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Cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for the Enterprise

Cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for the Enterprise

Metadata Business intelligence, Metadata Management Tools Explore QlikView QlikView Expressor Download ExpressorFree Governance Dashboard Related Resources See All QlikView Expressor is metadata management “the QlikView way” — a disruptive approach to data management. Discipline at the Core, Flexibility to the Edges QlikView Expressor gives IT a holistic view of how and where data is used across the QlikView environment. Speedy and Efficient Enterprise Deployment Metadata management is critical for large QlikView deployments. Get Data Into — and Out of — QlikView QlikView plays a central role in enterprise information architecture. Having confidence in and understanding of the data behind any graph, table or dashboard is critical to its success. QlikView Expressor provides a rich graphical studio for designing and managing data integration for QlikView apps. The QlikView Expressor engine uses a high-performance parallel data processing system that can scale to meet most Business Discovery requirements. Free Downloads Try Demo Apps Watch Product Tour

Socialtext | Social Networking with Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration My Cloud Anywhere Data Integration | Pentaho Community Forums and JIRA There are two primary ways to make sure that your contributions are recognized and reviewed in a timely fashion: through our Discussion Forums and through our issue and bug tracking system, JIRA. Reporting a bug All bug reports are recorded and tracked through our JIRA issue and bug tracking system. Internationalized contributions The place to start with a language specific contribution is to look under our International Forums for the language you're interested in. Contributing code We rely on time and code contributions from our community to keep our commitment of delivering a quality Business Intelligence platform in the open source scenario. Submitting code Both bug fixes, new features and improvements are types inputs in our JIRA system, allowing you to choose the type appropriated to your case. Contributing documentation If you'd like to contribute documentation improvements, or submit a technical article, you can do so in the Pentaho Documentation Wiki. Solutions

Calais 4.0 has arrived! On the one year anniversary of our debut, we are extremely pleased to announce the debut of Calais 4.0. With more than 9,000 of you processing 1+million documents per day, it was time to take Calais to the next level. Effective today, Calais 4.0 goes beyond metatagging to help you automatically integrate your content with Linked Data assets from Wikipedia, DBpedia, GeoNames, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), and more. It also introduces a global metadata transport layer that makes it easy for you to share rich semantic metadata with such content consumers as search engines, news aggregators, 'related stories' recommendation services, etc. to reach downstream readers. Calais 4.0 in practice: With Calais 4.0, each document - and every significant semantic element within that document - is assigned a unique identifier (a 'uniform resource identifier or URI). To see Calais 4.0 in action, use the Calais Viewer Technology Preview tool. How to get started:

LongJump As part of Software AG, LongJump joins the family of industry leading software products mastering the major trend shaping the digital enterprise - Cloud, Mobile, Social Collaboration and Big Data with the brands you´re already familiar with including Web Methods, ARIS, Apama and Terracotta. If you are an existing LongJump customer, continue to sign in with the LongJump-Button above.

Integration Platform as a Service Commons Slyncy | Link your systems | Sync your data sell better using live chat Continuous Delivery, Powered by Jenkins | CloudBees …on-premise, in the cloud or anywhere in-between. With CloudBees, it’s your choice. Our Continuous Delivery Platform is powered by Jenkins, the world’s leading open source continuous integration tool. Looking for a more robust Jenkins - one that can handle complex environments? Learn more about our offerings. Cloud Integration | itDuzzit