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Airbus unveils its "Smarter Skies" vision for the future of sustainable aviation. A new report drafted by Airbus as part of its “Smarter Skies” initiative sees the aircraft manufacturing company looking toward 2050 and beyond, in order to consider what can be done to meet the expected growth in future air travel sustainably.

Airbus unveils its "Smarter Skies" vision for the future of sustainable aviation

The ambitious plans put forward include assisted take-off, free-glide landings, and aircraft flying in formation. View all. Will drones replace commercial air travel? It was a beautiful thing to see, aircraft climbing, wheels up, wings pivoting back, the light, the streaked sky, three of four of us, not a word spoken.

Will drones replace commercial air travel?

We might be tempted to read this epigraph, taken from Don DeLillo’s short story “Hammer and Sickle,” as a testament to the sublimity of human aviation. In fact, this scene is conjured from the perspective of maximum-security prisoners who are on work detail, cleaning up the tarmac of an Air Force base while jet fighters thunder indifferently around them. Like so many of DeLillo’s descriptions of air travel, the ostensibly simple beauty of human flight just barely conceals a hideous underbelly.

Now we can imagine a similar scene wherein the aircraft themselves are “unmanned” or piloted by remote control. They might be drones. Far from being solely the domain of covert government operatives and paramilitary independent contractors, we find ourselves in an era of ubiquitous droning. James Bond 007 (creative franchise): In Quantum of Solace, during the plane chase scene, what exactly does Bond do to foil the fighter jet. Interview: Aeros CEO Igor Pasternak. The Aeroscraft airship, with its minimal fuel consumption, vertical take-off and landing capabilities and point-to-point delivery is promising to revolutionize aviation.

This radical new vehicle platform created by the Aeros Corporation in California is now entering its final stages of development and in this interview the company's founder and CEO, Igor Pasternak, talks to Gizmag about how different the Aeroscraft will be from anything else we have seen before. View all Igor Pasternak, who founded Worldwide Aeros in Ukraine before moving the firm to California in 1994, is confident that the new dirigible Aeroscraft airship will get U.S. Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) approval next year and revolutionize air travel forever. Lockheed P-38 Lightning. The P-38 was used most successfully in the Pacific Theater of Operations and the China-Burma-India Theater of Operations as the mount of America's top aces, Richard Bong (40 victories) and Thomas McGuire (38 victories).

Lockheed P-38 Lightning

In the South West Pacific theater, the P-38 was the primary long-range fighter of United States Army Air Forces until the appearance of large numbers of P-51D Mustangs toward the end of the war.[7][8] The P-38 was unusually quiet for a fighter, the exhaust muffled by the turbo-superchargers. It was extremely forgiving, and could be mishandled in many ways, but the rate of roll in the early versions was too slow for it to excel as a dogfighter.[9] The P-38 was the only American fighter aircraft in production throughout American involvement in the war, from Pearl Harbor to Victory over Japan Day.

Design and development[edit] See F6F Hellcat WW2 Training Film Live Online. See F4U Corsair WW2 Training Film Live Online. "A big, tough, shipboard fighter.

See F4U Corsair WW2 Training Film Live Online

" This was the plane flown by Pappy Boyington's infamous "Black Sheep" VMF-214 squadron and VF-17 - "The Jolly Rogers. " Design of the F4U Corsair started in February, 1938, in response to a US Navy call for a new shipboard monoplane fighter. The USN was expecting a plane designed around the latest 1200 hp Wright Cyclone engine, but two divisions of the United Aircraft Company, Vought-Sikorsky (later Chance -Vought) and Pratt & Witney, teamed up to design a revolutionary new fighter around the new R-2800 radial engine, the most powerful engine in the world, projected to develop over 2,000 hp!

The XF4U prototype flew on May 29, 1940. See Curtiss P-40 Warhawk WW2 Training Film Live Online. Vought F4U Corsair .mov. Tupolev Tu-160. The Tupolev Tu-160 (Russian: Туполев Ту-160, NATO reporting name: Blackjack) is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber designed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the Soviet Union.

