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Ghostship Aftermath on Steam. I unfortunately can't reccommend this game at this time. Its a cool concept, and they did a few things right, but there is a lot that killed it for me and until they fix them I can't really like the game too much. Pros:*Solid Atmosphere The sounds of metal creaking and the quiet breathing of your character as he runs is very intense and can give you a deep sense of immersion when nothing else is going on.

You find yourself checking corners and worrying when the next enemy will pop up. Sounds will echo throughout the ship and have you looking around wondering what could possibly be doing that. Sometimes the ship will make no sounds and the silence itself then becomes eerie. *Innovative Design The whole "No playthrough is the same" concept is really really cool. *Interesting Weapons Okay so you have your standard rifles, pistols, and submachine guns. *Decent Story Alright now time for the cons Cons:*Erratic Controls They say it is controller compatible, but they kind of lie. SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance on Steam. This is hands down one of the worst game's I have had the misfortune of purchasing. It is unimaginative, uninspired, the controls are unresponsive, the interface is convoluted and difficult to understand.

There is no progression in the game at all, nothing ever changes, to gain an understanding of the game, simply play the first level, that is all the game has to offer, the 'upgrades' are meaningless, there is no change to the ship characteristics, I was gobsmacked when I upgraded my bullets twice and yet there is no discernable difference between my more powerful weapons and the weaker variant.

It is amazing to think that I could walk into an arcade 30 years ago, and play asteroids which is one of the first if not the first space shooter ever made and have a much more fulfilling and enjoyable experience. This game has managed to be not only less enjoyable, but also less well thought out than a game made 30 years ago. Tell me again why I bothered to purchase this game? Stay far far away. Halfway on Steam. So I'm coming towards the end of Halfway (I presume) and thought I'd talk about it.

I ran through it on the hardest difficulty. It's a simple squad TBS with RPG-lite elements, one that would work rather well on a mobile platform I think. But it doesn't feel like a mobile port, nor does it feel too simple to bother loading on your PC. Streamlined might be the term. There's probably nothing in the combat you haven't seen before, with each character getting two actions to move or shoot and they can be combined for a single more accurate shot. Rather than the typical overwatch you have retaliate. The way ammo handled is a nice touch. The maps provide a nice variety in which to battle, some tight maze spaces, some a series of rooms, some long corridors, some wide open.

Enemy variety is weak; there's shooty mobiles, close-combat mobiles and turrets. I found that as the game went on the usefulness of various characters changed, which I liked as it helps with introducing variety. Star Conflict on Steam. I would love to recomend this game, I honestly would. I played it for a very long time, Baught many of the packs, and contributed as a community member... And loved every moment of it.... The Game keep's growing, Keeps expanding, and keeps getting better and better content wise, as a game. However, As of late, in the last 6 months, the game seems to be degrading based on my below observations: 1. . * It is now 100% Pay to win (Actually it's sub based desguised as an F2P, you can download the game for free, even play for free "Technically", but if you actually want to progress your character you must purchases a Sub, or Licence).

If you are not willing to spend money, do not install this game, I am one of the payers telling you this. I saw people complaining about this, so I let my licences and some other things run out, just to see what the deal was and if the complaints were valid, Sadly.... 2. 3. So with that, I can not conciously recomend this, what could be, a fantastic game. ~Mal. Pre-purchase Sid Meier's Starships on Steam. I decided to give this game a few hours of play, and a couple of days to judge if my opinions about it were sufficiently objective, and I've deliberately avoided reading other reviews so as not to colour my judgement. At a very cursory glance, it's an ok, fun, civ: beyond earth themed mini game, that will provide a slightly different way to sink a few hours in to a game for a little bit.

I tend to think of games in terms of wether they "break even" for me or not - am I going to get sufficient gameplay out of a title that the cost per hour played is less than or equal to an arbitrary value. For me, I tend to consider this value at a nice easy £1 per hour, pretty much the price of a cheap cup of coffee... if a game beats that, it's broken even or possibly even done a lot better. If it works out higher than that, the cost to own is too high and not worth the expense. I'll try to embellish more below. Do you remember the free companion app for Mass Effect 3 that was released a few years ago? Save 75% on StarDrive on Steam. Forgoing all my past issues with the game, I'm going to focus on one specific feature that is missing. Ingame, deletable, saves. The code for such is already in the game, with one being able to delete custom ship designs, but you can't delete your saves. And depending on how much you play, the space taken up by the saves can get rather large.

And given that you have to do through a, by default, hidden folder to reach the saves directory then not everyone is going to know how to manually delete them. I've wiped my saves folder a few times. The first was after Pre-Warp mode was released. I wiped three gigs of save files. I wiped my save folder again recently, hadn't done it for a long time, and got rid of 6.3 gigs worth of saves. That's practically the size of a completely new game.

