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The "Flying Bum" Will Be the World's Largest Aircraft. Sure, the Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander 10 could be called “thicc.”

The "Flying Bum" Will Be the World's Largest Aircraft

But the voluptuous airship could be the beginning of zero-carbon aviation. The Airlander 10, set to debut in 2025 by HAV and recently earning a “Flying Bum” nickname online, is a customizable, low-emission commercial aircraft that can stay airborne for up to five days. Its four combustion engines will reportedly deliver up to 75% reduction in emissions over comparable aircraft, though a hybrid-electric configuration may push that up to 90%. As currently configured, the airship will be able to ferry up to 100 passengers, who will have access to panoramic windows and a much quieter trip.

While the flights will be much slower than taking a plane, the Airlanders will be able to take off and land on their own level spaces, meaning you may not have to brave a traditional airport to get on one. List of surviving Republic P-47 Thunderbolts. Wikipedia list article Republic P-47D-40-RA Thunderbolt 45-49192 presented as P-47D-25-RE 42-26671 'No Guts-No Glory' (MX-X) of the 82nd Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group, nicknamed "No Guts-No Glory!

List of surviving Republic P-47 Thunderbolts

", while flying for Claire Aviation in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt is an American fighter aircraft. From the first prototype produced in 1941, 15,686 P-47s were produced, the last of which was accepted by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) from Republic Aviation' Evansville, Indiana factory. Background[edit] Student Pilot Loses Engine but Stays Calm and Makes Amazing Emergency Landing » TwistedSifter. TwistedSifter The Best of the visual Web, sifted, sorted and summarized Jul 19, 2021 Student Pilot Loses Engine but Stays Calm and Makes Amazing Emergency Landing On a training flight, student pilot Brian Parsley loses his engine but remains calm; making a flawless emergency landing in a nearby field.

Student Pilot Loses Engine but Stays Calm and Makes Amazing Emergency Landing » TwistedSifter

6 Fighter Jets You Can Buy for Less Than the Price of a Supercar. Provided by Courtesy Aircraft Jared Isaacman hit the headlines last year when he bought the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s treasured 1989 Cold War MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter jet.

6 Fighter Jets You Can Buy for Less Than the Price of a Supercar

Isaacman, who made a fortune with his credit-card processing company, is just 38. No one knows how much the accomplished pilot paid for the MiG, but right now there are five for sale on in the US, ranging in price from $2.5 million—less than the sticker on a Bugatti Chiron supercar—to $4.65 million for a fully certified, fully flying 1986 model.

“There’s nothing like the thrill of flying any military jet. If you have the experience and the money, the investment is worth every cent,” says Steve Hinton, president of the Chino, Calif. Yahoo fait désormais partie de Verizon Media. Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media.

Yahoo fait désormais partie de Verizon Media

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Pilot stays with his flaming Harrier jet while it skids on its bombs in Afghanistan

From the Royal Air Force to the US Marine Corps, the Harrier has been a mainstay since the Cold War, and was never really “user-friendly” or forgiving to the inexperienced. As such, the pilots of Harriers are often selected for their aptitude, ability to make quick decisions, and coolness under pressure. Such was the case in 2009, when a pair Royal Air Force Harrier GR.9 jump-jet fighters returned from a mission in Afghanistan, still laden down with bombs they did not drop during their mission.

Approaching Kandahar, one plane received a missile alert warning while on approach. Jetoptera VTOL aircraft design features "bladeless fans on steroids" One thing nearly all air taxi concepts share in common is fast-spinning propellers or ducted fans somewhere outside the aircraft's fuselage, pushing air to develop thrust whichever way they're pointed.

