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Cobalt (CAD program) Cobalt is a parametric-based computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D modeling program that runs on both Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Cobalt (CAD program)

The program combines the direct-modeling way to create and edit objects (exemplified by programs such as SpaceClaim) and the highly structured, history-driven parametric way exemplified by programs like Pro/ENGINEER. A product of Ashlar-Vellum, Cobalt is Wireframe-based and history-driven with associativity and 2D equation-driven parametrics and constraints. It offers surfacing tools, mold design tools, detailing, and engineering features. Cobalt includes a library of 149,000 mechanical parts.[1] Cobalt has received praise for its free-form surfaces on solid modeled objects.[2] The distinguishing characteristics of Cobalt are its ease of use and quick learning curve for new users.[3][4] Cobalt inherited its 2D and 3D wireframe features from "Vellum".

CentersEndpointsIntersectionsMidpointsPerpendicularitiesQuadrantsTangentsVertexes. 3D fractal explorer. ArrayCrvPLUS v2.0. ArrayCrvPLUS enables new ways to distribute items along path curves or path curves on surfaces ( polysurfaces, meshes ).

ArrayCrvPLUS v2.0

It will array any number of items along any number of curve paths. Parameters can be adjusted with preview functionality. In addition, while arraying curves or points, ArrayCrvPLUS can automatically create Loft/Sweep1 surfaces or InterpolatedCurves based on created array of profile items.v2.0 is significant upgrade from v1.0 ( see the old version here ). ArrayCrvPLUS Basics Overview ( more videos at the end of this post ) DOWNLOAD AND INSTALLATION: @improved. Basento Viaduct Simulation. [Kangaroo Simulation of the Basento Viaduct Structure designed by Sergio Musmeci] Italian Engineer Sergio Musmeci's design for the Basento Viaduct (completed 1969) utilized a method of form-finding based on the stretching of tensile fabric to develop an optimized shape which was then constructed out of a continuous concrete shell structure.

Basento Viaduct Simulation

This methodology arrives at a form which presumably distributes stress more evenly than a more typical trussed or arched system. The resulting viaduct structure creates fascinating interstitial spaces between the concrete membrane and the viaduct that it supports. Please visit the Funambulist post on the bridge to explore photos of the realized structure. 3D Printing Services for Sellers. Ponoko is a 2D and 3D printing service with a wide range of materials on offer including 2D printing of paper cardstock and a whole range of electronic components that you can include with your designs.

3D Printing Services for Sellers

Awesome. Ponoko have printing facilities in the US, Germany, Italy, UK and New Zealand. Note that not all materials are available from all locations. I've been getting the Ponoko newsletter for a while and like a lot about what they are doing. I was interested in using their 3D printing service to sell 2D and 3D designs, but hit some problems. 25 (Free) 3D Modeling Applications You Should Not Miss. Technically, 3 Dimensions refers to objects that are constructed on three plans (X, Y and Z).

25 (Free) 3D Modeling Applications You Should Not Miss

The process of creating 3D graphics can be divided into three basic phases: 3D modeling, 3D animation and 3D rendering. Three dimensional (3D) computer graphics are widely used and they are almost too common to see anywhere, let it be movies, products designs, advertisements, etc. Although they are commonly seen, that doesn’t mean they are easily created. In order to interactively control a 3D object, it must be created in a 3D authoring tool which usually cost a lot to a non-professional user. A 3D model is usually originated on the computer by engineer using some kind of 3d modeling tools. BlenderA free and open source 3D modeling and animation application which can be used for modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging, water simulations, skinning, animating, rendering, particle and other simulations, non-linear editing, compositing, and creating interactive 3D applications. Code & Form Rhino Rss Feed.

Interactive Parametrics Workshop W/ Studio Mode And Makerbot Friday January 14th 1AM Interactive Parametrics Workshop with Studio Mode and MakerBot, NYC Feb 19-20/21 I’m excited to announce that I will be doing a workshop in interactive parametric modelling with Studio Mode and MakerBot in New York, Feb 19-20 with an optional extra day on Feb 21 . We will be using Processing along with CAD tools like Rhino3D to produce parametric models to output 3D models for digital fabrication.

MakerBot Industries have graciously offered to lend us some MakerBot Thing-o-matics to produc... read more » Processing Intro On Modelab Saturday October 9th 10PM. Rhinoceros. Rhino script pdf eBook Download. INTRODUCTION TO RHINOSCRIPT. - Your #1 Source for Free Online Rhinoceros Tutorials! Rhinoscripting...pdf.

Crisis Fronts - Studio Script Library. This is a collection of script developed and found by members of the studio.

Crisis Fronts - Studio Script Library

RhinoV3 SP3. Perhaps not very well known utility available on M$ site: screnc.exe Script encoder allow us to play little bit with encoding.

RhinoV3 SP3

So far the only working encoding thing for Rhino script users is the VBS. Here's a short example: Plain VBS script:(create EncodeTest.vbs) Dim RhinoScript, Rhino, cmd Set RhinoScript = CreateObject("Rhino3.Application") Set Rhino = RhinoScript.GetScriptObject() cmd = "LINE 0,0 10,10" Rhino.Command cmd MsgBox "Hello, Rhino world. Sufficiently Caffeinated. I was looking for a rib cutting script a few months back for laser cutting some model mock ups, but I ran into some issues.

