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LifeHacker - The Best Tools to Archive Web Pages Seizing the Middle Ground: Constructivism in World Politics Abstract In recent years, a great deal has been written about a `constructivist' approach in International Relations, which argues that international reality is socially constructed by cognitive structures that give meaning to the material world. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Design Research Agencies « Dr. Emma Jefferies This guide is designed to provide a map of design/user research agencies for people seeking user experience jobs from around the world. The reason for this guide is when planning my ‘International Design Walkabout’, a global list of design/user research companies could not be found. Therefore I set about mapping this terrain by asking people I know to recommend design/user research companies. If you can add to the map below, feel free to add a comment on this post, and I will update this map. In my quest to create a global map for design/user research agencies, I was recommended the following companies, covering 34 countries spanning five regions. Americas Argentina Insitum – Buenos Aires Muliplica – Buenos Aires Address Juncal, 1978 2 º F Buenos Aires | Phone (+54) 11 4813 2925 | Website | Email | Twitter @multiplica | About Convert visitors into customers. R/GA – Buenos Aires Brazil Insitum – São Paulo live|work – São Paulo Address Av. Address Av.

Journal of Computers in Education JCE is an interdisciplinary forum for communication of perspectives among researchers, practitioner, and policy makers on theories and practices in technology enhanced learning. The journal aims at making an impact on educational practices and thus to transform learning. The journal publishes up-to-date research and experiences in information communication technologies (ICT) in learning and education. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Bot Tutorial: Manage your groups with Teleseed | Telegram Geeks In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own bot using TeleSeed: Teleseed is an advance Group Administration Bot based on yagop telegram-bot licensed under GNU General Public License. It’s very easy, and it will help you managing your groups. The official bot is @teleseed, and you can follow its channel in @teleseedch and read news about the bot. Let’s start! This tutorial is divided in three parts: Account of Cloud9 (it will host the bot). Anti spam plugin.Global ban.Group link.Kick, ban and unban by reply.Groups, ban and global bans list.Logging anything that happens in group.Invite by username.Only mods, owner and admin can add bots.Broadcast to all groups. Official Website of Teleseed: TeleSeed.Thanks to M4STER_ANGEL for helping us in this tutorial. Follow us on Telegram Geeks Channel.

fpa.oxfordjournals Constructivism in the International Relations literature mainly focuses on the constitutive interaction between international norms and state actions. Few studies explore when ideas at the domestic level matter in foreign policy change. I propose a constructivist account for policy change that emphasizes not only ideas but also material interests as exogenous factors constituted within domestic structures.

Jon Kolko » Now Hiring: The Most Liberal Art When most of us think of the word "design"—if we think of it at all—we imagine eccentric fashion, or expensive plastic toasters, or shiny new cars. That's because America has long celebrated objects. We're a culture that, for nearly a century, has enjoyed the convenience and status of owning things. Our economy has been driven by the production of things, our government measures progress based on the average cost of things, and things give us a visceral and obvious measure of success. But our world has changed, and things no longer represent a strong measure of success or target for our efforts. This triangulation of technological advancement, the "experience economy," and the offshoring of manufacturing has recast the word "design," and positioned design as a fundamental discipline for managing the complexity of the future. This is a discipline that's basking in unprecedented glory within technology circles. But there's a subtle irony to this perceived scarcity. Citation:

: Special Issue - Revised Deadline - Call for Papers SPECIAL ISSUE: Critical Perspectives on Innovation, Technology and Learning for Development Guest Editor: Professor Paul Prinsloo Learning and its contribution to development, whether in open and distance learning, or other educational delivery modes (formal, informal or post-formal) can be explored through many possible lenses, which do not only point to a variety of research designs and methodologies, but also to different philosophical and ideological approaches. While there are many journals dedicated to learning, curriculum development, assessment, and so forth, and others dedicated to issues regarding development; the JL4D specifically engages with the nexus between learning and development. This special issue will provide a platform to engage with firstly, the notion of innovation in learning in the context of, and in relation to socioeconomic and human development; and secondly, critically engage with broader claims and practices in the context of learning for development.