always Know Who's Available. Product Hunt - Jobs. Reach thousands of talented product managers, marketers, developers, and designers in the Product Hunt email and job board.

Drop us a line. We can help. :) Why Remote Working Works For Us. Talent. Connected. Welcome to the Public Service Commission of Canada. Veterans Affairs Canada is Hiring. Best sites for finding your dream remote job - Teleport.