Sufficiently Caffeinated

Since the OS X version of Rhinoceros does not directly support the rhinoscript (.rvb) language, the developers have been implementing a cross platform scripting solution in python for Rhino 5.0. The RhinoPython implimentation is still relatively new there isn’t a broad range of scripts available in the community yet. There are however a good number of great rhinoscript scripts out there so I thought I would try my hand at translating a few to python. Rhinoscript. Che-Wei Wang Rhinoscript 04.01.09 Sprocket Rhinoscript UPDATE: this script generates inaccurately spaced teeth. sorry!


Fixes in new version coming soon. (6.25.09) Here’s some basic rhinoscript code to draw your own sprockets based on the number of desired teeth, chain pitch and roller diameter. It’s very basic, but enough to draw what you want and get some custom sprockets lasercut. About This is where you will find some of Che-Wei Wang’s projects, blog posts, and other things. RhinoJungle - The jungle where all Rhino animals live. Rhinoscript for rendering named views - RhinoScripts. Dcardoso/www/hello3dworld/hello3dworld.pdf. Scripts for paper modelers in Rhinoceros 3D - Dear Engeener Spendlik Your scripts are just awesome.

Scripts for paper modelers in Rhinoceros 3D -

Part numbering is what I dont like (hate, in fact ). Also your "tab script" works in the way, that standard "array along curve" command can't. You have solved two most time consuming and boring things in papermodel design, in the way that not many Rhino users can do. Sharing Rhino secrets is not a common behavior among designers - but If You would be so kind to share these scripts (whether for free or not), I will appreciate this act of charity. Panelingtools. Rhinoscript. Archive for rhinoscript 100915_ TVMNY in Contemporary Digital Architecture. Rhino. I’m excited to announce that I will be doing a workshop in interactive parametric modelling with Studio Mode and MakerBot in New York, Feb 19-20 (with an optional extra day on Feb 21). We will be using Processing along with CAD tools like Rhino3D to produce parametric models to output 3D models for digital fabrication.

MakerBot Industries have graciously offered to lend us some MakerBot Thing-o-matics to produce models from the workshop. Participants are also free to use on-site KNK High-Force cutters. The full announcement follows below, please visit Studio Mode’s announcement for enrollment and more details. Also check out the series of Processing primers I’ve been writing in preparation for the workshop. Continued… 3D printing, architecture, digital-fabrication, makerbot, parametric-design,, studio mode, Workshops Our proposed collaboration will join knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes with the flexibility and real-time nature of Processing applications.

3a. Ribs – Rhinoscript « Digital Fabrication in Architecture Group. Scripting Essentials. Getting Started with Scripting Getting started with scripting can be a daunting task for numerous reasons: not knowing exactly where and how best to start, the mountains of documentation available, etc., so below’s an abbreviated approach that should help. Concentrate first on creating simple scripts using the Documentation and Steps to Developing Scripts. Setting up toolbars and toolbar buttons and having scripts load automatically at startup can come later on. The scripting tool referred to here is RhinoScript accompanying Rhino, the 3D modeling software.

An evaluation copy of Rhino can be obtained from the McNeel website ( RhinoScripting Resources. Help with rhino script. What you are trying to do, is a part of Rhino scripting for generative modeling, and it may be loaded through "Grasshopper" plugin if it's .ghx file.

Computational Design Solutions Part I. Welcome! Computational aesthetics. Command Macros and Scripting. Command Macros and Scripting. Main Page - Scripting. Category:RhinoScript - Scripting. Python: Scripting language for Rhino. The rhino programming advanced tutorial Rhinoscrip RS the Scripts in Rhino, RVB is also - Page 1. Flash_Penn.swf. October 2011. DESIGN(ing)ORGAN(ization) MADEinCALIFORNIA ///Co.De. Component wall. A wall is usually constructed as an entity that separates an interior from an exterior, leaving the exchange of air and light to the parts called windows.

The motivation for this is notably the idea of shelter; that layer of separation between the human skin and the elements. This little experiment wants to challenge this assumption and proposes a small component that is capable of sensing the presence of people. When someone is close to the wall, the partition become more porous: it allows the outside of the wall to see the interior. At this time, light and air are allowed to come in. Additionally, this can constitute a manner of showing the presence of inner activities in a public building. Behind the scenes. Rhino: randCube.rvb. Feb 14, 2008 | AHO, Rhino. Pages of code RVB-Processing / B. Pages of code RVB-Processing / Back Option Explicit ‘Script written by <insert name> ‘Script copyrighted by <insert company name> ‘Script version Wednesday, October 01, 2008 3:42:11 PM Call Main() Sub Main() Pages of Code / RVB / Back.

Blog : Twisted Architecture. I didn’t set out to tie knots in Norman Foster’s Hearst Tower or wrinkle his Gherkin, but I got carried away. Phyllotaxis pavilion. Brazil:home. Rhino:rendering. Lighting and rendering details in Rhino. Rhinoscript. Developer:opennurbs:home. RhinoScripted Tools. Image-Based Circle Packing.