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Free eDrawings Viewer for SolidWorks, DWG and DXF files

Free eDrawings Viewer for SolidWorks, DWG and DXF files
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10 Free and useful computer-aided design software computer-aided design (CAD) is a combination of computer programs and systems that allow engineers and architects to design detailed two- or three-dimensional models of physical objects, such as mechanical parts, buildings, and molecules. It specially used to design curves and figures in two-dimensional (“2D”) space; or curves, surfaces, and solids in three-dimensional (“3D”) objects. There are so many “free” CAD programs out there but only a handful are either really free or useful. Here is 10 Free and useful computer-aided design software. Archimedes Archimedes is an open source Computer aided design (CAD) software that mainly focus on architectural design. Features : Basic drawing tools like; Lines, Polylines, Arcs,Circles,Editable Text,Explode and Offset. Advanced CAD functions like; Trimming, Filleting and Area measurement. Hand drawing easily exported in scalable vector graphics (SVG) format Auto save functionality English, Portuguese, and Italian language support Website: Archimedes

COLLADA - Digital Asset Exchange Schema for Interactive 3D COLLADA™ defines an XML-based schema to make it easy to transport 3D assets between applications - enabling diverse 3D authoring and content processing tools to be combined into a production pipeline. The intermediate language provides comprehensive encoding of visual scenes including: geometry, shaders and effects, physics, animation, kinematics, and even multiple version representations of the same asset.COLLADA FX enables leading 3D authoring tools to work effectively together to create shader and effects applications and assets to be authored and packaged using OpenGL® Shading Language, Cg, CgFX, and DirectX® FX. COLLADA at a glance COLLADA defines an XML Namespace and database schema to make it easy to transport 3D assets between applications without loss of information, enabling diverse 3D authoring and processing tools to be combined into a content production pipeline. COLLADA Community COLLADA enables content creation pipelines What's New in COLLADA 1.5? Core Feature Enhancements

Home - Art of Illusion Wings 3D heekscad - Project Hosting on Google Code There is a fork of HeeksCAD at However, I have been working on this Google Code version quite a lot, recently. I have gone back to my older undo code and HeeksCAD is now quicker and easier for me to understand. I have removed constraints. HeeksCAD is not a parametric CAD system. HeeksCAD is an open source, CAD application written by me, Dan Heeks, Functionality: Import solid models from STEP and IGES files. See here for instruction how to use HeeksCAD. The solid modeling is provided by Open CASCADE. HeeksCAD can be translated into any language. HeeksCAD has been built for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, and OpenSUSE. see the Wiki tab for details There are packages for Ubuntu here. It is possible to make Add-In modules, see HeeksCNC, HeeksArt, and HeeksPython projects. License: New BSD License.

Web-Based CAD | No architectural or drafting background needed for NetRequest’s CAD use. Imagine the possibilities of viewing, sharing, drawing and modifying your CAD drawings on-line. No more mailing or emailing drawing files back and forth or remembering which file is most current with the actual changes. Keeping a building’s drawings up-to-date has always been time consuming, difficult and expensive; especially if you have to out-source the work that needs to be done. NetRequest™ makes it easy and quick to keep your drawings current and you don’t need a CAD background either. Included in NetRequest™ is the power of a built-in SQL database. Watch the short video above to see how simple and quickly a two room addition can be added to a building.

Login | Daystar Welcome to Daystar Structural engineering sofware that is cloud based and accessible from any computer using Windows, Macintosh OS/X or Linux. A new approach to structural engineering software Nothing to download. Nothing to install. Nothing to update. Full featured software Each design module is as full featured as our competitors stand alone software. Freedom to work anywhere We all use multiple computers. Always the latest version You never have to check to see if you have the latest version. No licensing issues Use the software on any computer at anytime -- usage is not tied to a particular computer or network. Try it now Try our fully working demo using the following User Name and Password. User Name: demo Password: demo About Daystar Software Daystar Software has been developing quality civil and structural engineering software solutions since 1984.

About Formfinder is a design software that is as easy to operate as a sheet of paper and a pencil.Formfinder assists architects and project planners in the design, planning and cost-effectiveness assessment for the implementation of tensile membrane structures. Tensile membrane structures are made of flexible non-rigid materials ranging from, for instance, a simple awning to "textile façades" and the roofing over sports stadiums. The Formfinder software generates a productive dialogue between the client, the architect, the structural planner and the manufacturer of the materials used. Formfinder Light free through support of our sponsors.Formfinder Professional under licence. Formfinder Light and Formfinder Professional are the property of Robert Roithmayr, and represent an independent platform for the encouragement for architectural high quality membrane constructions.

insight3d - opensource image based 3d modeling software Sculptris