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Ten of the best music apps for kids. From hammering saucepans to bellowing Justin Bieber in the bath, many children love to make a musical racket.

Ten of the best music apps for kids

Inevitably, there are apps for that too. A range of developers have been finding inventive ways for children to explore creative music-making – or the world of music more generally – on tablets and smartphones. Ten of the best examples for Android and iOS are below. Prices are correct at the time of writing, and if you tap or click on the platform names, you’ll be taken directly to their app store listings. Toca DanceiOS (£2.49) Fresh out in March, this is the best app yet from children’s developer Toca Boca.

Easy MusicAndroid / iOS (£2.99 - £3.59) Aimed at five-year-olds and up, Easy Music is an accessible introduction to music theory for children, with animated characters teaching them to recognise notes, pitch, melody and rhythm. LoopimaliOS (£2.49) Crayola DJAndroid / iOS (£2.44 - £3.99) Could your child be the next superstar DJ? Toc and RollAndroid / iOS (£1.42 - £1.49) Applying Maker Education to Music. Bharti, P. (2014, November 1).

Applying Maker Education to Music

Why is the maker movement important? [Web page]. Retrieved from Bransford, J.D., Brown , A.L., & Cocking, R.R. (Eds.). (2000). How people learn: Brain, mind, experience, and school. Audio Sauna - Online Audio Workstation. BandLab: Music Starts Here. Beatlab - make music together. ‘Melody’ Continue reading the main story Video For more than two decades, my home country of has had a stable democracy, as well as a thriving economy.


At the same time, Chile has one of the largest wealth disparities in the world, reinforced by high tuition rates for secondary and college education. This means Chile has practically no social mobility, for how do you build a better future for yourself without education? This was a question I asked myself while making this short film, in which I explore music’s power to inspire children to escape poverty. Curanilahue is a small former coal-mining town that until recently was one of the poorest in Chile. Nearly all of the Curanilahue Orchestra’s children have pursued higher education, and most of them are the first generation in their families to graduate from a university. As this Op-Doc shows, Melody became a conductor for the new Children’s Orchestra in Chonchi, a small town on the distant southern island of Chiloé.

ButtonBeats Virtual Guitar. Beatles - Here comes the sun [#U@c]Un$U$nU[bvcPE]U[bn]U[bv!

ButtonBeats Virtual Guitar

X]#b#U[n#] [U@c]$Un$Un$U[bvcPE]$nU[#v! X] [U@c]$n$U$Un$[bvcPE]$n$[U*cP0] [U@c]$nU @LUn@UnvUn@UnU#b@ [#U@c]Un$U$nU[bvcPE]U[bn]U[bv! X]#b#U[n#] [U@c]$Un$Un$U[bvcPE]$nU[#v! X] [U@c]$n$U$Un$[bvcPE]$n$[U*cP0] [U@c]$nU @LUn@UnvUn@UnU#b@ [U@c]$Uv@[bv! Classics for Kids. Classical Music in Movies : Classical Soundtrack and Classical Background Music. DSO Kids. Elementary Music Education Lesson Plans Teaching Music You Can Read Kodaly Orff Solfeggio Elementary Music Curriculum. Free Children's Music. Free Guitar Chords, Guitar Scales & more. Free MP3 song downloads for children!

Glossary of Musical Instruments by Hobgoblin Music. História da Música (Historia de la Música - Lecciones Ilustradas) (History of Music) HitRECord. KUSC - Creative Kids Central Home. Landfill Harmonic Amazing and Inspirational. Make music together. Let's get started making music... 1draw on the grid with your mouse to make a beatshow me2 save your track and share it with friends. show me3 out of ideas?

make music together

Roll the dice and start remixing. show me4 explore the beatlab community show me For more tips, tutorials vidoes, and FAQs, check out our community wiki. You can use the following keyboard shortcuts while composing a track. spacebar Press to start or stop playback. commandcontrol key Hold down the commandcontrol key while drawing notes to create "loud" notes. optionalt key Hold down the optionalt key while drawing notes to create "soft" notes. shift Hold down the shift key to select a region of notes. Playback starting point By default, playback always starts from the beginning of a track.

You can change where playback begins by setting the playback start marker. Clicking on the arrow icon again will remove it. show me Column volume There is a speaker icon to the left of each row on the grid. Monkey Machine - online drum machine. Music and Audio Resources. Music Notation Training. National Film and Sound Archive, Australia. Home Page for the National Music Museum. Philharmonia Orchestra. Here, the Philharmonia's expert players guide you through the intricacies of the instruments they play.

Philharmonia Orchestra

Choose an instrument from one of the sections. The string section is the basis of the orchestra and the one consistent component of orchestras down the ages. The range of expression available and the great stamina of strings makes them a powerful tool. The Principal of the First Violin section is also the Leader of the orchestra.

The wind section is traditionally known as the woodwind section even though not all the instruments are made of wood (for example the saxophone is made of metal). The traditional line-up of the brasses is: Horns, Trumpets, Trombones, Tubas. The percussion section includes any number of instruments from timpani to tubular bells and from castanettes to congas. Purple Planet Royalty Free Music. Royalty Free Music. Welcome To SFSKIDS. Soundation — Make music online.

About Sound Infusion. Sound Infusion is a unique learning tool that incorporates music and culture from all over the world.

About Sound Infusion

It is a free, online, interactive learning experience that blends music making and cultural awareness. Students can create their own songs from hundreds of different samples, save, share and discuss their work online with their classmates as well as students from other schools. Register as a teacher now… Sound Infusion in Action Sound Infusion runs in the user’s browser, requiring no downloads or installed software.

For Education. Soundzabound - Royalty Free Music for Schools. StaffWars. Tinkertunes. This page is currently under construction, but you can see video of all of our instruments on our YouTube Channel .


Kinderbells the Musical Flower Garden, was an entry in the 2013 ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The eight brightly colored bells, tuned to a G Major diatonic scale, are made from the tops of condemned oxygen tanks, and are played by shaking rope handles which are attached to golf balls. The Garden Club of Cadillac, Michigan has received a grant to purchase this piece, and it will be installed this spring in that city’s sound garden In 2012, our first ArtPrize entry, The JunkYard Music Box finished in the top 50 of over 1500 art works.

This human powered, automated musical sculpture was made entirely of recycled material, and attracted huge crowds. One of our most popular instruments has been our lithophones, which are made from granite countertop. Perhaps our most unusual instruments, are our friction harps . Tools for Teaching. A preview of Smithsonian Folkways on iTunes U.

Tools for Teaching

Click the image to launch iTunes on your computer. Smithsonian Folkways is committed to offering educational materials to complement the music on our site. TwistedWave, an Audio Editor. Vienna's Vegetable Orchestra. Super Simple Songs. Thanks for checking out the Super Simple Songs™ YouTube Channel!

Super Simple Songs

Subscribe here: We create easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn, super fun songs for children. Our videos are intended for teachers and parents of young learners with developing speaking skills, ideal for sharing with Pre-K children and younger, young ESL/EFL learners, and children with special needs. The songs are appropriately paced for children with developing motor skills, and full of room for gestures and dancing to help kids interact with the lyrics. We hope you'll enjoy these songs with the young learners in your life. Videos in the trailer:Row Row Row Your Boat: Alphabet Chant: In The Jungle: Twinkle Little Star: Clothing Song for Kids.

The Water Cycle. Over in the Meadow. The Animal Boogie. The Water Cycle Song.