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Grasshopper code

Grasshopper code
. a collection of codes & grammars for Grasshopper, a generative modeling tool for Rhinoceros. Clusterizer This definition groups indexes of connected points into separate clusters. It requires Sandbox & Anemone plugins. Spirograph This definition simulates a spirograph tool. 3D Differential mesh relaxation This definition explores the 3D relaxation of a mesh effected by an image gradient. 2.5D Differential mesh relaxation This definition explores the 2.5D relaxation of a 3D mesh by a system of attractor points forces. Vorospace This definition creates a mesh model of all the connections between the centers of the 3D voronoi cells and the adjacent cells. 2D Differential mesh relaxation This definition explores the 2D relaxation of a mesh by a system of acctractor points forces. 3D Hexagonal Weaving

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Code of Space The current events and Grasshopper workshops you could find in PARAMETRIC EVENTS. Python General/basics: Python in Rhino/Grasshopper: Autodesk DYNAMO – add-on for Building Information Modeling in Revit: Question: Apply Custom Pattern Hi Rajaa, hi everyone, I am new to Paneling Tools. I am trying to get my head around how to apply custom shapes using the "Morph 2D" component. Specifically, i try to apply a hexagon pattern and here it starts to get tricky. In non-GH-Panelling Tools: I see in rajaa's turorial ( starting from 13:20) how it's done in non-GH-Panelling Tools.

architecture These are a series of experiments, in which the designer try to use parametric and digital method to realize these interesting optical illusion effects and generate 3d geometry or space rather than just 2d painting. Continue reading The design task of this project was to design a multifunctional theatre inside an old gasholder in the Hague the Netherlands.

Costa Minimal Surface Force Density (Using the Mesh Vertex Repel command) Grasshopper Definition This definition calls on the ggForceDensity Relax functionality to compute a minimal surface discovered by Costa. This command doesn't compute minimal surfaces for all mesh, but at least seems to give a reasonable impression for Costa Minimal Surface. This is a quick demonstration of it.Grasshopper DefinitionRhino Model with input points Algorithmic design Still wondering what those battery things are in Grasshopper? In recent years, algorithmic and parametric design processes have become a mainstream part of the design process. There are many great resources out there today that engage this broad topic in different ways.

New tutorial - Developable strips - Part 3 Following on from parts 1 & 2 Once we have relaxed our mesh, and stopped the timer, we can click the Data Dam to pass the result to the next part of the definition: The Stripper* component breaks the mesh into long strips 1 quad wide. *I did make an alternative icon for this, but opted for the tamer one in the end ;) The Unroller component goes along the strip face by face, rotating it into a single plane. LunchBox LunchBox is a plug-in for Grasshopper for exploring mathematical shapes, paneling, structures, and workflow. The plug-in includes tools for: The latest release of LunchBox is built against Grasshopper 0.90014 and Rhino 5.0 (I am no longer testing with Rhino 4.0) Generate: Components for cool generative geometry. Math: Create parametric surfaces and forms such as the Mobius, Klein, or 3D Supershape Panels: Create paneling systems such as quad grids, diamonds, or triangles.

Fibre Composite Adaptive Systems Designed by Maria Mingallon, Sakthivel Ramaswamy, Konstantinos Karatzas Fibre composite adaptive systems is a research project which emulates self-organisation processes in nature by developing a fibre composite that can sense, actuate and hence efficiently adapt to changing environmental conditions. Fibre composites which are anisotropic and heterogeneous offer the possibility for local variations in their material properties. Embedded fibre optics would be used to sense multiple parameters and shape memory alloys integrated in a fibre composite material for actuation. The definition of the geometry, both locally and globally would complement the adaptive functions and hence the system would display ’Integrated Functionality’. ‘Thigmo-morphogenesis’ refers to the changes in shape, structure and material properties of biological organisms that are produced in response to transient changes in environmental conditions.

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