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Technology in the Large Ensemble Classroom - National Association for Music Education (NAfME) New Tech to Explore for Back to School Investigating New and Upcoming Technologies for New School Year By NAfME Member Peter J. Perry, D.M.A. As the summer winds down, and thoughts toward a fresh new school year begin to the formulate, this can be an excellent time to rejuvenate your “teaching mind” and explore new teaching strategies and methods to “keep things fresh” (See my 3 R’s of Summer). With technology strategies continually becoming more a focal point in our instruction and part of a twenty-first century classroom, I have found it useful to use this time to seek out and explore new technology applications and developments that might be interesting or useful for including in my classroom instruction for the upcoming year.

Five-Minute Film Festival: 6 Interactive Video Tools for Engaging Learners It's no secret that I am a passionate advocate for using video in the classroom. When used well, videos can help students make connections to people and ideas beyond their usual frame of reference. That's why I've been really excited to see a wave of new (and mostly free or low-cost!) tech tools recently that enable teachers to take favorite clips and make them more valuable for educational use. Whether you use videos to flip your classroom or you just appreciate the power of video to engage kids, maybe one of the tools in my playlist below will help you go deeper this school year. Video Playlist: Tools to Enhance Videos for Learning

10 Music Tech Ideas for the Middle School Question: What type of music technology activities can I do with my middle school students? This question has been popping up a bit lately on Facebook and in my emails. Here are a few engaging, fun and creative music tech projects that are perfect for middle school students in years 5-9. 1. Funny Voices 10 Specific Ideas To Gamify Your Classroom - 10 Specific Ideas To Gamify Your Classroom by Mike Acedo In today’s classroom, educators are constantly required to mold their teaching methods to give students the best opportunity to succeed. It is not only imperative for students to learn the required material, but also critical that students gain a sense of confidence toward their work, and find motivation to expand their learning. However, this can be difficult for some students, who may struggle in traditional, lecture-based class styles.

Getting Loopy Lesson Overview Loops are a handy way of describing actions that repeat a certain numbers of times. In this lesson, students will practice converting sets of actions into a single loop. Independent Research and Evaluation on GlassLab Games and Assessments In summer 2012, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in cooperation with the MacArthur Foundation, made a significant investment to establish the Games Learning and Assessment Lab (GlassLab), which includes top game developers, assessment experts, and researchers from multiple fields and disciplines. The program was divided into two teams to mitigate conflict of interest and guarantee independent validation of assessments developed by the program. The programming and development group (GlassLab) was tasked to design and develop state-of-the-art, game-based formative assessments. These assessments are being developed in response to the climate of student disengagement that currently exists in many classrooms.

Bringing recorder instruction to life with technology How I use technology to impact recorder class This article has been written by a guest author. If you’re an educator or music industry professional who is interested in contributing an article to the Midnight Music blog, you can apply here. The author of today’s article is Joshua Manfroni – a general music teacher at Chestnut Mountain Creative School of Inquiry in Flowery Branch, GA.

15 Free Games to Level Up Your Coding Skills When I started learning to code, the options were limited—lots of books (not even e-books), some very basic online tutorials, and a whole lot of experimentation. Online learning has come a long way in the last few years. There are interactive courses, tons of online tutorials, and one of my personal favorite ways to practice coding: games. While a game alone probably isn’t going to teach you everything you need to know about coding, it can be a really incredible way to practice the skills you’re learning. It makes practice fun. 18 Ways To Use A Single iPad in the Music Classroom 18 Ways To Use A Single iPad In The Music Classroom Even if you have only one iPad (your own!) there are still lots of ways you can use it with your students, especially if you can plug it into a data projector and speakers.

Three Questions to Ask Before You Embark on Gamification! Gamification is one of the biggest buzz words of the past several years. You have probably read blog posts, articles, or reports about how great gamification, or learning games, are. An article in GamesBeat states that the $1.5B gamification market is headed toward $2.3B by 2017 (Takahashi, 2013). A Pew Research article states that 50% of corporate innovation will be “gamified” by 2015(Anderson and Rainie, 2012).