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Free photo slideshow maker

Free photo slideshow maker

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Best Presentations, Interactive Stories, Portfolios, and More - Flowboard Catalog Flowboard Guide The official guide to help you create beautiful stories with Flowboard. This guide will walk you through how gestures are used, working with objects, how to add video, images, or galleries, and how to modify your objects and screens. 10 Places to Visit Before you Die Dale Radio A “warped Johnny Carson” with a “voice like a shoulder squeeze," host Dale Seever entertains with enough hard candy & booze to make it feel like your favorite uncle landed a late night gig! In addition to the webseries, you can tune in to the Dale Radio podcast or catch one of his “brilliant” live shows.

Great Resources to Help Teachers Craft Beautiful Slide Presentations June 15, 2014 Preparing slides that are both meaningful and visually appealing has gotten a lot easier thanks to technology. Whether it is for your classroom, a departmental talk, or a conference presentation, here are resources to help craft beautiful slides. Slidebean Web presentation software that lets you create beautiful slide design in seconds. Differentiation: Making the most of mixed ability It is regarded as one of the most important parts of teachers’ work and has been referred to in a variety of ways, from mixed-ability teaching to personalised learning. But the teaching approach now most widely referred to as “differentiation” can still be a difficult one for teachers to grasp. In his bestselling teacher-training manual, Teaching Today: a practical guide, Geoff Petty describes it as “the process by which differences between learners are accommodated so that all students in a group have the best possible chance of learning”. Peter Anstee, an English teacher and author of the Differentiation Pocketbook, says that it is about adapting teaching and learning styles to suit the whole class, groups or individuals. Differentiation is misunderstood Both agree that the lack of a consistent and clearly-defined description of differentiation has led to confusion among teachers, which has caused the idea to be widely misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Take screenshots for your presentations with SnapCrab There are multiple ways to take screenshots in Windows, especially if you need to use Print Screen key and take a full window screenshot to be used in Photoshop or PowerPoint. However, taking full screen screenshots may not be optimal especially when you need to take just a portion of the screen. In this case, there are other software and tools that can be very helpful for this purpose. SnapGrab is just another free alternative that we can use to take screenshots in Windows and capture the screen and then save it as image. This can be very convenient for example if we need to share the screenshot online or embed the screen in PowerPoint. This photo capture software that can capture any part of your screen.

Eye Sharpening - Photoshop Tutorial - 416 Studios With this tutorial you can create amazing, bright eyes within minutes. First retouch, adjust levels and do all necessary colour corrections on your image. With a Lasso Tool (L) select the eyes (hold Shift key to add to selection). Creating Narrated Slideshows with Google Tools This week I am hosting some guest bloggers. This is a guest post from Mike Petty. Last fall our high school purchased Chromebooks and the new principal set high expectations for more project-based learning and technology integration in all subjects. Make Your Presentations Pop with These Free Tools These days audiences expect more from presentations. We want to interact, and we expect access to the presentation again afterwards. We also expect audio and video, not just stills. Slides seem to have become synonymous with bad presentations, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Survey or Preview the Text The following Writing Guides are available. To view guides, click on the list of catgories on the list below. You may view or hide descriptions of the guides. Writing and Speaking Remove Any Image Background With Clipping Magic When using images for PowerPoint presentations, blog posts and other projects, one may require removing their background so that they may blend in with the colors of your presentation slide, blog or canvas. However, removing a background image isn’t easy and being a PRO at PhotoShop is not possible for everyone. While you can also remove background of images using PowerPoint, however, this technique does not always yield fruitful results.

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