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Personalized Learning Chart

Personalized Learning Chart

Six Strategies for Differentiated Instruction in Project-Based Learning Project-based learning (PBL) naturally lends itself to differentiated instruction. By design, it is student-centered, student-driven, and gives space for teachers to meet the needs of students in a variety of ways. PBL can allow for effective differentiation in assessment as well as daily management and instruction. PBL experts will tell you this, but I often hear teachers ask for real examples, specifics to help them contextualize what it "looks like" in the classroom. We all need to try out specific ideas and strategies to get our brains working in a different context. Here are some specific differentiation strategies to use during a PBL project. 1. We all know that heterogeneous grouping works, but sometimes homogenous grouping can be an effective way to differentiate in a project. 2. Reflection is an essential component of PBL. 3. This is probably one of my favorites. 4. 5. Formative assessments can look the same for all students. 6.

Inclusion in the 21st-century classroom: Differentiating with technology - Reaching every learner: Differentiating instruction in theory and practice In this video, students in a gifted classroom use the multi-user learning environment Quest Atlantis to explore issues related to the creation of a game reserve in Tanzania. Interviews with the teacher and students offer perspectives on the value of using virtual worlds in the classroom . About the videoDownload video (Right-click or option-click) The diversity of the 21st-century classroom creates numerous challenges for teachers who may not have known the same diversity themselves as students. Among these, teachers must balance the requirements of high-stakes accountability while meeting the needs of diverse students within their classroom. While many teachers express frustration over high-stakes accountability standards, they acknowledge pressure to “teach to the test,” fearing non-proficient scores, dissatisfaction from school administrators, and in smaller systems, the potential risk of embarrassment when scores are made public. Differentiation as effective instruction VoiceThread

How Technology Could Improve Personalized Learning Digital Learning should be Personalized Learning is the post organizing key findings and resources about leveraging digital learning to fulfill personalized learning. In this post are more valuable insights, analysis and experience sharing about learner-centered learning. Don’t forget to check out more resources curated by Kathleen McClaskey : Personalized Learning . “Personalized learning, to me, is the process of contouring learning to the individuals that you’re dealing with, recognizing that we all have different strengths and weaknesses, different interests [and] different ways of learning.” “ … personalized learning is finding the best ways to engage with people with different interests, passions and ways of thinking.” ) - Quote from Paul Lorette , the principal of Brackendale Elementary School in Squamish, British Columbia.(his blog: Ready for Learning ) The BC Ministry of Education have created an online interactive guide to personalized learning as part of their learning focus.

Personalizing the World Language Classroom Increases Motivation and AcquisitionCalico Spanish We enjoyed a wonderful #langchat this past Thursday and discussed how the content of world language class can be personalized to motivate students and improve language acquisition. If you missed us, please be sure to check out the archive or catch the summary below. Thanks to all of our participants for the night; we had a fantastic turnout and an incredibly fast-paced chat! Before we get started, a fair warning: Thursday’s #langchat discussion was truly sensational, and much useful information was shared and offered. If you have any thoughts on the evening’s discussion or the coverage below, please feel free to join us in the comments section. Personalization What do we mean when we say “personalize the content”? But it’s also important for us to have a connection. A few quick examples, courtesy of @placido: Personalization and differentiation We’ve discussed differentiation on #langchat in the past, and the topic came up again on Thursday. Why Personalize Content Get to know your students