Given how much space you can eventually rack up in saves, it's rather sad that Stardrive doesn't include a easier way to get rid of them. Save 85% on Shadowgrounds Survivor on Steam. Ghostship Aftermath on Steam. Save 50% on Face of Mankind on Steam. So, currently writing this review after a whopping 500+ hours of gameplay. This game is both great and horrendous so I am just going to lay out some things I found to be important that may help peopel to decide to play or skip this title. This is my honest review and probably the msot down the middle you will see. The Good1. This game has a lot of potential. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. The Bad1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. My final thoughts.This game is definitely unique to me. Deadstone on Steam. Deadstone looks like a top-down shooter, feels like an rpg, with all the character progression, perks and weapon upgrades, and plays like a tower defense game ;)You are on mars and a deadly virus (called Chimera something) is spreading everywhere, converting all living creatures into monsters / zombies.

Your goal is to protect the colonists from the zombies, while they drill for something and paying you for your services. The colonists are actually not visible in game, you know, that they are behind you and you're their last line of defense against the horde of incoming zombies in front of you. In other words, zombies swarm from the top of the map, if they reach the bottom, they'll kill / eat / infect your colonists. For each zombie, that you let past you, you lose 1 colonist. It's very important to keep all your colonists alive, as they are your main income - the more you have, the more you earn after each "patrol". Bientôt l'été on Steam. Short:+ Relaxing "walking simulator"+ Eerie, dreamy, surreal, transcendental design, music and ambiance+ Bold multiplayer concept: People are strangers, no direct means of communication - Lack of any significant, forward-driven narration/story/plot- Lack of any significant, long-term gameplay- Odd/Awkward, not exactly comforting (keyboard) controls- Multiplayer barely works for the lack of people playing this game (workaround: joining Steam group and timing online time with other people) Long:Interesting from an art-ish and ambiance-related point of view, lacking gameplay-wise, and with an irritating control scheme.

Badmouths may call it a boring walking simulator. It provides less exploration and narration than for example Dear Esther, but a bit more than for example Proteus, and has it's own unique graphical style and ambiance. You select a male or female character stored inside tubes. "It's nearly summer" you are told. The partner in the house is either A.I. Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance on Steam. Basically the best turn-based strategy game there is. Except possibly XCOM. That's no exaggeration, this is easily one of my top five games ever! As a single-player game, it's better than the other Massive Assault games, but it doesn't have multiplayer. There's a separate game for that. I'll compare it to two games here:Advance Wars is a turn-based military strategy game. Oh, and it has undos. The big downside is the story and voice acting. Salvation Prophecy on Steam. (Minor spoilers, but it's more a setting than a plot so I'm not ruining much) I remember picking up this game for five dollars, and a friend preordering X-Rebirth for me at about seventy.One was an unpolished mess of a program, an atrocity to gaming filled with every single rookie mistake from all of the ♥♥♥♥♥iest indy developers, and an insult to the entire space sim/adventure genre the other was Salvation Prophecy.

(Yes I know X-Rebirth is at least playable now but this was at launch)Salvation Prophecy is kind of like a very very simplified Mount & Blade, IN SPACE! You start as a grunt, and this is what I love about the game, I mean a grunt grunt, you are no one to anybody, you don't have a ship or a sweet gun or even a seperate character model. So when you work your way up to commander of your entire race it feels like you've earned it, and the journey feels so much better. First off you got your ground battles. Next is your space battles, which offer much less complexity. Rodina on Steam. This game is a masterpiece.

At least, it has the potential to be. I just finished the storyline thus far in the game, and I must say it left me speechless. The story is thrilling from start to finish, although it does require some reading (trust me, it's worth it). As far as gameplay is concerned, I found it challenging, but not frustrating. I enjoy games that teach the player and then test the player's knowledge and adaptability. This game executed this flawlessly. I could go on and on about the gameplay and never get tired of talking about it. Another fantastic feature of the game is that it is, of course, completely seamless. This game is amazing. Ludwig on Steam. Pros:+ great story+ great characters+ worth a few laughs+ it should be able to teach your kids something+ even though the puzzle's, trivia and adventure elements are aimed at children, going through the game stil took me 9 hours. lots to collect and explore, 1 of the few games that got me to read each dialog.

(i might have left the game on while doing something else occasionally) cons:- not challenging if you have had your first physics/chemistry classes (aimed at children)- game play can feel a bit slow at times, althoug its not bad compared to other point&click adventure style games overall i really enjoyed this game even though i was a bit dissapointed about the lack of challenge.the dialogs are funny and the story is thought out very well, and suprisingly the end it was a very entertaining casual experience. Steam Search.