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IDI Web Accessibility Checker : Web Accessibility Checker

IDI Web Accessibility Checker : Web Accessibility Checker
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Website Accessibility Testing Evaluate HTML content for accessibility problems Accessibility Guidelines that DYNO Mapper checks against. BITV 1.0 (Level 2)Section 508Stanca ActWCAG 1.0 (Level A)WCAG 1.0 (Level AA)WCAG 1.0 (Level AAA)WCAG 2.0 (Level A)WCAG 2.0 (Level AA)WCAG 2.0 (Level AAA) Review all known, likely, and potential problems for each website page. Known problems: These are problems that have been identified with certainty as accessibility barriers. Export your accessibility reports to CSV and PDF.

Accueil - Page 1 sur 49 - Tentatives Accessibles Palette de 4096 couleurs version 2.1 4096 Couleurs · 4096 Couleurs · 4096 Couleurs · 4096 Couleurs · 4096 Couleurs · 4096 Couleurs · 4096 Couleurs · 4096 Couleurs · 4096 Couleurs · 4096 Couleurs · 4096 Couleurs affiche la liste | cache la liste Survolez le carré pour changer la saturation (de gauche à droite) et la luminosité (de haut en bas) de votre teinte. Avec le clavier, faites tourner la roue chromatique :j doucement, dans le sens antihoraire,k vite, dans le sens antihoraire, etl doucement, dans le sens horaire. Atteindre une couleur primaire ou secondaire : r rouge, g vert, b bleu, c cyan, m magenta, ou y jaune. la touche enter ajoute la couleur à votre liste (p).

IE NetRenderer - Browser Compatibility Check - 25-point Website Usability Checklist I've been thinking a lot lately about my process. Experience is a powerful thing, but it's rare that we really sit down and try to map out what we know. A while back, as part of my 5-point Website Clinic, I developed a 25-point website usability checklist - a way to create some method out of my madness and make sure that I don't forget anything critical when I'm working with a new client. Even though it's part of one of my paid offerings, I've decided to share this checklist. A few disclaimers: First, I don't claim this list is comprehensive or unique. Basic Overview The list is split into 4 roughly equal sections, (I) Accessibility, (II) Identity, (III) Navigation, and (IV) Content. Section I. This section contains not only traditional accessibility issues, but anything that might keep a visitor from being able to access the information on a website. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Section II. A key question when someone first comes to your site is "Who are you?" 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Section III. 12.

Index to Adaptive Computer Hardware and Software The Blind Readers' Page--Main Menu Last revision: November 12, 2002 This list is intended as a quick-reference index to a wide variety of adaptive computer hardware and software, as well as many other sorts of adaptive equipment for blind or visually handicapped people, including magnifiers and reading machines. It also includes references to retailers and other sources of information about all sorts of adaptive equipment. Given the rapid growth of the field, the Index cannot be comprehensive; it is as up to date as I can make it, but inevitably there will be dead links and some outdated models of equipment. For each category, however, it does cover most of the the spectrum of possibilities. Biolink Accessible MP3 Player. ALVA 544 Satellite: HumanWare. Braille Lite M20 and M40: notetakers with 20- and 40-cell refreshable braille displays: Freedom Scientific.

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