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Cloud CAE. UberCloud – Technical Computing Power When You Need It. Welcome to the UberCloud Marketplace Are you ready for Computing and Software as a Service, for your professional engineering and scientific simulation projects?

UberCloud – Technical Computing Power When You Need It

Need software licenses, computing resources, storage capacity, expert consulting, or training courses, packaged into one solution stack, available at your fingertips? This online UberCloud Marketplace is your one-stop shopping mall to get access to these resources, on-demand, when you need them. And, stay tuned, currently we are working on opening 20+ more marketplace stores; and one store could be your favorite. And if you don’t find what you are looking for please send us a message. We are aware that many of our community members are new to this online UberCloud Marketplace. ANSYSANSYS has pioneered the development and application of simulation methods to solve the most challenging engineering problems. The CVC is usually the three digit number located on the back of the credit card.

HPC Solutions and services. Energy2D - Interactive Heat Transfer Simulations for Everyone. “Please accept our thanks and congratulations for your very interesting work which I am sure are having a great positive impact in our society.” — from Roberto Quevedo, Instituto Volcanológico de Canarias, INVOLCAN, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain By Carmen Trudell, University of Virginia What is it?

Energy2D - Interactive Heat Transfer Simulations for Everyone

Based on computational physics research ([1], [2], [3]), Energy2D is an interactive, visual multiphysics simulation program that models all three modes of heat transfer—conduction, convection, and radiation, and their coupling with particle dynamics. Energy2D runs very quickly on most computers and eliminates the switches among preprocessors, solvers, and postprocessors typically needed to perform computational fluid dynamics simulations. It allows you to design "computational experiments" to test a scientific hypothesis or solve an engineering problem without resorting to complex mathematics.

What is the goal? How well does it model reality? How to cite it? Javier G. Simulation on the Cloud. Online Topology Optimization > Overview. This app is for running topology optimization based on CAD models.

Online Topology Optimization > Overview

Capabilities and limitations: Single Linear Static Loadcase Optimization objective: minimize structural compliance(i.e.: maximize structure stiffness) Opimization constraints: volume fraction defined on selected parts Design variables: topology variables defined on selected parts Supported formats: STEP (.step, .stp) IGES (.iges, .igs) Supported web browsers: General Operations: Rotate: left button drag Pan: middle button drag Zoom in/out: mouse wheel backward/forward Single-select: left click Multi-select: CTRL + left click Context menu: right button click.

Additive Manufacturing Simulation. Rethinking Design. Pareto. Simulation Anytime, Anywhere. The way that engineers simulate is changing.

Simulation Anytime, Anywhere

In the last few years, more technology and software has emerged making the necessary toolsets more accessible for non-analysts. But it’s not just the software that’s changed; the way companies are structuring their offerings has also shifted. Engineers and firms can now purchase software and hardware as a service — offering flexibility, accessibility and mobility. Because they can use software, servers and the cloud as little or as often as they need, engineers can get a taste of programs or toolsets that might not be accessible otherwise. This has become more common for CAE platforms as engineers are bringing simulation further forward in the design process.

Sim Streamlined For Design: structural simulation and analysis in the cloud. Simulation Software: A Price and Performance for Everyone. So you get that simulation is good, but have you got it?

Simulation Software: A Price and Performance for Everyone

Caution is understandable, but what’s stopping you, and many others in small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), from simulating designs well before building them? Although the concept is definitely spreading industry-wide (check out the DE publication, The Design Engineer’s High-Performance Computing Handbook for savvy examples) perhaps you just haven’t found the right tool for your budget, timeframe and experience. DE asked a wide range of analysis-software providers what they’re doing to address the barriers (perceived or actual) of cost, compatibility, accessibility, ease-of-use and more. You’ll find offerings for individual parts or complete assemblies, single-physics or multiphysics, cloud options, flexible licensing and open sources.

The possibilities should have you taking a second look at adding more analysis to your workflow. Starting With What You Know Familiarity breeds comfort, not contempt. More Info. ANSYS AIM - Free software. You can try the world’s easiest multiphysics simulation environment designed for all engineers right now - nothing to download, no forms, no waiting!

ANSYS AIM - Free software

What is ANSYS AIM? It offers integrated multiphysics solutions based on best-in-class solver technologies in a modern, new, immersive user environment that enables engineers to rapidly evaluate product design performance with confidence. Make the most of your free demo! Scroll down to the simple step-by-step instructions.

View these overview videos. Want to learn more about ANSYS AIM? Find out if you qualify for a 60 day free trial license. Simulation reinvented. SimScale - Simulation in your browser. The first Online FEA Experience is here. CloudTopopt. Cloud based CFD simulation app for designers.