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Mamod steam locomotive

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Mamod Handbook. Taming the Mamod. PeterJones Re-engineering your Mamod.


HGLW - Mamod Documents. Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works EagleAssist EagleAssist In association with.

HGLW - Mamod Documents

Locomotives - Mawnan & Helford Light Railway. No.2: 'Ben-Ben', my R/C Accucraft Edrig.

Locomotives - Mawnan & Helford Light Railway

It was a month late xmas present in 2008. Presently, he has name plates, a tool box, coal 'greedy' (based on the Fairlie type), two channel R/C on the reverser (allows direction and speed control from it) and whistle, chuff pipe, DJB whistle valve with homemade whistle, glazed sight glasses, new control handles, working headlamp, and a safety valve bonnet. Some pipework has been painted black, buffer beam backs painted black, the dome painted in Crimson Lake, the cab interior painted cream, and finally hand painted lining.

Spec: Builder: Accucraft O-4-0 external framed chassis. HGLW. A Welsh Pear Tree Light Railway. Nameplates. As mentioned in the Helen writeup, I decided to have a go at making a quick set of nameplates before entering her in the Curly Bowl.


This proved to be so easy and gave such good results that I thought it might be useful to others to describe the process. I claim no originality for the method as it is used all the time for making printed circuit boards and no doubt someone will have used it for making nameplates etc. before. The nameplates themselves are etched brass sheet and this description outlines the method of masking off the areas i.e. the letters and the surround which need to be protected from the etching solution. There are various ways of applying a suitable mask. Some people use rub down letters such as Letraset and there are methods using a photo sensitive etch resist which involve applying a film or spray to the brass surface and then exposing it to UV using a suitable negative. The Press n Peel sheet The first step is to design your nameplate, shed code, numberplate, etc. Gardenrailwayclub. By JSJ My railway is required to have a head and tail lamp on each train.


Working lamps always look better and I do run in the dusk fairly regularly so it's great if the lamps can work. Trains are not allow to run without a head and tail lamp. Lamps are only permitted on the first and last vehicle of the train. White (or yellow) at the front and red at the rear. The lamps available from GRS and Chuffed2bits work but only have tiny watch batteries in them so don't last all that long. 15 minutes to half an hour is my experience. SSLiveSteam] Reassembling I.P. Engineering Jane/Mamod Cylinders. Hi Steve, Chasing wobbler problems can get very frustrating...I did an article all about livin' with wobblers for 32mm news...I will have to boot up my old computer cause I believe it is in there...I will try to have it on this board before tommorrow... ...but give me a few facts about how you are using them and these questions...

SSLiveSteam] Reassembling I.P. Engineering Jane/Mamod Cylinders

Is a lubricator fitted...if so pass through or dead leg? Are you using the thick gaskets...or the thin original IP Are you are 45mm gauge or 32mm gauge.

Water-Goodall valve

Wheels. Doug's First Mamod. Dear Diary - I think I inherited a demon engine Today was another day of tinkering.

Doug's First Mamod

I have two screwdrivers courtesy of my swiss army knife. I also have ordered modelling spanners off Ebay. A dremmel is being considered as there's a lot of work to be done. I mentioned in another thread about the "mock dismantle" of an engine - the loco in question of course being Gorun Nova. Building a Mamod Loco. I've been appealing for and acquiring parts for a loco for a while, after winning a pair of frames and wheels for silly money (silly = not much) on OFAS a while ago.

Building a Mamod Loco

The Unofficial Mamod and Other Steam Forum. And finally Peter Jones Loco Works number 3 "LUCY".

The Unofficial Mamod and Other Steam Forum

A nice mix of Mamod, Dream Steam cylinder upgrade and steel wheels, Alan Briggs cab sheet, half cab back, name and works plates, Roundhouse in line lubrication, Bix Burner and genuine IP Jane boiler, brass dome and tank tops. A little bit of the best of everything. LUCY is my God daughter and it's her Baptism next week so looking forward to that and seeing all the family together again. THAT’S ALL FOLKS. Got to get an early flight to Edinburgh in the morning. The Unofficial Mamod and Other Steam Forum. *blows the cobwebs off this thread* End of winter was the last time I reported here?

The Unofficial Mamod and Other Steam Forum

Damn. I've been a very busy chap, what with the Talyllyn, work and travelling. For your kind patience, here's some pics. Comparision of Mamod/MSS/PPS Reverser Valves. Doug's First Mamod. Dear Diary - I think I inherited a demon engine Today was another day of tinkering.

Doug's First Mamod

I have two screwdrivers courtesy of my swiss army knife. I also have ordered modelling spanners off Ebay. A dremmel is being considered as there's a lot of work to be done. I mentioned in another thread about the "mock dismantle" of an engine - the loco in question of course being Gorun Nova. With Gorun Nova, the main objective has been to fit the Bix Gas Burner apparatus up... As seen in previous photos, Nova has a regulator protruding into a cab.

