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Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market

Bureau of Common Goods | A creative film production company Social Media & NGOs: Crossing Boundaries & Building Bridges! Can social media help Non-Governmental Organizations achieve their humane goals and reach their charitable objectives? How could social media be utilized efficiently and effectively in order to promote noble causes and humanitarian concerns? Could social media negatively harm the messages that NGOs try to spread throughout the world? A Brief Introduction In one of my recent posts, I discussed, in details, my thoughts about the great power that social media possesses in addition to my sincere faith that it has the ability to pave the path for world peace. Jump on! After the usual extensive research cycle every idea of mine needs to go through, I found myself able to list a hundred reasons why social media should be embraced by NGOs and how it could highly be benefited from in order to harness collective collaboration and bring about change. Social Media & It’s Power… We all know, for a fact, that the “new web” has transformed the way people interact and even the way they think! To Wrap Up…

Pottery Barn Webstuffshare – Learn and share. The simplest harmony. Caviar, Salmon, Foie Gras, Chocolates, Fine Food Gourmet Gifts Online by Petrossian Whole Food’s Dark Rye profiles MAKE editor-in-chief Mark Frauenfelder This summer the folks who produce Dark Rye, the online magazine for Whole Foods Markets, came to my house in Los Angeles, and shot a video profile of my daughters and me working on different projects. We made a guitar out of a metal lunchbox, a skateboard, and soap molded from our toes and fingers. The video shoot took place over two days, and we spent about 10 hours per day following the director’s orders. My daughters were real troopers — each scene required about five takes, and we traveled all over Los Angeles to produce the video. The Dark Rye production team was extremely friendly and courteous, and we had a terrific time together. If you haven’t checked out the Dark Rye website, I suggest you visit it. Related

Playing for Change Foundation | Participate The Playing For Change Foundation relies entirely on the contributions and donations of its supporters to keep its mission alive. These donations directly help to build, staff and equip new and existing music schools in communities in need of hope and inspiration. Our mission is grounded in inspiration, and in addition to your monetary support, we need your inspiration too. We strive to connect the world through music and in so doing, we also strive to connect our advocates with our cause. Our growing community of sponsors, from the individual to the corporation, has the opportunity to be creatively involved and linked to the growth and spirit of our cause. On September 21st, fans and supporters from 56 different countries performed in concert halls, cafes, and street corners to celebrate Playing For Change Day, our 3rd annual event!

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