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Ozobot - modules d'activités

Ozobot - modules d'activités

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Ozobot meets LEGO - Bringing Blocks to Life with a Mini Robot My kids have been enjoying using their Ozobots with their LEGO bricks. They seem to think of the Ozobots as little creatures and want to make buildings and other interactive features for them. We've made an OzoBot playmat with grid tape as the basis for their project and they have been using LEGO to create a world for the Ozobots to explore and interact with. In this article we look at how my boys have used LEGO with Ozobot and there's a video showing Ozobot moving around LEGO town and interacting with LEGO buildings and objects. Ozobot and LEGO LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO Wedo are fantastic if you want to make robots using LEGO. A Thematic Approach to Planning Your Maker Space When schools talk about the Maker Movement and creating maker spaces, they often focus their initial thinking on purchasing the tools and materials. This resource-driven approach can create a buzz in your school for some time; however, that excitement will inevitably fade. While resources are an important part of any maker space, taking a thematic planning approach is much more effective. No two maker spaces are alike or should be alike.

How I Use Library Stations - Elementary Librarian I'm in the middle of several posts at the moment, but this question keeps coming up, so I feel like I should spend some time on it. Every day people want to know more about my library stations (or library centers). I gave a brief explanation of my schedule on this page, but I hope this post will help clear up any confusion. Why Do You Use Library Stations? I have been using stations in my library for about 4 years. My primary reasoning for using them the first two years is because I worked at a school where I saw each homeroom for an hour each week.

Craft and Tech with the Ozobot We love the idea of combining craft and tech here at Tech Age Kids. Ozobots are brilliant little line following robots, lending themselves perfectly toward Tech Craft and Robot Games. Really all you need is a bit of paper, felt tips pens, crafting supplies and a whole lot of creativity to enjoy a fun afternoon activity crafting with kids and tech. Novel Engineering project teaches kids about engineering by using fiction books. Photo by Chris Berdik One recent morning, at a public school in Malden, Massachusetts, north of Boston, teams of third graders rushed around programming sensors on computers, wiring them to motors, digging into bins of Legos and gears, and rummaging through boxes of paper towel rolls, egg cartons, and pipe cleaners. Their mission was to protect a baby turtle from a dog—a beloved, mischievous black Lab named Tornado, the title character of a novel they had read for class. The fictional dog is named after a twister that flung him into the life of a young farm boy. During one of their adventures, the thirsty pup drinks from a pet turtle’s watery home and slurps up the creature in the process. Hence the turtle-rescue project for these third graders at the Linden STEAM Academy (STEM plus Art).

Let’s Play Library! [An Alphabetizing & Sequencing Activity] Children’s librarians tirelessly go through the shelves day in and day out to reorganize the books kids carelessly pull out and shove back in at some other totally random spot. I cannot imagine how frustrating it must be! The school gives kids paint sticks to mark where they removed the book so it can be returned to the same spot if necessary, but not every kid grabs one and sooner or later they’ll all have to be able to figure out the books’ rightful place – including my son. Before he got started with the library-inspired activity I made, we read a sweet book about library puppets (used during story time) that come to life when the lights go out. mBot Details: | Hits: 1671 Welcome to the mBot Lessons The links in this section will teach you some basic programming functions with the mBot. An mBot is a STEM robotics product from Makeblock. It is a modular Arduino based robot that can be controlled using mBlock, a modified version of Scratch.

Is the Lime an Endangered Species? Photo LOS ANGELES — WE’RE used to the elusiveness of certain scarce and seasonal gastronomical treasures like black truffles that are priced and meted out accordingly. But no one could have predicted the strange twist that threatens to turn guacamole, Key lime pie and margaritas into rare delicacies. A sudden and unprecedented shortage of limes has sent nationwide wholesale prices soaring from around $25 for a 40-pound carton in early February to more than $100 today, panicking lovers of Mexican food and drinks — and the restaurant and bar owners who cater to them. The culprits are weather, disease and even Mexican criminals. “I cringe every time customers ask for limes,” said Armando De La Torre Jr., an owner of two Guisados restaurants in Los Angeles, adding that the price spike cost his family at least $2,000 in the past month alone.

20 Google Apps activities for classroom innovation Google Apps for Education is a powerful toolbox that opens up exciting possibilities in the classroom for students and teachers. Here are some concrete, practical and innovative ideas for using them. (Public domain image via Pixabay)