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Computational aesthetics

Computational aesthetics
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Command Macros and Scripting Command Macros and Scripting All Rhino commands can be used in command macros. Command macros can be run by typing the command at the command prompt, from toolbar buttons, shortcut keys, command aliases, from the ReadCommandFile command, or using the Paste command into Rhino's command stream. Writing Command Macros Special characters Examples Draw a circle This macro creates a circle centered at 5,5 with a radius of 10: ! Deselect objects and start the Move command This macro starts the Move command, but makes sure no objects are selected before asking you to select objects to move: ! Create a curve through points This macro creates a set of three points, selects them all, and fits a polyline through the points: ! How this script works: Bypass a dialog box ! Select a curve, then run this macro. To try these scripts Select the macro right from this Help topic. Special scripting commands Note: If you do not know what to type in a macro, run the hyphenated version of the command. MacroEditor Steps Notes !

-- Computational Design Solutions Part I -- Welcome! This is a showcase of all the work done for an IAP course on RhinoScripting. Please feel free to download samples of the work here. Course Instructors Kenfield Griffith [ ]John Snavely [ ] Course Schedule: Comp_Design_Schedule.pdfLecture I: lecture1.pdfLecture II: lecture2.pdf Homework I: Exercise1.pdfSource Files: your_name_bridge.rvb (right click "save as")Final: Final.pdfSource Files:simplefractal.rvb (right click "save as")recursion.rvb (right click "save as") Resources This page has links to the Rhino News Group. Software and plugins for Rhino. Fantastic resource for Rhinoscripts and Advice. General VBScript Reference. Stelios is not only an incredible programmer, but generous with his work. Notepad2 is a free text editor with syntax highlighting.

Main Page - Scripting Scripting Essentials Getting Started with Scripting Getting started with scripting can be a daunting task for numerous reasons: not knowing exactly where and how best to start, the mountains of documentation available, etc., so below’s an abbreviated approach that should help. Concentrate first on creating simple scripts using the Documentation and Steps to Developing Scripts. The scripting tool referred to here is RhinoScript accompanying Rhino, the 3D modeling software. Hello World! 1) Tools menu: RhinoScript > Edit … (alternatively, Command line: _EditScript) or use a simple text editor, like Windows Notepad, to create and edit your script; save with the .rvb file extension (in this case, save as HelloWorld.rvb) Sub HelloWorld Rhino.MessageBox (“Hello World!”) 2) Tools menu: RhinoScript > Load … (alternatively, Command line: _LoadScript) Add … (browse to where you saved HelloWorld.rvb and Open it) Load … (select HelloWorld from the list of scripts and press Load) Facilitating Script Development / ToolBars

3a. Ribs – Rhinoscript « Digital Fabrication in Architecture Group 1. Use Control Point Curve to create 3 different profiles closed shape. 2. Space the 3 shapes along the same axis. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. (Note : Put U, V & W sections in different layers & do 1 direction at a time). You can do two of the tree directions each time. U = 30 numbers 9. 10. 11. Using Surface from Planar Curves to create surface. 12. Another way is using RhinoScript will be as follows : On the top view window, draw lines or grids across the surface you selected. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. The scripts can be downloaded in the following link: CutMyOwnRibsV3_en.rvb: unroll_multiple1.rvb: sectioning.rvb: (To save the script on the web site to a .rvb file, click ‘Tools’ -> ‘RhinoScript’ -> ’Edit’. Sending file to Epilog laser engraving machine from Rhino 1 Mark points at the two opposite corner of the rectangle of cutting area. 4 Adjust the scale. 5. Like this:

Rhino I’m excited to announce that I will be doing a workshop in interactive parametric modelling with Studio Mode and MakerBot in New York, Feb 19-20 (with an optional extra day on Feb 21). We will be using Processing along with CAD tools like Rhino3D to produce parametric models to output 3D models for digital fabrication. MakerBot Industries have graciously offered to lend us some MakerBot Thing-o-matics to produce models from the workshop. The full announcement follows below, please visit Studio Mode’s announcement for enrollment and more details. Continued… 3D printing, architecture, digital-fabrication, makerbot, parametric-design,, studio mode, Workshops Exciting news: Studio Mode (aka Ronnie Parsons and Gil Akos) and I are working on plans for a parametric design workshop using Processing and Rhino/Grasshopper in New York later this year. Exact dates and format of the workshop are to be determined, but we’re hoping for early December. Code: randCube.rvb Workshop contents

