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Tinkercad - Solid modeling for artists and makers

Tinkercad - Solid modeling for artists and makers
Web based Tinkercad runs in any web browser that supports HTML5/WebGL be it on Windows, Mac or Linux. Suggested browsers are Google Chrome and Mozille FireFox. 3D printing services With direct integration with 3rd party printing services you can print a design from Tinkercad with just a few clicks of the mouse. Fast

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Developer Central Open Source URL: Open InventorTM is an object-oriented 3D toolkit offering a comprehensive solution to interactive graphics programming problems. It presents a programming model based on a 3D scene database that dramatically simplifies graphics programming. It includes a rich set of objects such as cubes, polygons, text, materials, cameras, lights, trackballs, handle boxes, 3D viewers, and editors that speed up your programming time and extend your 3D programming capabilities. Portable, super-high-resolution 3-D imaging By combining a clever physical interface with computer-vision algorithms, researchers in MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences have created a simple, portable imaging system that can achieve resolutions previously possible only with large and expensive lab equipment. The device could provide manufacturers with a way to inspect products too large to fit under a microscope and could also have applications in medicine, forensics and biometrics. The heart of the system, dubbed GelSight, is a slab of transparent, synthetic rubber, one of whose sides is coated with a paint containing tiny flecks of metal. When pressed against the surface of an object, the paint-coated side of the slab deforms.

Fabripod This is a mockup of the lamp configurator I’m putting together for my line of “Urchin” lamps. When its finished, people will be able to set up their own lamp the way they want it, see how much it will cost, and buy it using paypal – all through the same online tool. The mockup opens in a new window since I haven’t figured out how to embed processing into wordpress yet. Open Inventor - Overview Open Inventor 3D Graphics Toolkit for Industrial-Strength Application Developments Open Inventor® is an object-oriented, cross-platform 3D graphics toolkit for the development of industrial-strength, interactive applications using C++, .NET or Java. Its easy-to-use API, its extensible architecture, and its large set of advanced components provide developers with a high-level platform for rapid prototyping and development of 3D graphics applications. Object-oriented SDK Open Inventor® object-oriented interface and numerous built-in components allows for rapid application prototyping and development.

Cubelets: Modular Robot Toy-Kit Cubelets is the name of the very first product of “Modular Robotics” – a spin-off from the famous “robot”-Carnegie Mellon University. It is a kit of free combinable, small robot modules. The website goes: By combining sensor, logic and actuator blocks, young kids can create simple reconfigurable robots that exhibit surprisingly complex. This project looks really interesting and the just moved beyond the first beta-testing phase. I also somehow doubt the “young kids” in that project.

Blog: Around the RepRap Community 08/06/2011 RepRap Cousins in Zero G! Made in Space, a space startup founded to leverage 3d printing as a manufacturing tool in space, has operated 2 RepRap Cousin Projects in Zero G. They took what looks like a Makerbot Cupcake with what looks to be a stock DC gearmotor extruder in this image, a Makerbot Thing o Matic, and a Bits from Bytes 3000 on a ride doing Parabolic dives in a Zero G airplane. Can't wait to see the results, but I wish they had added a RepRap kit like Makergear Prusa, Emaker Huxley, or MendelParts Orca instead of 2 Makerbots and a closed source 3D Systems printer, but who cares, FDM in Zero G is awesome. Sfact by Action68

List of CAx companies List of CAx companies and their software products. Software using computer-aided technologies (CAx) has been produced since the 1970s through to the present for a variety of computer platforms. This software may include applications for Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer-aided engineering (CAE), Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and Product Data Management (PDM).

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