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Virtual Body

Virtual Body
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Visible Human Project Overview The Visible Human Project® is an outgrowth of the NLM's 1986 Long-Range Plan. It is the creation of complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the normal male and female human bodies. Acquisition of transverse CT, MR and cryosection images of representative male and female cadavers has been completed. The male was sectioned at one millimeter intervals, the female at one-third of a millimeter intervals. The long-term goal of the Visible Human Project® is to produce a system of knowledge structures that will transparently link visual knowledge forms to symbolic knowledge formats such as the names of body parts. The National Library of Medicine thanks the men and the women who will their body to science, thereby enabling medical research and development. Further Information

Chemistry: Foundations and Applications 360Cities Welcome to Earth! It's a planet having an iron core, with two-thirds of its surface covered by water. Earth orbits a local star called the Sun, the light of which generates the food supply for all the millions of species of life on earth. The dominant species on Earth is the human being, and you're one of the six billion of them! Humans have iron in their blood, and their bodies are composed of two-thirds water, just like the planet they live on. The physical composition of the Earth, its people and everything on it contains an electro-magnetic field which is not yet fully understood. Theories and legends about the origin of Earth, people and life itself abound, however they are not commonly discussed. "Who are we? Many religions and philosophies have attempted to answer these questions over the years, but so far none has given an answer that everyone on the planet can accept. Welcome again to Earth!

Cell Size and Scale Some cells are visible to the unaided eye The smallest objects that the unaided human eye can see are about 0.1 mm long. That means that under the right conditions, you might be able to see an ameoba proteus, a human egg, and a paramecium without using magnification. A magnifying glass can help you to see them more clearly, but they will still look tiny. Smaller cells are easily visible under a light microscope. To see anything smaller than 500 nm, you will need an electron microscope. Adenine The label on the nucleotide is not quite accurate. How can an X chromosome be nearly as big as the head of the sperm cell? No, this isn't a mistake. The X chromosome is shown here in a condensed state, as it would appear in a cell that's going through mitosis. A chromosome is made up of genetic material (one long piece of DNA) wrapped around structural support proteins (histones). Carbon The size of the carbon atom is based on its van der Waals radius.

The Reiki Page face replication products Create a wonderful gift for someone special ... featuring their face ... or the face of someone they love, or treat yourself ... with your own image... or the likeness of someone you love! Tell me more All we need is a photo of the front of someone's face. If you have or can take side photo(s), all the better. Our incredible technology can then turn those photos into a full 3D image. Who for? We wrote out some ideas to help stimulate your thoughts! grandma grandpa mummy daddy uncle auntie cousin brother sister yourself .. partner friend colleague child When? Great for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, christenings, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas and other special occasions.

Ebooks search engine LE CERVEAU À TOUS LES NIVEAUX! Parmi toutes les approches philosophiques proposées au fil des siècles pour tenter de résoudre , le dualisme et le matérialisme recueillent l’adhésion d’un nombre considérable de penseurs. Ceux-ci ont toutefois été amenés à nuancer ces deux positions théoriques générales afin de faire face aux critiques formulées à leur endroit. Pour éviter les pièges du dualisme de substance par exemple, on a proposé un « dualisme de propriété ». Celui-ci reconnaît que tout est matière mais que cette matière peut posséder deux types de propriété : des propriétés physiques et des propriétés mentales, ces dernières n’étant pas réductibles aux premières. On qualifie d’ailleurs souvent le dualisme de propriété de «physicalisme non réductible». La douleur aurait par exemple une propriété physique (les fibres C qui émettent des potentiels d’action) et, en même temps, une propriété consciente (le sentiment douloureux). D’après Valentine, E.R. (1982) et

Ask Nature - the Biomimicry Design Portal: biomimetics, architecture, biology, innovation inspired by nature, industrial design - Ask Nature - the Biomimicry Design Portal: biomimetics, architecture, biology, innovation inspired by nature, industrial desi

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