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Humanoid Robot Videos

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Robot does Gangnam Style. Humanoid robot REEM-B. DARPA Robot Masters Stairs. Romeo Greetings. KOBIAN: Emotional humanoid robot. Amazing Humanoid Robot realistic walking behavior. Creepily realistic robot can hold conversations and answer questions. Asimo (HONDA) playing football @ RTBF. Humanoid robot - morph3. Robonova kungfu dance. Honda's All-New ASIMO Running, Jumping. Dental Training Robot Simuloid : DigInfo. Actroid DER2 - Real Humanoid Female Robot. HRP-4C Gynoid. Honda Asimo dancing with girl. Asimo avoids a person. Asimo(robot) learning and identifying new objects. Hot Fighting Robot_ Robot Fighting Final League Game (www.CoolRobots.Net) The Most Funny Robot Ever! (www.CoolRobots.Net)

Nao Research Robot Videos

Robot Violinist. "HRP-4" Humanoid Platform for Robotics. Human Looking Robot - (Actroid-F) 2010. I've fallen, but I can get up! This robot just wont fall. Three Robots. Titan an his two brothers. Titan The Robot in Northampton. Child-robot With Biomimetic Body (CB2) New version amazing robot asimo. Robot UT-mu2 tech demo. Advanced Musculoskeletal Humanoid Robot Kojiro.