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25 Creative Packaging Designs That Practically Sell Themselves

25 Creative Packaging Designs That Practically Sell Themselves
We often consider the products we use and their packaging to be two separate things – the product is the thing we want, and its packaging is a piece of trash to be thrown away. These 30 ingenious packaging designs, however, prove that a well-designed package can complement or even enhance the product it was designed to carry. [Read more...] Good design isn’t just about the product – it’s about good packaging as well. The honey pots are an excellent example of packaging design. Some of the other packaging, while not exactly useful, is still helpful and stylish. 1. Designed by Lo Siento Studio 2. (Designer: Corinne Pant) 3. Designed by Lacy Kuhn 4. Designer: Alex Creamer 5. Advertising Agency: JWT, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 6. Designer unknown 7. Designed by Soon Mo Kang 8. Designed by Clara Lindsten 9. Designed by Andy Winner and One Show Merit 10. Designed by Maksi Marbuzov 11. Designed by 12. Designed by Alexandra Istratova 13. Designer: Cecilia Uhr 14. Designed by Simon Laliberté 15. Related:  Eating Design

Home | James Houston Photography Bigelow Tea Rebrand Designer: Brielle Wilson School: Pratt Institute Type Of Work: Student Project Country: United States My assignment was to reinvent the Bigelow brand through an innovative product delivery system, introduced in a high-end gift set package and identity. Due to Bigelow's wide target market of 18-60 year olds, I had to create a packaging concept that is fresh and modern, yet classic. The innovative tea concept I developed was Bigelow's signature teas in the form of a dissolvable powder, compacted into a sphere shape. These easy to use 'tea pods' are individually wrapped in colored cubes to represent the three flavors included in the gift set: Constant Comment, Darjeeling and Lemon Lift. I expanded on these diamond-rotated cubes in the gift box construction, resulting in a pyramid inspired structure that is modern and unique compared to the competition.

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