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Ellen Rogers

Ellen Rogers

Anna Ósk Erlingsdóttir | Onlineportfolio Sonya Kozlova La très jeune photographe Sonya Kozlova arrive avec ses clichés à capter des instants et donner une certaine nostalgie. Des visuels intéressants de cette artiste née à Moscou et élevée dans le Milwaukee. L’ensemble de son travail est à découvrir dans la suite de l’article. V1 GALLERY artist artist Artist: Peter Funch view cv STUDIO ERWIN OLAF Helen Lyon - Stephanie Hoppen Fine Art Gallery Helen Lyon’s photographs of women are both beautiful and arresting at once. Their small scale, muted colours and incongruous focus enables Lyon to portray a glimpsed intimacy. They are ethereal and glamorous works, the image of pared down antiqued luxury. Lyon has worked as a fashion photographer for many leading style magazines including Harper’s Bazaar and her work has appeared in titles such as Vanity Fair. Lyon’s Mixed Media works are hand printed onto watercolour paper in editions of only five. The images take her experience of fashion photography a step further, creating unsettling but beautiful images that the artist has worked into with paints and inks, developing a story beyond the initial image. Untitled Size: 32 x 45 cm Medium: Mixed Media on Water Colour Paper Size: 21 x 28 cm (also available in Size: 32 x 34 cm Size: 33 x 48 cm Size: 32 x 39 cm Size: 32 x 40 cm Size: 32 x 37 cm Size: 32 x 42.5 Size: 32 x 38 cm Size: 32 x 41 cm Size: 32.5 x 47 cm Size: 32 x 47 cm Size: 32 x 43 cm Bazaar 9

Vintage Ad Browser 12 50 \ le photoblog de l'agence Tribeca Jed Root A Shaded View on Fashion Film (ASVOFF) was launched in 2008 by famous fashion curator, blogger & journalist Diane Pernet. It is the first short film festival in the world dedicated to fashion, style & beauty. ASVOFF is not only a short film festival competition, but it’s also known as an international event that travels the world showing movies, documentaries, conferences, performances & installations. The festival debuts every year in the Center Pompidou in Paris and then travels the world with exhibitions in prestigious institutions and events like the Guggenheim museum, Cannes Festival, Art Basel Miami and more. This year makeup artist Paco Blancas will be participating on the panel of judges when the film festival makes a stop in Blanca's hometown of Mexico for ASVOFF.MX!

Faded light - Gloria Marigo Faded light // Maria Minogarova @ Das Models Stylist: Alessandra Faja // Mua/Hair stylist: Elisabetta Paiano Story Behind Those Stunning Cinematic Gifs Here at theMET, we're always looking for creative projects that catch our eye. More than anything, we love posting about work that pushes boundaries, showing our audience something that has been changed, flipped or spinned into something magically different. Then, we see it as our job to find out the story behind such projects. What inspired the artist or photographer to start down that path? What do they hope others get out of their work? A few days ago, when Met member Mark Huckabee put up a post called Astounding Animated Gifs, we knew we had to dig deeper. Before we go into that more, enjoy these lovely cinemagraphs that they sent directly to us. What's been the response like, so far, on your animated gifs? Which of them is your favorite piece and why? What do you hope others get out of these works? Which gif has been the most popular and why do you think that is? Were you inspired by other gifs or anyone else before you started this more artistic ones? From Me to You website

everystockphoto - searching free photos mark mawson photography annette pehrsson / blog Crazy Cool Photography That Pops! (10 total) If Daft Punk and Lady Gaga were to have a love child, we imagine she would look something like this (above). These candy colored creatures are actually the work of artistic duo Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace, otherwise known as Lagoi & Lace. While studying art and photography at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, they decided to combine their various strengths in photography, design, art direction and styling to celebrate the power of beauty and fashion. Set in actual love hotel rooms in Japan, this spread is called "Love Land Invaders." It features superhero-like characters in crazy cool outfits and accessories like masks, glasses, shields, armory, jewelry, and ribbon. "The "Love Land Invaders" express an idea we call luxurious pop. Lagoi & Lace