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Perché La Curation Trasformerà Il Mondo Dell'Educazione: 10 Ragioni

Perché La Curation Trasformerà Il Mondo Dell'Educazione: 10 Ragioni

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Digital Competence Framework for Educators (DigCompEdu) The teaching professions face rapidly changing demands, which require a new, broader and more sophisticated set of competences than before. The ubiquity of digital devices and applications, in particular, requires educators to develop their digital competence. Download your copy of the framework here! The European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu) is a scientifically sound framework describing what it means for educators to be digitally competent. It provides a general reference frame to support the development of educator-specific digital competences in Europe. DigCompEdu is directed towards educators at all levels of education, from early childhood to higher and adult education, including general and vocational education and training, special needs education, and non-formal learning contexts.

What is Content Curation? What is Content Curation? Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter. Though it is still considered a "buzz word" by many in the content world, content curation is now becoming a marketing staple for many companies with a successful online presence. Unlike content marketing, content curation does not include generating content, but instead, amassing content from a variety of sources, and delivering it in an organized fashion.

Mirada Mirada is a convergence of perspectives focused on advancing the art and science of storytelling. We built our studio as a perpetual idea machine, a story engine, to engage broader audiences in better ways — and the highest level of this engagement comes from pioneering hybrid narrative experiences. Sometimes the experience illuminates the inherent story values of a brand. Sometimes it leads audiences to uncharted places. NASA Space Place – NASA Science for Kids Play Solar System Switch-a-Roo! Try to find Enceladas! Not Quite! This mixed up planet could be called: Ion! 10 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs The beauty of Next Draft is the personal touch and context Dave Pell gives to each story. If I wanted a bunch of browsable links, I’d go to an aggregator like or AllTop. And sure, I still use aggregator sites, but my brand loyalty to them is almost as low as my brand loyalty to Spirit Airlines. I’d be the first to drop one if a better aggregator came along. The personal touch creates a unique bond between curator and reader that aggregators haven’t figured out how to humanize or duplicate yet. Smart brands understand that value isn’t just measured in dollars and cents.

What Is Content Curation - Content Curation Official Guide - Medium Is content curation an expedient, a marketing tactic, a strategy to achieve something, or is it a solution to a problem, a complement to a necessity or a natural evolution of the way we are learning to manage information? If you were to listen to what content marketers have been screaming out loud for the last few years, content curation is a marvelous new tactic to do miraculous things with the minimum effort. Getting more authority, gaining prestige and reputation, welcoming more readers and visitors on the site, increasing visibility inside search engine page results and working less to achieve all of the above, are just some of the unique benefits heralded by content marketers promoting content curation. But is it really so? The reason why content curation is here, is due to none of these reasons.

Maths Extension/Enrichment and Edmodo Addressing the needs of all students in your Maths Classroom can be a real challenge. Do we stream based on ability? Do we use collaborative mixed ability groups? What’s the role of rich,open ended questions and differentiated curriculum? How do we pitch to the middle 50% but still cater for the upper AND lower 25%? 02 DOCENTI (COME AIUTARE ALUNNI DSA, LINEE GUIDA TUTTE LE MATERIE, USO DI LIM, IPAD) - dislessia-passodopopasso2 Search this site 2015 DOTT. DELL'ACQUA MIUR- PDP BES, SOFTWARE GRATUITI, REGISTRAZIONE LEZIONI ECC. — video