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Cloud Integration, SaaS integration, Elastic iPaaS

Cloud Integration, SaaS integration, Elastic iPaaS
SnapLogic is the only elastic integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that delivers real-time, event-driven application integration and batch data integration for analytics in a single cloud integration platform. Organizations of all sizes rely on our fast, multi-point and modern iPaaS to rapidly deliver Amazon Redshift integration, Salesforce integration, ServiceNow integration, Workday integration and more. Pre-built intelligent connectors called Snaps enable cloud to cloud and cloud (including social data sources like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) to on-premises integration with ERP applications like SAP and Oracle EBS, databases and files. By rapidly integrating all of your data and APIs, the SnapLogic Integration Cloud powers the Internet of Customers and ensures that you’re getting maximum adoption out of all your other SaaS applications and cloud platforms. With SnapLogic, cloud integration is a Snap!

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WMS Cold Storage Solutions - Accessorial charge capture - Real time revenue capture - Custom label printing - Multi-customer & multi-warehouse set-up - Blind receiving - Catch weight/variable weight - Inbound ASN order processing - Parsed barcode receiving - Multi-step putaway - Pick and pack processing - Real time inventory processing - RF putaway and picking - System directed putaway - Wave creation - IARW, USDA, CFIA compliant - Inventory holds, inspections & quarantines - Tasting and sampling schedules - Track and trace by Lot, serial number, UPC, SKU & more - Inventory transfer - Lot control - Pallet tracking - Signature capture - Restriction of inventory to specific locations

BPM Design Guide Gartner Inc. analysts predicts the convergence of SOA and business process management (BPM) and advised companies to align their BPM and SOA initiatives now to increase chances of becoming a leader by 2010. Also, they say beginning in 2007, BPM will become the driver for SOA implementations. I have seen confirmation of Gartner’s prediction in my SOA practice in that as SOA matures there has been a shift from integration style projects, to business process automation and optimization using BPM with SOA. BPM projects often require SOA for integration as a foundational layer for service orchestration. The power of BPM is exponentially increased with SOA by not just automating the human interactions but also the human-to-system, system-to-system, and company-to-company processes. However, the shift from SOA for integration to SOA for BPM presents a challenge for the architects responsible for application design.

Monica Lam Professor Computer Science Department Stanford University New Presentation How Mobile Disrupts Social As We Know It [video|podcast] Monica S. Lam Entrepreneurship Thought Leadership Lecture, Stanford University, April 17, 2013. A previous version of this talk was given as a Keynote Address, 2013 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, March 22 2013, Santa Monica, CA

Metadata Business intelligence, Metadata Management Tools Explore QlikView QlikView Expressor Download ExpressorFree Governance Dashboard Related Resources See All Danlaw « Telematics For more than three decades, Danlaw has been, and continues to be committed to the development and testing of automotive and consumer networked electronics. Our automotive customers and partners include industry leading OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers. Building upon our three decades of automotive and consumer electronics development experience, and leveraging the combined resources of our 300+ employees, Danlaw launched its fleet and insurance vertical initiative over six years ago. This effort was aimed at providing a telematics solution that directly connects a vehicle’s critical information (i.e. - vehicle speed, engine RPM, fuel level, etc.) along with its position information (GPS data), and acceleration measurements to a end user applications. The primary goal was to provide a completely self-contained and self-installed solution that allows fleet managers and insurance companies a means of collecting critical vehicle and position information for a variety of business critical needs.

Deploying Metro style apps to businesses - Windows Store for developers In previous posts, we’ve walked through making your apps available directly to customers using the Windows Store. In this post, Arik Cohen, Lead Program Manager for our Commerce and Licensing team, describes how to build, deploy and manage Metro style apps for business customers. --Antoine As customers continue developing great Metro style apps that increase employee productivity, we want to take a few minutes to discuss how businesses can best deploy and manage Metro style apps. The information you find here should be helpful to you, whether you're a developer writing an app targeting business users, or an IT admin responsible for deploying the app throughout your company. When it comes to building a Metro style app for business users, the first thing you should consider—whether you are a developer or an IT admin—is how you'll deploy the app.

Pentaho Community Forums and JIRA There are two primary ways to make sure that your contributions are recognized and reviewed in a timely fashion: through our Discussion Forums and through our issue and bug tracking system, JIRA. Reporting a bug All bug reports are recorded and tracked through our JIRA issue and bug tracking system. Internationalized contributions

M2M Solutions Our Vision and Approach to M2M With Smart Grid and its underlining technologies evolving, the “Smart Community” or “Smart World”, as broader and more advanced views of Smart Grid are taking shape. NTT DATA forecasts that intelligent social infrastructure, primarily supported by machine-to-machine (M2M) autonomous communication, will allow governments and businesses to provide highly advanced, comfortable and seamless services on a real-time basis. To that end, we have developed a wide variety of end-to-end technologies and solutions to support a smarter world, including applications, business intelligence, cloud computing platforms and hardware devices, including sensors. Continuous Delivery, Powered by Jenkins …on-premise, in the cloud or anywhere in-between. With CloudBees, it’s your choice. Our Continuous Delivery Platform is powered by Jenkins, the world’s leading open source continuous integration tool. Looking for a more robust Jenkins - one that can handle complex environments?

Qualcomm Life The 2net™ Platform* from Qualcomm Life is truly novel, offering a set of wireless health solutions that can elegantly and reliably capture and deliver medical device data to integrated portals or databases from nearly any customers’ or technology partners’ wireless medical device for storage in a system designed for security and interoperability. It’s a whole new way of connecting devices and liberating biometric data so that it becomes ubiquitous across the continuum of care. The 2net Platform is a cloud-based system designed to be universally-interoperable with different medical devices and applications, enabling end-to-end wireless connectivity while allowing medical device users and their physicians or caregivers to easily access biometric data. With two-way connection capabilities and a broad spectrum of connectivity options, the 2net Platform will change the way you do business. There are four gateways onto the 2net Platform’s data center: The 2net Hub and 2net Mobile*

IBM – Enterprise Hadoop – United States Hadoop for the Enterprise Mobile navigation Hadoop Hadoop for the Enterprise Primary tab navigation iBuilding Cloud Managing energy in the commercial sector often involves an extensive portfolio of sites across a wide geographical area. eSight allows users to access energy data in a central system, perform complex analysis and produce automated reports for distribution. Users may also access the simplified eSight Express interface to access energy data for specific sites without the need for training. When combined with a fast and reliable hosted infrastructure, eSight Energy becomes a very flexible platform that is simply accessed via a web browser on any internet connected PC, Laptop or other device. This is what the iBuilding Cloud from One Sightsolutions LTD makes possible...