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Fashion production

Fashion production
Photographer: Bojana Tatarska Stylist: Andrej Skok MakeUp: Alice Ghendrih Hair: Tomoko Ohama Model: Alisa Ahmann Photo Assistant: José Castellar Stylist Assistant: Lea Augereau Hair Assistant: Junko TomigashiPhilosophy # 3 Trapped Muse Born in Bulgaria, Bojana Tatarska came to Paris at the age of 18 and worked as a fashion model for almost a decade while studying Art and Communication at the Universite Paris-Sorbonne. Initially she wanted to be a journalist before becoming a self-taught photographer. In 2006 she began to photograph professionally as a freelancer and her photographs have appeared in many major magazines, including Elle, Vogue, Harpar's Bazaar, Dansk, Vision, Glass, etc. Bojana Tatarska is currently based in Paris.

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La Revista: Fotografía. El hombre que detuvo el tiempo La concurrencia que el 19 de diciembre de 1937 se reunió en el Bushnell Memorial de Massachusetts para asistir a una demostración realizada por Harold Edgerton, quedó perpleja al contemplar unas imágenes que, de impensables, parecían pura ciencia ficción. Al día siguiente, el rotativo The Hartford Courier daba cuenta de aquel acto señalando con certeza que las 2.000 personas que allí se congregaron "gracias a una cámara de alta velocidad y a una pequeña luz estroboscópica se situaron fuera del tiempo". Aquella noche, el ingeniero Harold E. Edgerton divulgaba sus últimos y complejos experimentos: unas fotografías que permitían vislumbrar lo que ocurría en determinados fenómenos que, a pesar de su cercanía, no eran ni siquiera sospechados. Qué sucedía en el momento del impacto de un palo de golf sobre la bola o los fenómenos físicos que desencadena una gota de líquido al caer eran algunos de ellos.

Defunct Fashion #sketching and watching #TheGreatGatsby. Perfect way to spend a #rain filled #Saturday. Finding my #creativity again. Court Dress | c. 1860-65 The combination of court dress and the 1860s crinoline makes for a most splendid garment. W45T3L4ND We turned to the bright colors and patterns of Mexico for inspiration, in our latest vintage shoot! Floral prints, Frida Khalo braids, and bold chunky accessories, have us all day dreaming of the perfect getaway….shop the vibe here ! This TUNESDAY, we sat down with our Web/Graphic designer, Brent Freaney, and got a glimpse into his technicolor mind. Take a look at what he’s been getting down to on the weekends, along with a few words and images from the man himself: “I’ve been way too obsessed with all songs that seem like they could be included in a weird 90s Japanese-to-English-translated-Video Game series set at night and on a racetrack.

VOGUE “Dark circles under the eyes can be one of the most moving things on a human face.”Here, see why French girls always skip concealer. 1 day ago | 547 notes #Vogue#Beauty#Beauty Trick#French#French Girls#Concealer#Makeup#Makeup Tutorial#Fashion#Style Arthur Siegel, Margaret de Patta, Elsa Kula, David Pratt, Bernard Siegel, George Barford, Frederick Sommer, Raoul Hausmann, Ralph Steiner, Jaromir Funke, Eli Lissitsky, Floris Neussus, Gyorky Kepes, Franz Roh, Kurt Schwitters, Robert Heinecken, Umbo, Otto “The shadows that things make The things that shadows make” by Les Rudnick © 2004-2011 Les Rudnick Photograms after WW II Arthur Siegel, American, (1913-1978). was born in Detroit. What's Love Got To Do With It Five Things I Love Friday; These are my current obsessions. 1. Pretty Masks Let's start the weekend with pretty for pretty's sake.

How to Watermark Your Photos - Learn Tips for Watermarking Your Photos If you're placing your photographs on the Internet, you'll want to make sure you protect your rights to those images. The best way to protect digital photos is by learning how to watermark your photos. With a digital photo, a watermark is a faint logo or word(s) superimposed over the top of the photo. The idea of placing a watermark on your photos is so that others will not want to try to copy and use the photo without permission. bohemi▲n punk 22nd Apr 2014 | 23 notes 22nd Apr 2014 | 983 notes (Source: stagspirit, via xunya) 21st Apr 2014 | 7 notes Yohji Yamamoto days like lost dogs Photographed by Cuneyt Akeroglu for Antidote Magazine April 2014 Valeria Smirnova by Markus Pritzi for Glamour Germany September 2011 Kitty @ Premier by Rokas Darulis for Clash Magazine April 2014 Photographed by Ekaterina Grigorieva for Cake Mag Photographed by Stefan Giftthaler for D La Repubblica 19th April 2014 Lindsey Byard for J.