Jetoptera VTOL aircraft design features "bladeless fans on steroids"

Not this one out of Seattle, though. Jetoptera's J-2000 concept is a remarkably different take on the VTOL inter-city aircraft, designed to make use of the company's own unique propulsion system. Much like the bladeless fans popularized by Dyson, there are no spinning blades to be seen on Jetoptera's "fluidic propulsion systems (FPS). " Mind you, as with the Dyson, there are most certainly spinning blades elsewhere in the system. Both devices rely on fluid dynamics to take a relatively small flow of compressed air, and use it to suck a much greater volume of ambient air through at speed. Focke-Wulf Fw 189 Uhu. The Focke-Wulf Fw 189 Uhu ("Eagle Owl") is a German twin-engine, twin-boom, three-seat tactical reconnaissance and army cooperation aircraft.

Focke-Wulf Fw 189 Uhu

It first flew in 1938 (Fw 189 V1), entered service in 1940 and was produced until mid-1944. Design and development[edit] The Fw 189 was produced in large numbers, at the Focke-Wulf factory in Bremen, at the Bordeaux-Merignac aircraft factory (Avions Marcel Bloch's factory, which became Dassault Aviation after the war) in occupied France, then in the Aero Vodochody aircraft factory in Prague, occupied Czechoslovakia. Total production was 864 aircraft of all variants. Operational history[edit] The Cirrus G2 Vision Is the World’s Most Popular Jet for a Second Year. As broadly expected with the global pandemic, the 2,399 airplanes delivered around the world in 2020 fell short of 2019’s output of 2,658 by almost 10 percent, according to a recent report by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

The Cirrus G2 Vision Is the World’s Most Popular Jet for a Second Year

Secret Speed Racer Aircraft: Mysterious Drone Details, Testing. Smith Collection/GadoGetty Images Lockheed Martin will soon begin ground testing a secret new aircraft.The aircraft, known as Speed Racer, is an uncrewed aerial vehicle of unknown purpose.Lockheed designed and developed the aircraft using a process called digital engineering.

Secret Speed Racer Aircraft: Mysterious Drone Details, Testing

Lockheed Martin’s famous “Skunk Works” division will soon begin testing a secret new aircraft, according to Aviation Week. Lockheed designed the uncrewed vehicle, nicknamed “Speed Racer,” using an all-new digital engineering process known as StarDrive. The aircraft’s mission—if it even has one, other than validating the StarDrive process—is still a total mystery. The P-47 may not have been the sexiest American plane of World War II, but it was certainly the toughest. On the morning of June 26,1943, forty-eight P-47 Thunderbolts took off from from their base of operations in Eastern England. Slated to escort returning bombers heading away from occupied France, Lieutenant Robert S Johnson was doing his best to stay with the formation, being both a novice pilot and one with a tendency to do his own thing. Before arriving at the rendezvous point, the “T-bolts” were intercepted by 16 Fw 190s, striking from above with a hail of machine gun and cannon fire.

Scattering to avoid being ripped up by the initial ambush, many of the Thunderbolt pilots found themselves isolated from their comrades. Aircraft were flying in every direction, the roar of radial engines deafened by cannon fire and tracers streaking every which way. Before Johnson could even communicate with his flight, he was hit. 20mm cannon shells ripped through his plane, smashing the canopy and ripping holes through various parts of his plane. Unfortunately, it was far from over. Dassault Introduces Ultrawide-Body Falcon 6X Jet. The pegasus vertical business jet blends jet performance with helicopter convenience. Why the F-14 Tomcat Is Such a Badass Plane. August 1981 opened with a massive show of American force in the Mediterranean Sea, just north of Libya.

Two of America’s super-carriers, the USS Forrestal and the class’ namesake, USS Nimitz, had entered into what Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi had illegally declared his nation’s territorial waters. America’s carriers were there to oppose that declaration, and for days, fighters from both countries danced in an airborne extension of diplomatic tensions until two U.S. fighters entered into a deadly dogfight. "The left side of the lead Libyan aircraft lit up with a big flame as the missile motor ignited," recounted Lieutenant Larry "Music" Muczynski, one of the two F-14 pilots.

