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8 Free Mind Map Tools & How to Best Use Them

8 Free Mind Map Tools & How to Best Use Them
Advertisement Here’s the good news. Finally, we can be like Leonardo da Vinci’s in one small way. No, we are not getting his polymathic superpowers. His penchant for taking free-flowing notes that filled notebooks with diagrams and scribblings is more achievable. Maybe, he knew that the human brain likes visuals more than words. Today, we call these brain-cell like intertwinings mind maps. It is the most popular brainstorming technique of all. For a student, a mind map is a memory aid to review notes. You can apply a mind map to any office scenario. Forecast revenue.Prepare for a hiring interview.Chart product development and marketing.Fine tune a RFP (Request for Proposal).Organize a trade show.Plan an office party. Pick a Free Mind Map Tool Choosing from the many excellent mind mapping and brainstorming web apps and tools is a matter of nitpicking. Free or paid. We have covered many mindmapping tools here at MakeUseOf. 1. Platforms: Web, Chrome Noteworthy Features: 2. 3. 4. Platform: Web 5.

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40 Clever Life Hacks to Simplify your World 40 Clever Life Hacks to Simplify your World October 16, 2013 in Uncategorized Read our BRAND NEW AND IMPROVED Life Hacks post by clicking HERE! What Is Web 3.0 and Is It Here Yet? Web 3.0 is a simple term with a much more complicated meaning. One of the biggest difficulties in nailing down a definition or metric for evaluating Web 3.0 is the lack of a clear, distinct definition for it, especially compared to what we already know about Web 2.0. Most people generally have some idea that Web 2.0 is an interactive and social web facilitating collaboration between people. This is distinct from the early, original state of the web (Web 1.0) which was a static information dump where people read websites but rarely interacted with them. If we distill the essence of change between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, we can derive an answer.

Amazing Data Visualizations: The Shock of WWII Fatalities - Visual Matters More professionals are making use of interactive and animated data visualization to get a story across. This is particularly useful when you have large data sets that span over great lengths of time and that reference multiple sources. The beauty of this form of data visualization is that it includes an audio segment which acts as a ‘legend’, guiding the viewer through the story and emphasizing the words with visual representations. When you also include a musical background, the data visualization takes a turn into a completely new medium as it quickly becomes similar to movie videos that we watch to be entertained.

Google Slides – Using links to create quizzes, stories & games Here we’ll look at the power of links and how something so simple can allow you to make your slides more interactive. We’ll cover: Inserting a link to a webpage From a text boxFrom an imageInserting links to different slides to create: QuizAdventure comic storyBusiness decision game How to Memorize Things Quickly People like to joke that the only thing you really “learn” in school is how to memorize. As it turns out, that’s not even the case for most of us. If you go around the room and ask a handful of people how to memorize things quickly, most of them will probably tell you repetition. That is so far from the truth, it’s running for office. If you want to memorize something quickly and thoroughly, repetition won’t cut it; however, recalling something will.

Christopher Columbus Creates 21st Century Explorers I have been dying to share this project with all of you, but I have been holding off until we have completed the unit (well almost…). There seem to be more and more opportunities popping up for our 5th grader to continue learning and connecting their knowledge about Christopher Columbus… Take a listen to the students’ “CC Newscast” video and then read on about the “upgrade” process from textbook to globally connected learning! Columbus Creates 21st Century Explorers from langwitches on Vimeo. You can now buy your own copy of Datopolis, the open data board game 2016-07-26 by The ODI Today the beta version of Datopolis, our open data board game, goes on sale via Gamecrafter for two weeks. Its creators Ellen Broad and Jeni Tennison tell the story behind it, how it was made and what you can expect from buying your very own copy. By Ellen Broad and Jeni Tennison Today we’re making the beta version of Datopolis, our open data board game, available for sale for two weeks. Don’t miss out!

Synonyms Dictionary at It’s an online interactive English dictionary and thesaurus that helps you find the meanings of words and draw connections to associated words. You can easily see the meaning of each by simply placing the mouse cursor over it. Why use Snappy Words visual dictionary? The Secret Weapon For Better Focus Advertisement Are you looking for a more efficient way to organise your work-days? Try Time Blocking. A few months back, I came across Cal Newport’s illuminating post on Time Blocking — a productivity “hack” that helps you to make the most of your work day by assigning very specific tasks to very specific blocks of time. This is loosely based on Parkinson’s Law, the idea of which is that work will simply expand to fill the time available for its completion. For some, the idea of scheduling tasks in such a rigid way may be counter intuitive.

Web2 I am in the process of moving these links to separate pages as there are now too many on a single page! Click on the links below or the newly created pages in the side menu to access these tools. I have located many of these tools through Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers blog. You might like to subscribe to Richard's RSS feed or his email list. Panoramio Locate photos from places all around the world. 5 Things I Learned Making a Chart Out of Body Parts This story was co-published with Source. Visual Evidence Data and design in everyday life Lena Groeger Last year, an interactive graphic about insurance turned out to be one of ProPublica’s most popular pieces of the year.

249 Bloom's Taxonomy Verbs For Critical Thinking Bloom’s Taxonomy’s verbs–also know as power verbs or thinking verbs–are extraordinarily powerful instructional planning tools. In fact, next to the concept of backwards-design and power standards, they are likely the most useful tool a teacher-as-learning-designer has access to. Why? They can be used for curriculum mapping, assessment design, lesson planning, personalizing and differentiating learning, and almost any other “thing” a teacher–or student–has to do.