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MTT16: Creative composition projects using music technology. In this episode: What types of creative music tech projects can I do with my middle or senior school students?

MTT16: Creative composition projects using music technology

I share my favourites which include film scoring, video game composition, the science of sound, digital storytelling, song writing, recording covers and more. Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite podcast app): Resources and links mentioned Episode sponsor: A big thank you to this episode’s sponsor SmartMusic – the learning platform that allows teachers to connect with students as they practice. Learn more about SmartMusic here. Resources and links mentioned: 1. For Education.

Studio One. Get tactile control.

Studio One

The StudioLive CS18AI is the first surface designed by PreSonus to control Studio One. Connected with a single Ethernet cable, you get 18 touch-sensitive moving faders, dedicated Fat Channel controls, markers, transport, scribble strips, filter DCA mix layers, and more. The CS18AI is also a 4 x 2 interface, providing additional I/O. ProTools. Crank up your creativity and speed From powerful new loop-based music creation and trying ideas via Revision History, to timesaving workflows that simplify editing and post production, Pro Tools enables you to create at the speed of your imagination—without limits.


That’s why top artists, musicians, producers, mixers, engineers, sound designers, recording studios, and post facilities choose Pro Tools for everything they do. Because when you need to sound your best, nothing delivers like Pro Tools can. See what's new Collaborate in the cloud Easily share tracks and work on projects with anyone—anywhere. Music production with Live and Push.

Soundation — Make music online. Mixcraft 8 - The Musician's DAW. Presenting engaging music lessons: swag your slideshows with Sway. Swag your slideshows with Sway This article has been written by a guest author.

Presenting engaging music lessons: swag your slideshows with Sway

If you’re an educator or music industry professional who is interested in contributing an article to the Midnight Music blog, you can apply here. The author of today’s article is Jacob Garcia. In his role as the Education Manager for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, Jacob oversees educational outreach programs and concerts and creates lesson plans for use by teachers of K-12 students. In this article, Jacob shares a his tips for creating a visually engaging presentation that incorporates a range of multimedia content. – Katie Wardrobe Presentation tools: which one? Presenting relevant lessons to students is always a top goal for educators; but finding novel ways to present these to “digital natives” can be challenging.

I have used Powerpoint and Google Slides in the classroom for basic information, but I wanted to find something more visually engaging. Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. Online Music Notation Software. Namathis. Online Music Theory Flash Cards. The best music library on the planet! Music Notation Software: Create Sheet Music with Finale Music. Clear What is SmartMusic?

Music Notation Software: Create Sheet Music with Finale Music

SmartMusic provides the ideal practice environment for students, including access to the world’s largest accompaniment library and instant feedback on each performance. Full SmartMusic compatibility with Finale 2014 is coming soon. Learn more. Own the very best today for $600($350 Academic/Theological) Buy NowFree Trial Learn More View System Requirements clear Instantly save your Finale creations as SmartMusic solo or ensemble accompaniments. 07. Sitios en internet - MUSIKATIC. AudioKiosko, podcast, radio, mp3 y más. Música en descarga gratis - Licencias.

Download Royalty Free Music from 12 alternativas a Spotify para escuchar música gratis online » Dotpod. A veces siento que la blogósfera, tuitósfera o lo que sea, es algo obsesiva con los nuevos servicios online.

12 alternativas a Spotify para escuchar música gratis online » Dotpod

O sea, me encanta que todos se enchufen con algo pero…¿no les parece que Spotify es un servicio demasiado inflado? El streaming de audio lo venimos usando desde hace tiempo pero lanzan una aplicación de escritorio (sí, de escritorio…algo super retro) y pareciera que regalan boletos para ver en vivo a Madonna muchachos. Encima con las complicaciones que tiene hacerlo andar pierde un poco el sentido, de hecho estuve mucho tiempo sin mover un dedo para instalarlo en mi computadora porque realmente me parecía una verdadera y patética pérdida de tiempo andar buscando proxys para poder registrarme xD.

Hermanos bloggers abran los ojos y vean la luz, hay miles de alternativas a Spotify en Internet muchísimo mejores que Spotify y sin ni siquiera tener que instalar una aplicación en la computadora, algo que realmente considero de épocas lejanas. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Patatap. A List of Some of The Best Free Web Resources on Music Education. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has recently started a series of posts covering a plethora of free web resources relevant to the teaching of different subject matters and disciplines.

A List of Some of The Best Free Web Resources on Music Education

As we said before, the purpose of this series is to equip teachers with the necessary online resources they need to compliment the materials they use in their classroom teaching. We have already posted about free resources pertaining to the following subject areas : Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Today we are providing you with free web resources relevant for Music teachers. Check out the list below and share with us your suggestions. Classical music library. Chrome Music Lab. Best Music Software for Chromebooks & BYOD Schools. Help!

Best Music Software for Chromebooks & BYOD Schools

Which software can I use with mixed devices or Chromebooks? In the past few years, a large number of schools worldwide have decided to adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach to technology for students meaning that students can choose to use a Mac laptop, a Windows laptop, an iPad or an Android tablet. At the same time, a number of schools have selected Chromebooks – which only allow the user to access resources and software that are online and “in the cloud” – as the technology device of choice for their students. And still other schools find themselves with a variety of technology devices – perhaps iPads in elementary school, Windows laptops for senior students, Chromebooks for middle school and a Mac lab down the hall!

What’s the best approach in this situation? The solution is to use cloud-based software and interactive websites.