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Fabripod This is a mockup of the lamp configurator I’m putting together for my line of “Urchin” lamps. When its finished, people will be able to set up their own lamp the way they want it, see how much it will cost, and buy it using paypal – all through the same online tool. The mockup opens in a new window since I haven’t figured out how to embed processing into wordpress yet. I’m still working out the kinks in the back end, so the pricing is not accurate yet. Urchin Lamps are now available in Wood Veneer! Finally, this one is available for purchase in the ponoko store! Look for more models coming to the ponoko store soon! What would you use Chrysalis for? That’s the question I have been asking each person who has backed my project on kickstarter . Quoted directly from kickstarter backers’ comments: “My partner and I have designed a series of customizable furniture objects ( Check out the Chrysalis project on kickstarter here “petals”.

Autodesk Releases Free App That Brings 3-D Printing To The Masses [Video] | Co.Design If you hear "maker culture" and instantly think of grease-stained weirdos who drone on about steampunk and "screws not glue"... well, you wouldn't be wrong. But when a giant software company like Autodesk throws its weight behind "makers," you know it's much more than a subculture. "There was this huge digital content generation that emerged, but now that 'Generation C' is turning into 'M,' the Make generation," Tatjana Dzambazova, Senior Product Manager at Autodesk, tells Co.Design. "They want to start physically fabricating the things that they create digitally." And now Autodesk is providing that power, in a free application called 123D that will let any maker, professional or amateur, design and 3D-print anything on demand from toys to turbines. 123D lets you easily fabricate objects, not just visualize them. 123D differs from other free 3-D modeling software like Google Sketchup in that it's designed to let you easily fabricate objects, not just visualize them.

Magic Box ReplicatorG is a simple, open source 3D printing program - ReplicatorG