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Your community resource for 3ds Max tools

Your community resource for 3ds Max tools
v2.7.04. Added support for Corona Renderer Materials v2.7.03. Dosen't save size and position if closed when minimized. v2.7.02. Added Maxwell material support v2.7.01: A few UI bug fixes so the window will open the correct size and have valid settings on the first open

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Se constituer un bon workflow en 3D Salut à tous ! Je suis artiste 3D depuis quelques années et je fréquente le Site du Zéro et ses forums depuis bien plus d'années encore, même si mon inscription est très récente. Souvent, au cours de mes errances sur le forum Graphisme 3D, j'ai croisé plusieurs questions récurrentes, sur des sujets comme la retopologie, le baking ou le compositing, ainsi que de nombreuses idées reçues complètement obsolètes depuis plusieurs années.

MaxScript Tutorials We have added a complex if statement and two mesh commands. Lets take a look at the if first. We only want to adjust verts on objects that have verts. Learn about Laubwerk 3d Plants Kit plugin There’s a new kid on the veggie block that you should be aware of. I’ve tested Berlin based Laubwerk’s 3D Plants Kits for a while now, and it is a very interesting solution for populating your scenes with 3d Trees and Plants. A combination of smart content powered by a plugin from within 3ds Max & Cinema4D, supporting V-Ray, Mental Ray, Scanline and Advanced Render. Adding vegetation to my scenes is a big part of my workflow, so any improvement on that aspect has a big impact in turn too. Considering I’m using VRay and VRayRT for rendering and doing all my 3d Scattering with Forest Pack Pro, any good solution must play nicely with both of them!

sIBL-Edit sIBL-Edit is a standalone application. Whatever 3d app you choose for the loader scripts - sIBL Edit is the independent backbone, a complete toolkit focused on managing and editing your sIBL Collection. And it looks pretty slick, too. It’s divided in three parts, one for each task: Managing, Editing, and Creation. 1. GFXDomain Blog - Educational Site for Students and CG Artists ! Tutoriel de Conception d'une Pièce Basique This page is a translated version of the page Basic Part Design Tutorial and the translation is 97% complete. This tutorial introduces new user to some of the tools and techniques used in the Part Design Workbench. This tutorial is not a complete and comprehensive guide to the Part Design Workbench and many of the tools and capabilities are not covered. This tutorial will take user through the steps needed to model the part shown in the image below using sketches. Avant de Commencer Avant de commencer ce tutoriel, vous devrez ajuster quelques réglages dans FreeCAD.

{E}vermotion - 3D models, textures, tutorials, architecture, 3D graphic, vray, 3ds max sIBL Achive Installation Each thumbnail links directly to an archived sIBL-set. Watch out, these are big downloads. Click to download, then expand the zip achive as a folder and place the folder in your sIBL-Collection. Basic modeling tutorial/fr This page is a translated version of the page Basic modeling tutorial and the translation is 100% complete. Ce tutoriel d'introduction à la modélisation vous montrera comment modéliser un fer angle. Une chose à savoir, FreeCAD est modulaire, et comme pour plusieurs autres logiciels de CAO, il y a souvent plus d'une façon de faire les choses. Ici, nous explorerons deux méthodes. Avant de commencer Gardez en tête que FreeCAD est toujours à un stade précoce de développement, il est donc possible que vous ne soyez pas aussi productif qu'avec une autre application de CAO, et il est fort probable que vous rencontriez des bogues, ou subissiez des plantages.

Free EPS Viewer ZBrush Hard Surface Techniques In this DVD, Instructor Mike Jensen goes into depth on many hard surface techniques in ZBrush. Mike starts off by explaining in detail many techniques like customizing the ui, creating meshes, brushes, and stamps. Next he then takes you through the process of creating an entire mechanical character and covers everything from starting with a concept mesh to creating a clean base mesh and detailing. Mike then takes the final model into 3ds Max and uses V-Ray to create materials and render out layer passes. Last he takes the renders into Photoshop to composite them together.

Download Center Welcome to Pixologic's MatCap LibraryPixologic has created a library full of amazing MatCap materials from ZBrush artists who wish to share their work with the ZBrush community. This library gives you one unique location to view, download, and begin sculpting with that unique MatCap look that only ZBrush can give you. Enjoy the search. Image Courtesy of Magdalena Dadela Close Zbrush Tutorials - CGMeetup : Community for CG & Digital Artists We’re moving to 20.11K Views0 Likes We're moving to: Re-developing CGMeetup Platform, for better tools for Artist. You can now Publish your Artwork, Video, Demoreels, Blog, Job's on CGMeetup: Gallery/Portfolio, News, Jobs, Downlo...