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The Known Universe by AMNH

The Known Universe by AMNH

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Don't bide the dust: a perfectly safe guide to sensor cleaning Sensor cleaning can be quite terrifying for a photographer to try on his or her own. Considering how much you paid for it, delving deep into your digital camera’s inner sanctum is the last thing most photographers want to do. Luckily, as we’ll show you below, there are safe methods of sensor cleaning, which are also quick and easy to accomplish. First, why do we need a sensor cleaning tutorial like this? Mysteries of worm regeneration solved with artificial intelligence The statement that “human-level artificial intelligence is the last invention mankind need ever make” has been much bandied about of late. It implies that once we have invented something as smart as ourselves, it can take over and start making the inventions itself. The concept is most often pronounced by a computer scientists speaking from a podium and resembling nothing so much as a medieval cleric handing down divine scripture from above. The date of this so called “singularity event” is assumed to take place in the distant future, but as researchers at Tufts University revealed this week, we may be perilously close to that date already.

About the Digital Universe At the center of the 1 billion light-year grid is the Milky Way and our Sun. Surrounding us are the multi-hued Tully galaxies and the blue sheets of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey that stretch out billions of light-years away. Since 1998, the American Museum of Natural History and the Hayden Planetarium have engaged in the three-dimensional mapping of the Universe. This cosmic cartography brings a new perspective to our place in the Universe and redefines our sense of home.

Sky Map for Android What is Sky Map? Google Sky Map turns your Android-powered mobile phone into a window on the night sky. It will identify objects that appear in the sky and allow users to search for them. Wolves Introduced To Park To Revitalize Ecosystem George Monbiot calls it one of "the most exciting scientific findings in the past half century." That's a lofty statement, but one that he's willing to back up. The scientific finding that Monbiot is referring to is a 'trophic cascade,' in which the reintroduction (or removal) of the top predator of an ecosystem drastically changes said ecosystem in numerous ways.

49 awesome photography tips and time savers Fitting your photography around the demands of family life (check out our ever-popular free family portrait photography cheat sheet) and the working week is often more difficult than figuring out the technical complexities of your camera. To help you get the absolute most from your photography time, we have come up with 49 of the best photography tips and time savers that are guaranteed to get you better results, help you edit your shots with ease and simply enjoy your picture taking more. From checking your kit before you leave the house to setting up your camera on location and tips for improving your photo composition, you’ll find plenty of suggestions for saving yourself time and getting organized – thereby reducing the chance of missing out on shots – long before you even press the shutter release.

Impossible 3D-Printed Faucets Show The Amazing Possibilities Of Metal Printing By using an older form of 3D printing in a novel way, American Standard, a U.S. faucet manufacturer, has created a collection of seemingly impossible bathroom faucets that are works of art. Selective laser sintering is a form of 3D printing that involves using powerful lasers to heat and fuse metal powder to produce parts or shapes that would be difficult or impossible to create with traditional methods. The process has been around since the 1980s, and 3D printing has been used to design and prototype faucets for ages, but American Standard claims that these are the first ready-for-market faucets produced by printing with metal. eso0847 - Astronomers Dissect a Supermassive Black Hole with Natural Magnifying Glasses eso0847 — Science Release 12 December 2008 Combining a double natural "magnifying glass" with the power of ESO's Very Large Telescope, astronomers have scrutinised the inner parts of the disc around a supermassive black hole 10 billion light-years away.

Peppercorn Earth Solar System Copyright 1989 by Guy Ottewell Universal Workshop PO Box 102 Raynham, MA 02767-0102 Toll Free: 800-533-5083 Fax: 508-967-2702 Email: This is a classic exercise for visualizing just how BIG our Solar System really is. Both the relative size and spacing of the planets are demonstrated in this outdoor exercise, using a mere peppercorn to represent the size of the Earth. Guy Ottewell has kindly given permission for this electronic presentation of The Thousand-Yard Model; his exercise is presented in its original form, indexed with a few anchors to help you find you way around the large file. Device made from an old CD case transforms your mobile into 3D projector Simple hack using household objects can turn your phone into a hologramTo build it you will need a CD case, some graph paper and a sharp knifePlace it on your smartphone screen while it plays specially made videosWatch a jellyfish swim floating above your phone or a fireworks display By Jack Millner For Mailonline Published: 10:50 GMT, 3 August 2015 | Updated: 11:27 GMT, 3 August 2015

DIY Photography Hacks: how to make a DIY macro lens Macro lenses are brilliant optics, but you don’t need to shell out for one if you’re just a casual macro photographer. In our latest DIY Photography Hacks post we show you how to make a DIY macro lens using a simple cardboard tube… If macro photography is your passion, spending a few hundred pounds on a decent macro lens is a must. Altertnatively, you could get an extension tube or a close-up filter to enlarge your subject. But what if you want to get really close to your subject without the expense, perhaps just to try macro out?

Stephen Hawking Warns Humanity: Leave Earth Before the Ruling Class Destroys It AnonHQ January 22nd, 2016 | by hqanon World By Claire Bernish at Teardrop from Heaven: Aurora Australis Posted on 18/07/2012 by Daniel We may have been the last folk to see the Aurora in Antarctica, but when it came, it was unforgettable. Aurora Australis seen from Concordia Station 18 July 2012 Credit: ESA/IPEV/ENEAA/A. Kumar & E. Bondoux Incredible displays of coloured light, termed Aurora, are produced by collisions, when electrically charged particles travelling from the sun impact with charged particles in the atmosphere, as they enter the atmosphere. Basher Books - Astronomy Welcome to Astronomy! I’m ALPHA CENTAURI, and I’ll be your guide around here. The universe is an enormous place. Come meet the out-of-this-world beings who inhabit it. Click on my friends to the left to meet them.

A 3D computer reconstruction of the actual data of all measured objects in the universe. by fetokki Jun 23

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