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PLM solutions, 3D CAD and simulation software

PLM solutions, 3D CAD and simulation software
Social & Collaborative Apps 3D Modeling Apps Content and Simulation Apps Information Intelligence Apps Real time 3D EXPERIENCE platform A portfolio of industry solution experiences serving 12 industries Social and Collaborative Application

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UNFOLD3D the best and fastest UV mapping generator / on-the-fly unwrapper 2014/03/21 Unfold3D Core inside Maya 2015 Unfold3D plugin is now included in standard into Maya 2015 and Maya LT. The plug in contains the two main features of the standalone : Unfold and Optimize. 2013/09/27 New Unfold3D video Tutorial

DIY 3D Printing at Home with MakerBot If you’ve ever dabbled in 3d modeling, creating a design from nothing is an outstanding feeling. If only you could somehow export it to the real world…but 3D printers cost thousands of dollars, right? Wrong! While most high end 3d printers will set you back a few grand, you can pick up a MakerBot for DIY 3d printing at home for just $750. Store > modo MODO 701 Individual License MODO is the unique, artist-friendly 3D software that combines modeling, painting, animation and rendering in a fused workflow for designers and artists working in the areas of industrial design, architectural visualization, package design, game development, film and broadcast, education and scientific studies. When you buy a MODO 701 Individual License, you can use it on Windows, OSX and Linux as we license the software to you, not your computer. Buy MODO 701 Individual License Upgrade to MODO 701 Want the latest version of MODO?

Every Citizen Has a Life in the New 'SimCity' In 1999, Ocean Quigley had a dream. While working on SimCity 4, the 15-year veteran of EA-Maxis pondered the difficulty of creating "real" people living inside the simulated city — "real" meaning they would be fully programmed to react with each minutiae of the environment. "We kind of nurtured these visions of what it'd be like to create a city with that level of fidelity and truth to it," says Quigley, the creative director for the current SimCity project. The game takes customization down to a minute level: Each person living in your city will be simulated by the game's engine. "Before, SimCity used to be like paint programs with sprites, but now we are taking all the things that make a city tick and embedding them inside the buildings and on the roads," says Quigley.

: : Ultimaker Shop - Ultimaker 3D printer kit : : Details Usually ships with a 20 working day lead time. Build this machine and make your ideas come to life right on your desktop. The complete Ultimaker bundle includes everything you need to build your machine and to start printing. Features The C-Level Job for Everyone: Reducing Complexity - Ron Ashkenas by Ron Ashkenas | 1:05 PM February 28, 2011 The ideas discussed in this post (along with those from the book Simply Effective) were also covered in a webinar which took place on Wednesday, March 2, 2011, at 12:00PM ET. You can view the webinar by clicking here. Managing complexity has always been part of the leader’s job — be it sorting out the variables involved in strategic decisions, orchestrating the interaction of different functions, or responding to unanticipated events. But today, coping with complexity is an even bigger part of the manager’s responsibilities.

Spatial and Dassault Put 3D CAD on the Cloud. What it All Means. - SolidSmack At the beginning of the year I predicted a move of 3D apps toward the cloud. Anyone could have guessed that though. SolidWorks showed-off the cross-platform possibilities and Autodesk put AutoCAD on the cloud. But, working with 3D geometry via the web hasn’t been seen… till this past week. Deelip Menezes broke the news Tuesday morning from the Spatial European Forum. Beautycheck - Home Welcome to the 'beautycheck' homepage! If you take a look at the picture to the left, you will quite certainly think that this is a very beautiful face. But what makes you be so sure about that? Finding answers to why we regard one face as being more beautiful than another is actually not as easy as it seems. Nevertheless, at least in the case of the above photograph, it's not a big surprise that you think this is an attractive face.

An Open Source Laser Sintering 3D Printer Additive rapid prototyping in plastic materials is becoming quite accessible to home and hobby users. If you’re a hobbyist on a typical budget wanting to rapid prototype in metal, however, you’re limited to subtractive methods, i.e. CNC machine tools like mills and lathes, and even those are not exactly “cheap.” i love sketch Seok-Hyung Bae, Ravin Balakrishnan, and Karan Singh are about to present “ILoveSketch: As-natural-as-possible sketching system for creating 3D curve models,” ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology 2008 (Monterey, CA, USA, October 19-22, 2008) ILOVESKETCH is a 3D curve sketching system that captures some of the affordances of pen and paper for professional designers, allowing them to iterate directly on concept 3D curve models. The system coherently integrates existing techniques of sketch-based interaction with a number of novel and enhanced features.

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