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Nao Research Robot Videos

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Aldebaran Robotics & NAO wish you a happy new year! NAO Robot Dance during Intel Press Conference at Cebit 2011. NAO dances with me (compliant robot) NAO Next Gen : the new robot of Aldebaran Robotics. NAO plays to... Connect4 - Algorithm explaination. Teaching Robot Behavior With Smiles, Frowns. Generating Emotion Pose On The Fly (On NAO) Nao Dancing - Surfin' Bird. Aldebaran's NAO Robot with its new Developper only prototype of Charging Station. Nao Robot - Face Detection. Nao Robot - Push-Ups - IDW. NAO: The first robot to make music through dancing. NAO is bored so he's trying to attract attention from his human. New NAO Robot Charging Station. Coffee for Nao. Poke the Nao robot. Nao Robot Does Star Wars. Demonstration-Guided Motion Planning for Robotic Assistance. Integration of the Humanoid Robot Nao inside a Smart Home.

Nao humanoid robot climbing stairs. Nao draws a Stickman - DHBW Karlsruhe. Nao Robot. Humanoid robot Nao shows off its skills. Aldebaran's New Nao Robot Demo. NAO demonstration 1. UTS Open Day 2011 Dance with Nao Robots. HRI: Grasping III. Nao and the ladder. Nao Robot - A Christmas Carol - Chapter 4 (by Charles Dickens) Nao at Carlitos' Contraptions. Nao Humanoid Robot Dances Tango. Protecting the Nao Humanoid Robot. Student Projects 2011 - Nao Control using Android. World Premiere: 20 Nao Robots Dancing in Synchronized Harmony. Nao 1337 rides Roomba, Yeehaw! Nao English Teacher.

NAO: The first robot to write his name. NAO Recognise Colors. One NAO helps another to stand up.