Tupolev Tu-160

Although several civil and military transport aircraft are larger in overall dimensions, the Tu-160 is currently the world's largest combat aircraft, largest supersonic aircraft, and largest variable-sweep aircraft built. X-48C Blended Wing Body aircraft flight testing campaign comes to a close. The flight testing campaign of the X-48C Blended Wing Body (BWB, aka Hybrid Wing Body) research aircraft kicked off on August 7, 2012, at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center.

X-48C Blended Wing Body aircraft flight testing campaign comes to a close

Eight months later the campaign has come to a close with the 30th and final flight carried out on April 12. NASA plans to use the data gathered over the campaign to aid in the design of future “green” airliners that are quieter and more fuel-efficient than conventional aircraft, while Boeing is touting the design's potential military applications. View all Unlike flying wing designs such the Stealth Bomber that lack a definitive fuselage, BWB designs have separate wing structures that are smoothly blended into a flattened and airfoil-shaped body. FAA Report: Spirit Airlines Is The Fucking Worst. WASHINGTON—According to a new report released Tuesday by the Federal Aviation Administration, Spirit Airlines, the American low-cost air carrier, is the absolute fucking worst and is actually a giant fucking rip-off.

FAA Report: Spirit Airlines Is The Fucking Worst

The 250-page report, which repeatedly calls the entire airline a goddamn scam, openly questions how in the hell Spirit is still in business if it sucks so fucking bad. In addition, the report confirms that the airplanes suck, the terminals suck, and the seats—which don’t even fucking recline—suck. Nobody with any shred of dignity should ever fly Spirit Airlines, the report states. “The FAA has come to the determination that Spirit Airlines treats its customers like pieces of shit and that everyone should boycott this airline,” the report read in part, adding that there are so many hidden fucking fees that it makes customers want to blow their brains out.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding with this bullshit,” the report added. Clip-Air project envisages modular aircraft you can board at a railway station. Air travel today is a nightmare of long drives to crowded airports, long queues that move at a snail's pace, and long, boring waits in identical lobbies drinking overpriced coffee.

Clip-Air project envisages modular aircraft you can board at a railway station

It would be so much easier and less frustrating if catching a plane were like catching a train. If Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) has its way, its Clip-Air project will one day produce modular aircraft that will allow you to board a plane at a London railway station and disembark in the middle of Rome without ever setting foot in an air terminal. View all. Scary Plane Landing: Pilot Has To Pull Up At Last Minute In Heavy Rain (WATCH)

The Race to Build a Better Business Class. U.S. NAVY AIRCRAFT CARRIER LANDING MISHAPS & CRASHES Training Film 9002. Catapulting off a World War 2 Aircraft Carrier - US Navy - 1944. Meet the McDonnell F2H Banshee US Navy Jet Fighter - 1948. US Navy Fighter Tactics with the F2H Banshee - Color 1951. SR-71 Blackbird: How to fly the world's fastest plane. During the Cold War, the US Air Force operated the world's fastest air-breathing aircraft - the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.

SR-71 Blackbird: How to fly the world's fastest plane

Colonel Rich Graham tells BBC Future what made it so special. It was a plane which flew at the edge of space; so high that most other jet engines would seize because of the lack of air. A plane that flew so fast that its airframe heated and grew during flight. A plane that, if needed, could outrun missiles launched to bring it down. Vought F4U Corsair. The Chance Vought F4U Corsair was an American fighter aircraft that saw service primarily in World War II and the Korean War.

Vought F4U Corsair

Demand for the aircraft soon overwhelmed Vought's manufacturing capability, resulting in production by Goodyear and Brewster: Goodyear-built Corsairs were designated FG and Brewster-built aircraft F3A. From the first prototype delivery to the U.S. Navy in 1940, to final delivery in 1953 to the French, 12,571 F4U Corsairs were manufactured by Vought,[1] in 16 separate models, in the longest production run of any piston-engined fighter in U.S. history (1942–53).[2][3][4] Luftwaffe Resource Center - Fighters/Destroyers - A Warbirds Resource Group Site. The WWII-Era Plane Giving the F-35 a Run for Its Money. On December 5, 2001, an American B-52 flying tens of thousands of feet above the ground mistakenly dropped a 2,000-pound satellite-guided bomb on an Army Special Forces team in Afghanistan.

