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Alibre - Affordable 3D CAD Software, CAM, Rendering, and Document Management Software

Alibre - Affordable 3D CAD Software, CAM, Rendering, and Document Management Software

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heekscad - Project Hosting on Google Code There is a fork of HeeksCAD at However, I have been working on this Google Code version quite a lot, recently. I have gone back to my older undo code and HeeksCAD is now quicker and easier for me to understand. Plant Simulation Product Overview In times of increasing cost and time pressures in production, along with ongoing globalization, logistics is a key factor in the success of a company. Money can be lost daily through inefficient schedules, local instead of global optimization, inefficient resource allocation, and poor productivity. The need to deliver just-in-time (JIT) or just-in-sequence (JIS), introduce Kanban, plan and build new production lines, and manage global production networks requires objective decision criteria to help management evaluate and compare alternative approaches.

FORM 1: An affordable, professional 3D printer by Formlabs Are you frustrated that low-end 3D printers don’t have the quality to make the true beauty of your designs real? Do you dream of having the power and resolution of a truly professional machine on your desktop? We’ve created an easy-to-use system that rivals the output of high-end printers at a fraction of the cost. Our reason for starting this project is simple: there are no low-cost 3D printers that meet the quality standards of the professional designer. As researchers at the MIT Media Lab, we were lucky to experience the best and most expensive fabrication equipment in the world. But, we became frustrated by the fact that all the professional-quality 3D printers were ridiculously expensive (read: tens of thousands of dollars) and were so complex to use.

10 Free and useful computer-aided design software computer-aided design (CAD) is a combination of computer programs and systems that allow engineers and architects to design detailed two- or three-dimensional models of physical objects, such as mechanical parts, buildings, and molecules. It specially used to design curves and figures in two-dimensional (“2D”) space; or curves, surfaces, and solids in three-dimensional (“3D”) objects. There are so many “free” CAD programs out there but only a handful are either really free or useful. Here is 10 Free and useful computer-aided design software. Software and services for reservoir and flow assurance - SPT Group Internet Notice: Subsequent to the acquisition by Schlumberger, all information related to SPT Group products and services can be found on the Schlumberger Web site. Products OLGA | OLGA Online | Drillbench | MEPO | OLGAS | PIPEFLO | WELLFLO | FORGAS

UNFOLD3D the best and fastest UV mapping generator / on-the-fly unwrapper 2014/03/21 Unfold3D Core inside Maya 2015 Unfold3D plugin is now included in standard into Maya 2015 and Maya LT. The plug in contains the two main features of the standalone : Unfold and Optimize. 2013/09/27 New Unfold3D video Tutorial

Home 2014 New Features Course 6th May announced as first date for the 2014 New Features course - A new training course for existing Tas users demonstrating recently-added features, including the upcoming 2013 Building Regulations Studio. More information, click here. Store > modo MODO 701 Individual License MODO is the unique, artist-friendly 3D software that combines modeling, painting, animation and rendering in a fused workflow for designers and artists working in the areas of industrial design, architectural visualization, package design, game development, film and broadcast, education and scientific studies. When you buy a MODO 701 Individual License, you can use it on Windows, OSX and Linux as we license the software to you, not your computer. Buy MODO 701 Individual License Upgrade to MODO 701 Want the latest version of MODO?

jEPlus+EA [Advanced Design + OPTimisation] For anyone who wants to find the best solution of a problem, the very first approach comes to mind is testing all possible options, i.e. using brute-force search (or exhaustive search). Parametric study and full factorial design are also used to refer to this approach. Although “the best” solution is guaranteed, there is a catch with brute-force search, cost. The above example has 20 design variables, each has a handful of options. As a result, the total design space is over one trillion! Assuming each simulation takes only 1 minute, to complete a brute-force search on the IESD's 256-core cluster will take 7,600 years.

Spatial and Dassault Put 3D CAD on the Cloud. What it All Means. - SolidSmack At the beginning of the year I predicted a move of 3D apps toward the cloud. Anyone could have guessed that though. SolidWorks showed-off the cross-platform possibilities and Autodesk put AutoCAD on the cloud. But, working with 3D geometry via the web hasn’t been seen… till this past week. Deelip Menezes broke the news Tuesday morning from the Spatial European Forum.