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IDI Web Accessibility Checker : Web Accessibility Checker

IDI Web Accessibility Checker : Web Accessibility Checker
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Website Accessibility Testing Evaluate HTML content for accessibility problems Accessibility Guidelines that DYNO Mapper checks against. BITV 1.0 (Level 2)Section 508Stanca ActWCAG 1.0 (Level A)WCAG 1.0 (Level AA)WCAG 1.0 (Level AAA)WCAG 2.0 (Level A)WCAG 2.0 (Level AA)WCAG 2.0 (Level AAA) Review all known, likely, and potential problems for each website page. Known problems: These are problems that have been identified with certainty as accessibility barriers. Export your accessibility reports to CSV and PDF.

Index to Adaptive Computer Hardware and Software The Blind Readers' Page--Main Menu Last revision: November 12, 2002 This list is intended as a quick-reference index to a wide variety of adaptive computer hardware and software, as well as many other sorts of adaptive equipment for blind or visually handicapped people, including magnifiers and reading machines. It also includes references to retailers and other sources of information about all sorts of adaptive equipment. Given the rapid growth of the field, the Index cannot be comprehensive; it is as up to date as I can make it, but inevitably there will be dead links and some outdated models of equipment. For each category, however, it does cover most of the the spectrum of possibilities. Biolink Accessible MP3 Player. ALVA 544 Satellite: HumanWare. Braille Lite M20 and M40: notetakers with 20- and 40-cell refreshable braille displays: Freedom Scientific.

AFB Press AFB Press, the publishing arm of the American Foundation for the Blind, is the leading publisher in the field of blindness and visual impairment. It produces books, journals, videos, and electronic materials, offering a wide range of information for students, professionals, researchers, and blind and visually impaired people and their families. AFB Press provides more texts for college and university programs and more professional books on visual impairment than any other publisher in the field and is a catalyst in developing and encouraging new authors and scholarship. It is also the publisher of the Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, the international journal of record on blindness and visual impairment, and the AFB Directory of Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Persons in the United States and Canada, the primary online information resource on services to persons with visual impairments.

Alliance for technology access Adaptive Computer Technology The Blind Readers' Page--Main Menu This list includes the most comprehensive sources of information about adaptive computer technology for people with all sorts of disabilities, especially those with visual handicaps. It excludes links to individual manufacturers and vendors because they can be easily found by entering the larger portal sites, like those, among many others, of the American Foundation for the Blind and the National Federation of the Blind. I also have a set of links to manufacturers and vendors in "Index to Adaptive Computer Hardware and Software." ACCESS NET, a project of the Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council, has an extensive list of sites for accessible computer hardware and software. "Access Review," from the Sensory Access Foundation," provides reviews of hardware and software in addition to discussions of accessibility in general. The Abledata database covers a very broad range of adaptive equipment and tools useful for people with all sorts of disabilities.

Using JAWS to Evaluate Web Accessibility You are here: Home > Articles > Using JAWS to Evaluate Web Accessibility Introduction It is important to evaluate the accessibility of web content with a screen reader, but screen readers can be very complicated programs for the occasional user, so many people avoid them. This doesn't need to be the case. While screen readers are complicated, it is possible to test web content for accessibility without being a "power user." This article is designed to help users who are new to JAWS learn the basic controls for testing web content, and to serve as a reference for the occasional JAWS user. This is not a comprehensive list of JAWS shortcuts, but a list of the essential commands that new or novice JAWS users should probably know. Getting Started You can download a free demonstration version of JAWS (Windows only) that allows you to run JAWS for 40 minutes without any limitations. Note: While working in JAWS, keep the following guidelines in mind: Reading Data Tables Table examples and practice

Screen Reader Tutorial Table of Contents Introduction The Blackboard Learning System Screen Reader Tutorial provides users that access the Blackboard Learning System through a screen reader with information to help them use the Blackboard Learning System successfully. Currently, the tutorial includes information on logging in, the portal layout, and course Web sites. Return to Table of Contents Login to Blackboard When you first connect to the Blackboard Learning System you are given a page with 2 frames: a nav or navigation frame and a content frame. You have 2 edit fields. Portal Layout The next screen has 2 frames: a standard navigation frame and a content frame. My Institution Courses When the Blackboard Community Portal System is licensed, the following links also appear as default. These links cause content to load in the "content" frame. User Tools The content frame has a number of links that are specialized to meet the individual user's needs and interests. Course Web Sites Frame Layout Coursecontent Frame

Keyboard Shortcuts for JAWS You are here: Home > Resources > Keyboard Shortcuts for JAWS Introduction The following list of keyboard shortcuts should be helpful to a wide array of individuals and can be used as a quick reference guide. First, this guide will help JAWS users navigate within Internet Explorer. Second, this guide will be helpful to increase the awareness of web content developers regarding keyboard shortcuts that would conflict with JAWS. Finally, programmers will find the keyboard commands typical for JAWS user a helpful reference. Portions of this resource are adapted from the Web Axe list of JAWS Keyboard Shortcuts. Reading Text Voice Rate Headings and Lists Tables Moving within tables Table reading Forms Frames Other Commands