The aircrew had been fed the wrong coordinates, but had the plane been flying as low and slow as older generations of attack planes did, the crew might’ve realized their error simply by looking down at the ground. It was not long after the Twin Towers fell, and American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan by an American bomb dropped by an American plane. That this mistake happened illustrates just how poorly the air campaign in the United States’ longest war was executed, and how efforts ultimately failed to make things better by going after high-tech solutions that aren’t what they’re cracked up to be compared to the old tried and true technology. That bomber was on a 30-plus hour round trip flight from the remote island of Diego Garcia, 900 miles south of India.

Russia's Sukhoi Su-34 Fighter Has a Slick and Awesome Cockpit Feature. If you want to talk about Russia's Sukhoi Su-34 strike fighter, you could start with all the standard specs like engines (two Saturn AL-31FM1 turbofans) or top speed (Mach 1.8, fully loaded), but its coolest feature might be the roomy flight deck which sits pilot and co-pilot side by side. And the neatest part about it? The mesmerizing retractable control panel. A video from the Russian TV channel "Star" gives us a great look inside one of Russia's most modern fighter, which just officially entered service in 2014, nearly 25 years after its first flight in 1990.

Fly a Jet Fighter Yourself in Supersonic Military Fighter Aircraft: How is this Possible? MiGFlug is an exclusive intermediary between the public and fighter-jet-operators, such as defense departments, airforces and military or warbird pilots. Special agreements allow MiGFlug to arrange training- and demonstration flights in two-seated fighter jets. One seat will be taken by the pilot while you, the MiGFlug client, will enjoy the flight from the second cockpit.

This way we organise legal fighter jet flights, placing you into a real jet flight as an active crew member. And what's best: You don't need any experience as a pilot! Book your Flight now! Future - Bringing the Soviet Union’s ‘flying tank’ back to life. When Nazi forces reached Leningrad in the summer of 1941, rather than risk the lives of thousands of soldiers battling fierce Soviet resistance, the generals chose instead to blockade the city. It left Leningrad’s three million residents almost completely cut-off from the outside world for 900 days. During those terrible months, some 800,000 people died of starvation and disease or were killed by German bombs and artillery shells. Finally, on 27 January 1944, Soviet forces broke through the German lines, opening a corridor to the devastated city. In support of those troops, hundreds of aircraft attacked German ground positions to secure the airspace above the battlefield. The Beast By Rico Kerste Was designed for Allegorithmic.

Because the interwebs are crammed full of crazy things, and sometimes the purpose of those things is not immediately discernible, we present WTF Is It? WTF is it? Inverted Flight Fun. Here's an Air Force C-17 Threading a Canyon. Future - The 1950s jet launching tiny satellites. Why the F-22 Raptor Is Such a Badass Plane. On an otherwise unremarkable day in March 2013, an American MQ-1 Predator drone was flying in international airspace off Iran, conducting a routine surveillance flight over Persian Gulf.

Future - The Spitfires that nearly broke the sound barrier. On 14 October 1947, US test pilot Chuck Yeager did what many thought was impossible. Watch a Stunt Pilot Turn a Wind Farm Into a Slalom Course. Maybe you've seen some turbulence in your day, but I doubt you've done anything like what Red Bull Air Race Champion Hannes Arch has been up to. During a nice little vacation to the Styrian Alps, he took his plane for a little trip through a wind farm, letting the stalks of the windmills serve as some handy slaloms as he raced through the artificial forest at over 180 MPH.

Arch described his urge this way to Redbull: Luftwaffe Resource Center - Fighters/Destroyers - A Warbirds Resource Group Site. From the “knee defender” to the pig on the plane: The year in crazy in-flight drama. Air travel continues to be a fraught and often unpleasant experience, but as more and more airlines start to offer Wi-Fi as you fly, at least the lucky folks perusing the Internet from the comfort of their reclining chairs have the treat of witnessing these dramas as they play out on board.

This Is What Your Flight Used To Look Like (And It's Actually Crazy) 19th January 1950: Trainee air hostess, Claire Swan, during a training session in a BOAC mock aircraft. Radical bi-directional flying wing design gets NASA funding. A team that has created a supersonic jet design resembling a flying shuriken has been awarded a US$100, 000 grant from NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program to continue development of the aircraft.