rhinoscript Archive for rhinoscript 100915_ TVMNY in Contemporary Digital Architecture Dimitris Kottas | Contemporary Digital Architecture: Design & Techniques Many thanks to Dimitris Kottas for featuring some of MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY™ works. “This book presents the latest developments of digital technologies in the field of architecture. Barcelona, 2010. 22.4 x 22.6cm, colour illustrations, 387pp. 101010_Updates Proposal(s) and Speculation(s) | Click on image 100922_TVMNY in Form+Code | Casey Reas Form+Code - a new book from Casey Reas, Chandler Mc Williams and LUST - is featuring Aperiodic Vertebrae V2.0 designed by MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY™ “Once the exclusive domain of programmers, code is now being used by a new generation of designers, artists, and architects eager to explore how software can enable innovative ways of generating form and translating ideas. 100809-12_MF @St Louis | Wash. Material Resonance | August 09-12, 2010 St. Sponsored By McNeel Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros Code & Form Rhino Rss Feed Interactive Parametrics Workshop W/ Studio Mode And Makerbot Friday January 14th 1AM Interactive Parametrics Workshop with Studio Mode and MakerBot, NYC Feb 19-20/21 I’m excited to announce that I will be doing a workshop in interactive parametric modelling with Studio Mode and MakerBot in New York, Feb 19-20 with an optional extra day on Feb 21 . Processing Intro On Modelab Saturday October 9th 10PM Processing introduction post on Studio Mode’s modeLab blog. Arc Drawings Sunday September 26th 10AM Arc Drawing sketches in progress I’m working on a new series of three drawings titled “Arc Drawings”, made using a plotter technique that I’ve never tried before. Rhino: Randcube.rvb Thursday February 14th 7AM Rhinoscript At Mit Iap Monday February 11th 2PM

October 2011 This is yet another unroll rhinoscript.Download the rhino file and .rvb here Option Explicit 'Script written by davide del giudice 'Script copyrighted by 'Script version Saturday, 09 Oct 2011 Call UnrollSrfs() Sub UnrollSrfs() Dim arrsrf arrsrf=rhino.GetObjects("select surfaces",8+16) Call unroll(arrsrf) End Sub Function unroll(arrsrf) Dim i,arrUnrolledObj,counter,counter2 ReDim arrUnrolledObj(UBOUND(arrsrf)) counter=0 counter2=0 For i=0 To UBound(arrsrf) Call Rhino.SelectObject(arrsrf(i)) Dim arrmp:arrmp= rhino.SurfaceAreaCentroid (arrsrf(i)) Dim area1:area1= rhino.surfacearea (arrsrf(i)) Dim area:area=Rhino.Ceil ((area1(0)/100)) Dim dot:dot= rhino.AddTextDot ("n#"&counter, arrmp(0)) Call rhino.ObjectColor (dot, rgb (((counter*10)+10),((counter*10)+50),((counter*10)+50))) Rhino.Command "_Unrollsrf explode=no enter" Call Rhino.UnselectAllObjects arrUnrolledObj(i) = Rhino.FirstObject Dim centroid:centroid=Rhino.SurfaceAreaCentroid (arrUnrolledObj(i)) If i rhino.addpoint array(counter*100,50,0) Else

25 (Free) 3D Modeling Applications You Should Not Miss 3D-modeling tools help turn individual ideas into beautiful models and prototypes for a variety of fields. These tools allow building and customizing models from the ground up, no matter if you are a keen beginner or a professional engineer. Popular in various industries such as film, animation, gaming, architecture, and interior design, 3D models are key aspects of various projects. Choosing the best modeling software is often difficult because of various aspects and the wide range of features available in these tools. To help you with the selections, here is a list of 20 3D-modeling software for personal or professional modeling. Read more: 25 Websites to Download 3D Printer STL Models Wings 3D Wings 3D is an advanced sub-division modeler which offers a wide range of modeling tools and a customizable interface, along with a built-in AutoUV mapping tool, as well as export facility for common 3D formats. Available for: Windows | OS X | Linux [Download here] Daz Studio Open SCAD AutoDesk 123D