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Focus as an artist on pure creativity Enter Sculptris, a fun and engaging way to start off your digital sculpting journey! If you're new to the world of digital sculpting, Sculptris is the ideal ground on which to get started. If on the other hand you're experienced in CG, we offer you ZBrush. With our award-winning software, ZBrush, released more than a decade ago, Pixologic, makers of ZBrush and Sculptris, has become recognized for bringing ground-breaking innovations into the world of digital art. Sculptris Artist: Taron Baysal

Poser - Complete 3D figure Design and Animation Take a Video Tour of Poser Fitting Room to convert your existing clothing and props to fit any figure* Comic Book Preview Mode for color and B&W cartoon illustration and animation Pixar Subdivision Surfaces for fast and efficient scene building Bullet Physics for Soft Body Dynamics, Rigid Body and Hair Morph Brush now supports Sag, Tighten and Loosen so clothing works better Magnets and Deformers with Weight Maps for the ultimate precision *Poser Pro 2014 Feature Buy Now map of visitor locations - zoom map Statistics updated 13 Apr 2014@08:10GMT: 17,584 visits [?]Count is updated every 24 hours, but map updates are deliberately different, as explained in Notes and FAQ. Total since 10 Jul 2009: 1,350,613. Previous 24hrs: 955.

Licensing There is a single download for both Standard and Enterprise editions of VisualSVN Server. Download and install this united package and then upgrade to Enterprise Edition by entering a license key. In order to obtain a license key for VisualSVN Server Enterprise Edition you can either purchase a license or request a free evaluation. Existing VisualSVN Server Standard Edition instance can be switched to Enterprise Edition by entering a license key. There is no need to uninstall the existing server and the upgrade can be performed on the fly. First of all, we are going to distribute and support Standard Edition for free without any limitations.

65 Open Source Apps That Replace Popular Education Software: Page 3 33. gnuplot Replaces Visual Math, Mathematica If you're comfortable working from the command line, you can use gnuplot to create 2D and 3D graphs of mathematical functions. Extensive help is available on the website, and there's even a book on Gnuplot that you can buy. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X, and others. 34.

GTBS - v1.5.1.4 (A FFT styled tactical battle system) updated 5/19/2010 - Creation Asylum Looking for GTBSv2 for Ace? Click here! GubiD's Tactical Battle SystemVersion: 1.5.2By: GubiD Introduction This is a Tactical RPG based battle system that most resembles Final Fantasy Tactics. SQL Express - Downloads Things you can do Build web and mobile applications for multiple data types Support structured and unstructured data while storing business data with native support for relational data, XML, and spatial data. Add geographical information to business applications and build location-aware applications. Increase granularity of temporal data with date and time data types. Easily manage SQL Server instances

50 Excellent Adobe After Effects Tutorials - Noupe Design Blog Jan 07 2010 This post presents a round-up of Adobe After Effects Tutorials for your visual effects and motion graphics-related work. After Effects is getting popular as the industry of Computer Graphics and Digital Motion is growing. With After Effects, you have choice to generate dynamic and expressive motion graphics with truly stunning visual effects — very easily and quickly. So here is the list of Adobe After Effects Tutorials. SQL Server 2008 R2 Capabilities Breakthrough, in-memory performance With SQL Server 2014, new in-memory capabilities for transaction processing and enhancements for data warehousing complement our existing technologies for data warehousing and analytics.

Licensing Valve Technology From Valve Developer Community Valve's Source engine technology--the same used to power Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal--is available for license to any game developer. Source is widely recognized as the most flexible, comprehensive, and powerful game development environment available. Source combines leading-edge character animation, advanced AI, real-world physics, shader-based rendering, and a highly extensible development environment to produce some of the most popular computer and console games. Vitamins, Vitamin Table Deutsch: Gesundheits- und Fitnessrechner Here you can calculate the following informations on health and fitness topics:BMI | Ideal weight | Calorie consumption | Liquid consumption | Walking Index | Nutrition values | Vitamin table | Basic conversion | Body fat (adipose) rate | Optimal training pulse and heart rate | Protein requirement | Fat requirement | Nutrition value need | WHR - Waist to hip ratio | Drink reminder Vitamins Here you can find a detailed table of the most important vitamins. Indicated is in which food it is most, the effectiveness, what happens at deficiency and overdosing, the daily need, who has an advanced need and the qualities of the vitamins. Convert length units and weight units. © Webprojects | Imprint & Privacy No responsibility is taken for the correctness of these informations.

Logiciel d'un usage très intuitif, il est a la portée de tous,aucune connaissance n'est requise pour créer des objets organiques au format obj.Son genial concepteur est passé dans l'equipe de zbrush by philpollux Aug 1