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Volume/Surface Area

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File Cabinet - Act 1. Before giving students the actual dimensions, have them make estimates.

File Cabinet - Act 1

Use Mr. Stadel's height as a comparison. Use the link to to find out Mr. Stadel's height. I've included enough pictures to unveil the dimensions separately or all at the same time (the "depth" pic has all three). Students might ask if Mr. When students are solving, encourage multiple representations in Act 2. Upon completing Act 2 (early finishers) challenge students to: Meatballs. Finals Week. By Dan Meyer prologue.

Finals Week

Meatballs. Promenadesofeuclid.jpg 608×768 pixels. Volume of a Sphere, How to get the formula animation. Sphere. Area[edit] The surface area of a sphere is: Archimedes first derived this formula[citation needed] from the fact that the projection to the lateral surface of a circumscribed cylinder (i.e. the Lambert cylindrical equal-area projection) is area-preserving; it equals the derivative of the formula for the volume with respect to r because the total volume inside a sphere of radius r can be thought of as the summation of the surface area of an infinite number of spherical shells of infinitesimal thickness concentrically stacked inside one another from radius 0 to radius r.


At infinitesimal thickness the discrepancy between the inner and outer surface area of any given shell is infinitesimal, and the elemental volume at radius r is simply the product of the surface area at radius r and the infinitesimal thickness. At any given radius r, the incremental volume (δV) equals the product of the surface area at radius r (A(r)) and the thickness of a shell (δr): Substitute V: Jumbo-giant.jpg (337×319) Jumbo Giant Gumball Machine. 850 Count Vending Gumballs. Gumball wall.jpg. Dollar Wall. Leaky Faucet. By Dan Meyer prologue 6.RP.3 MP.4 download act one 1.

Leaky Faucet

How long will it take the sink to fill up? Act two 4. Act three video — the sink fills up sequel. World's Largest Hot Coffee. Prologue act one 1.

World's Largest Hot Coffee

The Gourmet Gift Baskets team wants to break the record for the biggest coffee cup. Will that cup be enough to break it? How many gallons of coffee do you think will fit inside? Water Tank. 4" x 24" Cylinder Glass Vase - Case of 6 - Wholesale Event Solutions. 12" x 4" Cylinder Glass Vase - Case of 4 - Wholesale Event Solutions.

High quality glass Open: 12".

12" x 4" Cylinder Glass Vase - Case of 4 - Wholesale Event Solutions

Height: 4". Case Pack: 4 pcs/case Every table in your venue should feel like a little piece of paradise. That means your décor choice must be perfect to give guests the setting they desire. Our cylinder vases are an easy way to begin building a gorgeous centerpiece while staying within your budget. This piece stands out because it features a lower height and wider shape so it feels more like a reflecting pool than a tall cylinder. Our 12" by 4" model includes a one case order minimum with four pieces per case. Growing Dinosaurs, Growing Dinos in Water, 12 Dinosaurs. Grow Dino Grow. Net of a Cube. Juice Box Geometry. Key concepts Mathematics Geometry Psychology Introduction Juice boxes sure are convenient—just poke a straw in and sip away!

Juice Box Geometry

But have you ever noticed that some juice boxes don't seem to have as much juice as others, even when they have a lot of packaging? You might be amazed how much thought goes into designing a juice box. Each manufacturer has carefully calculated how big each side of the box needs to be to hold a certain amount of juice inside and how altering the box's dimensions affects its overall appearance and packaging. Investigating the geometry of juice boxes can reveal how some have more efficient packaging than others. Background Geometry uses math to describe and investigate different points, lines and shapes. A rectangular box, such as a juice box or cereal box, is called a rectangular prism in geometry-speak.

Materials • Metric ruler • Juice boxes, five or more different brands (one box per brand) • Calculator • Paper • Pen or pencil. You Pour, I Choose. Prologue act one 1.

You Pour, I Choose

Guess which glass contains more soda. 2. A can of Coca-Cola contains 12 ounces. Guess how much soda is in each glass right now. Act two. Pyramid of Pennies. Super-Bear.