The burner unit fits into G-Nova's chassis perfectly. The bottle, screw , copper piping and copper jet however are a complete nemesis to fit - thanks to the regulator being in the way. Yes, I know, you can buy longer pipes from Forest Classics - but now also, the black bottle is getting scraped to hell by the grab-rail nuts. After three days of heating, bending, twisting the pipe, screwing it - I though - I THOUGHT IT HAD GOT A PERFECT FIT INTO THAT DAMN CAB. The Mamod Steam Railway Co. Mamod Loco with slide valve cylinders. Thanks to Rob for pointing this one on ebay, the minute I saw it, I had to make an offer, which was accepted straight away! I don't know much about the loco, it has a Mike Chaney Silver Soldered boiler, slide valve cylinders and slip eccentric valve gear. The loco arrived in the post today, and initial verdict was that it is a very well engineered conversion, there are a lot of very meticulously made details, even the meths tank locates on tiny pieces of milled brass angle, the smokebox is scratch built and sits on a very well crafted saddle, bolted on with tiny BA screws the smokebox apron riveted very neatly to the buffer beam using tiny milled brass brackets.

The copper saddle on the chimney is nicely flared out at the base and is riveteed to the smokebox with four tiny copper rivets. Theres a proper double crosshead slide which all operates beautuifully. There are even tiny bronze bearings on the connecting rod! Old Loco Brought Back to Life. As some of you may also know, I have a locomotive that is long term 'work in progress' - its progress can be chartered over at the Mamod Forums [and here I think?].

However, my workshop also nursed back to steaming health a second steam engine...and here is it's story. The quest began back in March when I won this tired locomotive on Ebay for a song. The photos tell the story in its own right. Peter Jones Loco Works #5 Mamod 0-6-0 RUTH ANN. Hi Mike! Thanks for the positive comments. I am working on putting together a kit.

Sight glass/seal

The Unofficial Mamod and Other Steam Forum. Progress has been made in shoring up the Works' Finances and in the Great Clear Out of the 'Works'. Some may remember that I posed this question of spare parts on the forum some months ago... Having read the replies carefully, I decided that I was going to go the whole hog. The loco, after discussion regarding a certain set of nameplates available, was instead codenamed "Bitsa" as the nameplates were not required. Therefore, Bitsa was to be prepared for despatch. The body had already been cleaned, derusted, treated, primed and repainted in satin black as this body kit had acted as the 'control' in the experiment when I upgraded to etch primer, while working on SECOND CHANCE. Since then, the bodywork and boiler had sat in the works forlornly, awaiting either disposal or a call to action. The cabside lined out.... 05a%20Boiler%20fittings.

Helpful Hints – part 1 « Start Model Engineering.


Pipework. Cylinders. Lubricator. Mamod Boiler Items - Model Enthusiasts. A big improvement to the current situation on older Mamod boilers with a Sight Glass. Nice mamod loco. Locomotives - The Whitchurch Light Railway Company. Boilers. Burner. Mamod - Tuppence. David Halfpenny (erratic formatting courtesy of Google, whose products always almost work) Mamod loco add-on suppliers. Locomotive of the Month. Background In 1935, Geoffrey Malins started a manufacturing company called G.M. Patents Company. Peter Jones Loco Works #7 Mamod WD 0-6-0 IRENE. Do you remember number 5 "RUTH ANN"? Well number 6 is still in the works and number 7 is now ready for duty! Live steam model locomotives. This is a freelance model of a typical narrow gauge locomtive as used in Wales on gauge 0 or 1. It was build early 2001 over a period of 12 weeks. What can you do with a Mamod Loco..... Replacing a Sight Glass on a Mamod SL or MSS Locomotive. Garden Railway Club. View Forum - Mamods.

Silver soldering mamod loco's? - Kitbuilding & Scratchbuilding - RMweb. I am not treading on others advice here, I am sure it is sound and offered in good faith, but I am a trained boiler tester for Model Locomotive and boat boilers, and able to offer certification for small capacity model Boilers. Before doing any work on even a low pressure boiler like a Mamod, you have to know precisely what you are doing, and exactly why. The Mamod boiler, if in sound non leaking condition, is usually a very safe boiler, they run at about 15 PSI or so, and give very little trouble. They do deteriorate with age and hard water, but usually leak before they blow up.! If you are after adding new steam pipes etc, they really should best be added to the existing copper pipes, with brass screw compression unions to suit the existing piping sizes, usually 1/8th external. The Mamod boilers themselves are made of a good grade of quality brass, and are soft soldered together with a high melting point soft solder (Pewter grade), not silver solder.

Stephen. Useful Mamod/MSS Locomotive Files.