That missile banked up, missing both planes and giving the American fighters all the impetus they needed to see what the Navy’s newest air superiority fighter could do. "He fired an AIM-9L off of station 1A (left glove pylon, shoulder station)," Music said of his fellow airman's first shot. HistoricalGetty Images U.S. F-22 Raptor Videos: Watch This F-22 Fly Insane Maneuvers in 4K. The U.S. Air Force’s Raptor Demo Team shows off flight maneuvers in an impressive new video.The clip demonstrates the ultra-maneuverability of the F-22 Raptor, allowing it to dominate in air-to-air combat.The F-22 was the world’s first fifth-generation fighter jet, and only 187 planes were built.

In a stunning new video, the U.S Air Force Air Combat Command’s F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team shows the fighter jet strutting its stuff in the skies over Alaska. Piloted by team pilot Maj. F-4 Phantom for Sale: Buy a Flyable McDonnell F4H-1F Phantom Jet. The F-4 Phantom was built in 1959 for the U.S. Navy.The aircraft set a new low-altitude speed record, doing 902 miles per hour at 125 feet. The Phantom is the only plane of its kind that is flyable in the civilian world. Now, you can own one for $3.25 million. An ex-U.S. Massive Soviet Ekranoplan Rises From The Caspian Sea. The Ekranoplan is one of the coolest machines designed to demonstrate the technological innovation of the Soviet Union.

Part boat and part airplane, this massive machine kicked ass. And now an Ekranoplan is being pulled from the Caspian Sea in order to be part of a theme park attraction. Here’s a little history for those of you who need to get caught up: Ekranoplans as a general idea weren’t originally intended for military use, but in the Soviet Union, the best way to gain funding was to demonstrate a new technology’s use in battle. Aside from being able to potentially carry nuclear missiles, Ekranoplans had other benefits. Air Force Pilot Lands C-17 With Nose Gear Up. YouTube/Country Living With MD A C-17 transport plane made an emergency landing at an airfield in Afghanistan last week.In video footage, the plane lands with only the rear landing gear down.U.S. military forces in Afghanistan have confirmed the incident took place at Kandahar Airfield.

A U.S. military transport conducted an impressive emergency landing last week at an airfield in Afghanistan. The heavy lift aircraft landed with its nose gear up and tail gear down, resulting in a shower of sparks that was captured from a nearby vehicle. The incident took place on October 18 at Kandahar Airfield in southern Afghanistan. Watch Russia Fly New Fighter Jet with Top Down: Sukhoi Su-57 News. Airbus unveils concept for world's first zero-emission commercial aircraft.

CELERA 500L — OTTO AVIATION. Messerschmitt Me 262. Watch the World's Most Advanced F-15 Execute an Amazing 'Viking Takeoff' A Virtual Demonstration Of Why Pilots Hate Landing At The Georgetown Municipal Airport. How Combat Tree Made the F-4 Phantom II the Deadliest Fighter Over Vietnam in the 1970s – The Tactical Air Network. "Two U.S. TAGC - The Aviation Geek Club. F-104C Vs MiG-19: the story of the only air-to-air shoot-down of a Starfighter during the Vietnam War - The Aviation Geek Club.

Flight dynamics (fixed-wing aircraft) Flight dynamics is the science of air vehicle orientation and control in three dimensions. The three critical flight dynamics parameters are the angles of rotation in three dimensions about the vehicle's center of gravity (cg), known as pitch, roll and yaw. Allies’ WWII fighter engine used to make droid from “The Mandalorian” As the year 2019 draws to a close, one cannot cruise along the internet superhighway without seeing something related to Disney’s The Mandalorian. THE SCOUTING FORCE. WWII Aircraft Performance.

Comparitive Performance of Fighter Aircraft. This is the first article of a series by former O.C. F4 Phantom News, Facts. Why ISIS Built These Mad Max-Style Moving Fortresses. Lessons Learned From 737 MAX Crashes. Romanian Engineers Have Created a Fully Functional Flying Saucer. So, you can Buy an old Soviet Fighter Jet or a Boeing 747 just like a Used Car on the Internet.

