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Architecture Over the past seven years, at our creative agency, Access, we have worked with a number of residential and commercial property developers from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, helping them with development and strategy. Yet we see so often the sad sight of yet another mediocre building going up. We see city councils approving mediocre design and we see cities looking uglier because of it. We see property developers rushing to get their building up, wanting to make a quick sale and profit, and not really caring or thinking about the aesthetics of the building. International Architectural Magazine Architecture and Recycling The topic of recycling, presented in this issue, is the “re-use” of materials, objects and structures, for different purposes, and in different ways from their original uses, in order to build or re-build, to provide possible solutions to problems related to the environment, and to manage waste more intelligently. Tyres, containers, bottles, cans, CD-ROMs and even keyboards, can find new and unexpected uses in experimental architecture, exhibition pavilions, or low-cost housing. With recycled objects, one can build anti-seismic and energy efficient houses. Recycled materials can contribute towards building shelters to meet the needs of people affected by disasters.

10 Incredible Art & Design Magazines Sorry, but the page you are looking for was not found. We recently moved to a new URL and several archived posts were removed from the site, so it could be that the page you're trying to access no longer exists. If you think the page should still be reachable, try using the search bar on top of this page, or return to our homepage to get all of our latest content. Review: Conquering Animal Sound @ The Captain’s Rest, 11 Feb Watch: Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis Gives Hilariously Non-Committal Studio Interview

A Blog by A Lab on Fire via Marco Casagrande | Photo © AdDa Zei / Casagrande Laboratory Here is another fascinating project by Marco Casagrande and his team – “an architectural organism growing from the ruins of an abandoned farm-house in the jungle.” Photos » Drawings » Text » Model » (Don’t miss to checkout the models of this project at the link above!)

Modern House Designs Concrete Home Surrounded by Vineyard features Shades of Brown The Magliocco House is located in Chamoson, Valais, Switzerland and was designed by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes to take advantage of the vineyard, valley and mountain views. Set on a picturesque slope the materials and design aesthetic chosen where carefully...... See All Images... 10 Apr 2014 | Concrete Homes Scotts Tower, Singapore by UNStudio UNStudio = UNBelievable! UNStudio is at it again with this ambitious vertical city concept designed for Singapore’s cultural hub. Scotts Tower attempts to redefine the way architects approach modern high-rise residential architecture by reframing public spaces in an aesthetically provocative way. Whether or not a controversial design such a this gets a green light is another story. We can only hope so! Neighborhoods in the Sky The concept of The Scotts Tower is that of a vertical city incorporating a variety of residence types and scales.

Graphic Design News & Competitions Applied Arts 2014 Student Awards Moleskine Art Plus: A New Collection of Art Materials for CreativesMoleskine has unveiled its latest collection, Art Plus, featuring 25 specially designed notebooks to choose from, categorized according to paper weight and absorbency as well as dimensions, cover material, and paper layout. European Design Awards 2014The 2014 European Design Awards, an annual prize celebrating the best of graphic design, illustration and digital design in Europe, is open for entries. Metrics for Healthcare EnvironmentsThe Society for Experiential Graphic Design will host a webinar featuring EGD research insights for healthcare campus and facility design. SVA Summer Masters Workshop 2014 in RomeThe 2014 SVA Summer Masters Workshop in Rome will offer a two-week intensive hands-on workshop in typography and graphic design in the city where Western type traditions were born.

designed interiors♚ whisperingchocolate said: Hi, my name is Aina and I have an interview this Saturday to get into University to study my diploma in interior designing. I was just wondering if you have any tips or advice? Love your blog btw. Make sure you’re as outgoing as possible! Smile. Home Design, Interior Design, Home Architectural Design and Decorating Ideas - Home » Interior 11 April 2011 No Comment {*style:<b> Sponsored Link </b>*} Luxurious Apartment Interior

Opinions on Corporate and Brand Identity Work UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit in Austin, TX. More… products we sell Taking A Look At The Most Weird And Wonderful Hotels Around the world, there are accommodation options to suit the needs of everyone. From cheap hostels in which a bathroom needs to be shared, to luxury resorts where the staff cater to your every need, the following selection of hotels are considered to be some of the most weird and wonderful anywhere in the world. Cappadocia, Turkey Situated in central-west Turkey, Cappadocia dates back to the 6th century B.C and whilst once a popular Turkish settlement, is now a massively popular tourist attraction in the country. The uniqueness about Cappadocia is that from a distance, it looks like a vast, mountainous region.

Art & Design Pit Stop in the Sixties: Gourmet à la “Go-Kart” April 11, 2014 Ready for a journey into the swinging sixties? Then hop on board! If you have always liked the idea of travelling back a few decades, this Mini Classic is just the thing for you.

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