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Classe inversée : comment motiver les élèves ?

Classe inversée : comment motiver les élèves ?

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11 Indicators of Excellence in Instruction (Flipped or Otherwise) In 2013, the Flipped Learning Network published an official definition of Flipped Learning. Along with this definition, the FLN defined these 4 Pillars of Flipped Learning, revolving around the acronym, F-L-I-P: The 4 Pillars of Flipped Learning are …

A Tale of Two Worlds: Old School, New School When was the last time you put your hands on a tape recorder? How about a slide projector or an overhead projector? Unless you’re stuck in some type of time warp, it’s probably been a while. In this age of technology, which allows us to do just about everything on our smartphones or online — from online shopping to online learning — these tools may seem like they’re from eons ago. Yet, it’s our youngest generation who is, more than likely, all too familiar with them. Teachers, because of lack of funds, are reporting that they’re still using these outdated instruments in the classroom.

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Five Time-Saving Strategies for the Flipped Classroom A few months ago, I heard a podcast by Michael Hyatt, a best-selling author and speaker who helps clients excel in their personal and professional lives. This particular podcast focused on how to “create margins” in life to reduce stress and avoid burnout. Quoting Dr. WANTED: The 10 Classrooms That Can’t Be Flipped – Flipped Learning Global Initiative Try this… Stand up in front a group of educators and say, “Flipped Learning is the meta-strategy that that supports all other instructional models.”

We Didn’t Know What We Didn’t Know: Flipped Learning 3.0 – Flipped Learning Global Initiative By Jon Bergmann and Errol St.Clair Smith Pop Quiz: Most educators know about the Socratic method. True or false?