The Longest Flight: Watch a WWII Silver Spitfire Fly Around the World - InsideHook. The Air Force's “Spooky” Gunships Have Flown Overseas for the Last Time. This Weird Plane Could Be the Prius of the Skies. Watch 43 Marine Corps Aircraft Take Off Together in an Elephant Walk. Why the DC-3 Is Such a Badass Plane. D-Day 75th Anniversary. Watch Four Air Force Transports Thread Through a Valley. What it takes to keep the B-2 bomber flying. How to build the ‘Mr. Potato Bomb’ for the B-2. Look Inside the Cockpit of a B-2 Bomber for the First Time. Calif. firm builds a jet-powered flying motorcycle. Honda Jet Elite test flight, photos - Business Insider. Capt Zoe SiS Kotnik new leader of Air Force F-16 Viper Demo Team. American Airlines Introduces New Amenity Kits - One Mile at a Time. AC-130W Stinger II Gunship Howitzer Video. For Sale: One MiG-29 Fighter Jet, Gently Used. Super-Rare XP-82 Twin Mustang Flies Again. Watch Fighter Jets Zoom Through 'Star Wars Canyon'

Watch the Newest C-130 Do a Gat Dang Loop. The new luxury airport lounge at San Francisco's airport has a full bar, nap pods, and 492 power outlets — take a look inside. Gizmodo. 5 Creepiest Sounds of War Ever Recorded - Dark5. Stuka (siren sound) 12 Monster Planes That Dominate the Skies. This electric jet can take off vertically and travel almost 190 miles per hour — and it's already being prototyped. Ehang flying taxi shown lifting passengers into the air for the first time. Review: The Brand-new HondaJet Business Jet. NASA's New Plane Design Could Save Fuel and Money. A Florida Company Is Selling Soviet MiG Fighter Jets in Prime Condition. America’s Worst World War II Fighter Was the Star of the Russian Air Force. Watch This F-14 Tomcat Spin Out of Control. U.S. Airman Forced to Belly-Land A-10 Warthog After Canopy Blows, Landing Gear Fails. Economist. Why the DC-3 Is Such a Badass Plane.

Watch an Airbus A400M Make a Near Vertical 'Combat Takeoff' 5 Incredible Jet Stunts That Are Barely Even Possible. This Su-35 Flight Demo Will Make Your Head Explode. Nazi Super Weapon - The Me-262. Watch the F-35 in its first public aerobatic demonstration. Airbus unveils its "Smarter Skies" vision for the future of sustainable aviation. Will drones replace commercial air travel?

James Bond 007 (creative franchise): In Quantum of Solace, during the plane chase scene, what exactly does Bond do to foil the fighter jet. Interview: Aeros CEO Igor Pasternak. Lockheed P-38 Lightning. See F6F Hellcat WW2 Training Film Live Online. See F4U Corsair WW2 Training Film Live Online. See Curtiss P-40 Warhawk WW2 Training Film Live Online. Vought F4U Corsair .mov. Tupolev Tu-160. X-48C Blended Wing Body aircraft flight testing campaign comes to a close.

FAA Report: Spirit Airlines Is The Fucking Worst. Clip-Air project envisages modular aircraft you can board at a railway station. Scary Plane Landing: Pilot Has To Pull Up At Last Minute In Heavy Rain (WATCH) The Race to Build a Better Business Class. U.S. NAVY AIRCRAFT CARRIER LANDING MISHAPS & CRASHES Training Film 9002. Catapulting off a World War 2 Aircraft Carrier - US Navy - 1944. Meet the McDonnell F2H Banshee US Navy Jet Fighter - 1948. US Navy Fighter Tactics with the F2H Banshee - Color 1951. SR-71 Blackbird: How to fly the world's fastest plane. Vought F4U Corsair. Luftwaffe Resource Center - Fighters/Destroyers - A Warbirds Resource Group Site. The WWII-Era Plane Giving the F-35 a Run for Its Money. Russia's Sukhoi Su-34 Fighter Has a Slick and Awesome Cockpit Feature.