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Your community resource for 3ds MAXScript or SketchUp Rubyscript

Your community resource for 3ds MAXScript or SketchUp Rubyscript
v2.7.04. Added support for Corona Renderer Materials v2.7.03. Dosen't save size and position if closed when minimized. v2.7.02. Added Maxwell material support v2.7.01: A few UI bug fixes so the window will open the correct size and have valid settings on the first open

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PhysX DCC This page is home base for all of our PhysX and VisualFX tutorial and sample files. After following these tutorials and working through the sample content, you should have a good foundation of how to author PhysX and VisualFX content. The knowledge contained here will provide you, the artist, with an expanded creative palette that allows for new creative freedoms to add new kinds of physical effects to your immersive projects. These tutorials demonstrate basic and advanced techniques that can be applied to your game production. PhysX Clothing 3dsMax

3d max plugins Ivy generator This is a plugin “grows” ivy on 3d objects. Just place the seed next to the model, click “grow ivy” and let it do the job. If you need it not to grow around some 3d models in your scene, just freeze them. The interface is very simple and intuitive, so you won’t have any trouble finding your way around it. SoulburnScripts Would you like to be notified the next time I add scripts to this page? Join the SoulburnScripts Mailing List! Click here to Subscribe to the list. Virtual Lighting Studio - Interactive portrait lighting The ambient light represents the light coming from the studio environment. You can turn it on or off and change its color and intensity. If you're lost and need some help, click here. But you probably know that... Click on any help text to hide this.

Tutoriel de Conception d'une Pièce Basique This page is a translated version of the page Basic Part Design Tutorial and the translation is 97% complete. This tutorial introduces new user to some of the tools and techniques used in the Part Design Workbench. This tutorial is not a complete and comprehensive guide to the Part Design Workbench and many of the tools and capabilities are not covered. This tutorial will take user through the steps needed to model the part shown in the image below using sketches. Avant de Commencer Avant de commencer ce tutoriel, vous devrez ajuster quelques réglages dans FreeCAD.

3D MODEL OFFICE FURNITURE Line ARCHE by Bralco glass Executive Desks and dattilo skp format Click HERE to download Super Grid « Luis Llamas Super Grid is the ultimate reference system, based on grid helpers. Super Grid creates new grids based on your sub-elements selection. Additionally, you can create grid based in point helper objects. You can also define an offset, flip the grid, or define an auxiliary helper point to move the grid. Once you have created the grid, you can you activate it and your coordinate system will be aligned to the grid, and new objects will be created in the new system. Kstudio - 3dsMax Plugins&Scripts rus | eng Please post your questions at our forum. Updated May 27, 2013 Commercial Scripts HDRI Hub - HDR Pack 010 Home Shop Textures Programs and Plugins Free Samples Tips & Tutorials

PowerPreview: High Quality Nitrous Previews This is an updated version of my PowerPreview script for Nitrous....Here's a preview pic of the GUI and a high quality nitrous viewport showing the great quality you can achive with Nitrous Here is a link to the full screen snapshot done with PowerPreview, the timelimit was set to 90secs, but it would have been perfect quality wise already after 30-40 secs... PowerPreview The purpose of the script is to be able to create viewport previews in the highest Nitrous-rendering quality possible. Additionally the size of the preview is NOT limited to the desktop/or 3ds Max window size. There is a hard limit at 6400*6400 currently, but that is set in the code to prevent people from killing their Max sessions by dialing insane numbers in the resolution spinners.

ATree3D ATree3D is simple to use 3D plants generator for architectural visualizations. With this script for 3ds max you can create trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers and grass. You can use it for low or high polygon models with precise control of the level of details on each sub-element. Script works inside of the 3ds max viewport and show instant preview of your changes. sIBL Archive Installation Each thumbnail links directly to an archived sIBL-set. Watch out, these are big downloads. Click to download, then expand the zip achive as a folder and place the folder in your sIBL-Collection.

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