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The 5 E Learning Cycle Model

The 5 E Learning Cycle Model
Priming the Pump: Peter Elbow's prompts to help students explore topics, objects, places, issues Questions to help a student write about someone s/he has studied or read about: · Describe _ as an ordinary person. · What was/is special or unique about _ ? · Imagine _ were the opposite sex: describe the life s/he would have lived. · What if _ had lived in a different era, such as _ : describe the life s/he would have lived. · Make up or guess what might have been an important event in _'s childhood. · Create a soap opera plot with _ in it. · What does _ most need to cry about? · What should _ be most appreciated for? · What would _'s mother or father say about _ ? · What would _ be likely to dream about? Questions to help a student write about someone's life as a whole: · What about _'s life remained unchanged? · Describe _'s life and character as determined by important changes or turning points. · Imagine you believe people are truly free and that they somehow choose or cause what happens to them.

Instructional Design There is a Time and Place for Everything… “We can’t shape what we don’t understand, and what we don’t understand and use ends up shaping us.” ~ Catarina Mota I always need to take a deep sigh when … Continue reading Has education come full circle? Education started with the Socratic process then morphed into the standard lectures and in the last decade migrated from “student based learning: to “active learning”. In this decade higher education … Continue reading Teaching and Learning Tools: February 2013 The following are a few tools that I tested and in some cases got lost in over the past month. What is the ideal school system? How can we measure what makes a school system work? Beta Tool: Blubbr Challenges TED-Ed with Snappy Interface BETA BLUBBR provides an extremely slick interface that makes it easy for users to create video-based quizzes — called “trivs” — similar to those seen on TED-Ed and Teachem. wireWAX Studio Tags and Tracks Objects in Videos Free! Methods for Engaging Students

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