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Avatar Size vs Hip Height, Leg Length (Poser animations) heyas; what is the "trick" for doing proper height animations for different sized avatars? i have created a 'tiny' avatar, and to test that it is the proper size, i created several versions of the T pose, lowering the character into the ground at the knees, waist, palms, and eyes. the regular t pose stood on the ground fine, but then the following poses sank lower and lower further from the mark. aha, i thought, perhaps the hip has to stay the same height as the default, and i move the ground up to the shorter avatar's feet? but when i did that, sinking into the ground at the knees barely moved it down at all, and the waist wasn't there yet, but the palms and eyes were sunken too low again.

CityEngine Menu Products Esri CityEngine Transform 2D GIS data into smart 3D city models. 30-Day Free Trial → Design If you are looking for design examples, practical tips from professional designers, and revealed secrets on website design, graphical design, or publishing design – you are at the right place. Here, at Cruzine, we are regularly exposing information on design in all its forms and shapes. Photoshop tutorials and examples, vector graphics, typography in web design and print – these are only some highlights from our design category. Popular tags:art, artworks, artwork, illustrations, illustration Illustrations by Typography by Teagan White Poser - Complete 3D figure Design and Animation Complete solution for creating art and animation with 3D characters Poser Pro 11 Learn More Poser Pro 11 is the complete solution for creating art and animation with 3D characters.

Stereoscopic Rendering in Blender Update: 13. Jun. 2013 Stereoscopic Rendering in Blender 2.6 How to implement an off-axis camera to produce correct stereo pairs via Python Add-on in Blender Understanding the sculpt map format Understanding the sculpt map format is one of the most important things a sculptie maker can know. This knowledge makes choosing the basic sculpt type easier and also allows many advanced techniques to be used in the modelling process. It will also help you to understand what the Primstar scripts are doing to make things quicker for you. Review: 3D Mice with Blender 2.59 Traditionally, most 3D artists use a keyboard and mouse for all their work; many also use a tablet. However, more and more people are beginning to add 3D mice to their arsenal. 3D mice offer a very natural and easy way to navigate 3D space; giving more precise control than a mouse or keyboard ever can. Today I am reviewing three models of 3D mice offered by 3D Connexion; the Space Navigator, Space Explorer and Space Pilot Pro. Each of 3D Connexion’s models are now supported in Blender as of version 2.59.

Sculptris - Download Sculptris is a free 3D modeling application, that is unusual in that anyone can pick it up and play without any technical knowledge. Incredibly, Sculptris doesn't require installation, and is surprisingly lightweight for a 3D modeling application. Each time you start, a ball of 'clay' appears in the center of the program. To the left is your toolkit, your digital 'hands' that will model the clay. Above are controls that allow you to tweak the tool size, strength and alter the material you see. Holding the ALT key and the mouse allows you to rotate the ball, and move the camera.

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