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Relaxation et sommeil en bibliothèque

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8 nouveaux cours de YOGA avec Jennifer GIBBS pour enfants et ados. 1er cours le 9 mai — Wake Forest U. creates room for napping in campus library. Napping students -- exhausted by long nights of studying for exams or writing term papers -- are common in campus libraries. But at Wake Forest University's Z. Smith Reynolds Library, sleeping students can now be found resting in comfortable recliners, instead of snoring into open textbooks. Last month, the library unveiled a technology-free relaxation area called the "ZieSta Room. " The room -- which originated as a proposal from a group of students -- encourages students to turn off their electronics, put away their books, and take a quick study break, even if that means falling asleep.

As the area is open 24 hours a day and has no lights, napping is expected and encouraged, said Susan Smith, the library's associate dean. “Our building isn't really that close to the dorms, and we were hearing from students that whenever they would leave to go rest, they usually didn't make it back to the library," Smith said. “We try not to give them too much information too fast,” Isler said. Bangkok University's BU Lounge | We Heart; Lifestyle & Design Magazine. Part library, part relaxation room, a whole lot of fun.

This two-storey student village located beneath the University’s new Landmark compound is something to make the modern student get out of bed with a jolt like a faulty electric blanket. Supermachine Studio, the facility’s designers, has opened the doors on the shape of things to come. Upstairs is upbeat. Karaoke hut. Music rehearsal room. Downstairs? If student recreation areas had been like this in my day, I may not have made it to lectures at all… Photography; Wison Tungthunya. Napping Around: Colleges Provide Campus Snooze Rooms | TIME. The Coolest Real World Nap Rooms - The Coolest Real-World Nap Rooms | Shape Magazine. Google has them. So does the University of Michigan. Nap rooms are springing up in the nation’s top businesses and best colleges. Why? Lots of research suggests a little shuteye beats coffee or a 5-Hour Energy if you’re hitting the books or putting in long hours on the job. In fact, a recent study from China found a daytime nap has the power to replenish “higher order cognitive functions” like problem solving, strategizing, and task vigilance.

Research from the University of California, Riverside suggests a quick 15 to 20 minute “power nap” is all you need to recharge your mental batteries and fend off the sandman for a few more hours. Here, some of the coolest, most progressive nap rooms. RELATED: 13 Expert-Approved Sleep Tips Scattered throughout the Internet behemoth’s Mountain View, CA headquarters, these futuristic-looking “nap pods” provide workers shelter from external light and sound, as well as access to a built-in Bose music system. RELATED: 25 Work Perks You Didn't Know Existed. Revive the Sleep Deprived | at JMU. Nap time for university students. Pulling an all-nighter, waking up post-daylight and turning up to lectures on two hours sleep with serious hangover shakes are all accepted parts of the majority student experience. But is lack of sleep damaging students’ mental and physical health?

Should more unis be accommodating sleepy students? According to Dr Andrew Mayers, a psychologist and sleep expert at Bournemouth University, sleep deprivation is a student health hazard. He told The Telegraph: “Poor and/or irregular sleep can affect students in a number of ways including poorer attention, concentration and lower assessment grades. "They are more likely to have accidents, become more irritable with friends and family, and are more susceptible to physical illness. While cramming into the early hours of the morning, riding the wave of caffeine, and fear of not making forty per cent may feel inevitable, lack of sleep is likely to cost you marks. Seven tips from our experts on being sleep savvy (but still having a life): ZZZen - Bar à sieste | Accueil. UEA becomes the first university to provide a room for taking a nap.

UEA students can now have a break in the student union Nap Nook which is thought to be the first UK designated student napping center in a university setting. Picture by SIMON FINLAY. Sophie Biddle Wednesday, February 4, 2015 9:15 AM Students have long had a reputation for spending their hours tucked up in bed. Dr Neil Stanley, sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley, Independent Sleep Expert, said the ‘Nap Nook’ was a good idea for hard-working students. He said: “From a simple point a view it’s a good idea.

“If the students are needing the nap room because they are working hard then I am 100pc for that.” Dr Stanley added that part of the problem may be the UK’s attitude toward sleeping. He said that people who started snoring at their desks on their breaks would be considered rude. And he added Japanese people engage in the tradition of inemuri, or napping on the job. The so-called ‘Nap Nook’ is an idea based on a facility which opened at James Madison University in the US. 8 comments. Ben's Adventures In Australia: UNSW Campus. A la bibliothèque Toussaint, on pique une petite sieste sonore.

Quatre-vingts auditeurs allongés les yeux fermés sur des transats ou d'énormes poufs blancs, lumières tamisées... La scène se passe samedi à la bibliothèque Toussaint à l'occasion d'une sieste sonore. Au milieu des livres, le duo Simon B et Jérôme Leclair distille sa musique électronique. Jérôme « spacialise » les sons développés par Simon, grâce à des enceintes réparties un peu partout. Electro aux sons de la nature, manifeste signé de l'écrivain américain Thoreau sur la désobéissance civile et le rapport de l'homme à la nature, bruits de vagues, de forêts profondes, de chant d'oiseaux... Le concert était organisé dans le cadre de la semaine nationale du son.

Fin de l’hiver rime avec sieste littéraire à la bibliothèque Pompidou.