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Petrified Forest - Projects - JIMMIE DURHAM - Franco Soffiantino. Reference: Common Dimensions, Angles and Heights for Seating Designers. Furniture dimensions don't come out of the air.

Reference: Common Dimensions, Angles and Heights for Seating Designers

They come out of heavy research that, thankfully, a lot of people have already done for us and written books on; if you're a designer, you ought have a copy of one of these books (see bottom of this entry). While these reference bibles of human dimensions haven't yet been updated to account for us supersized Americans, they still provide a good jumping-off point for determining rough dimensions, angles and heights.

But maybe you're designing something at the studio and the book is back in your dorm, or maybe you're at your office desk and the book is sitting on a shelf in the room occupied by that creepy new intern you're trying to avoid. Well, have no fear, we've gathered some basic reference info here that you can bookmark and refer to in a pinch. To read the details behind those letters called out on the drawings, read the original article here. Maybe you're designing something a little loungier, like a sofa or easy chair. "Hmm. Fonctionnement.

Le traceur mural DraWall est un petit robot tracté par deux courroies.


Des moteurs et des poulies tirent sur l’une ou l’autre afin de déplacer le boitier sur toute la surface verticale. En y fixant un feutre ou un autre outil de dessin, il peut ainsi reproduire n’importe quelle image. Par sa conception, il peut s’adapter à de nombreux formats : de quelques centimètres à plusieurs mètres. Même pour de grandes distances, le traceur offre une précision raisonnable : elle dépend essentiellement de la vitesse du tracé ; Autonome, DraWall peut dessiner sans être connecté à un ordinateur : seule une alimentation électrique est nécessaire. Convertissez votre image (dessin ou photo) avec le logiciel ConVector, puis placez le fichier sur la carte mémoire du traceur. Le traceur ne peut dessiner que des images vectorielle, puisque par sa conception il ne dessine que des lignes. Office / Contract furniture. Stereo screens by Texaa® Stereo screens Stereo screens may be suspended from the ceiling at various heights or mounted on a freestanding base and are designed to provide a high level of sound absorption for large open spaces.

Stereo screens by Texaa®

They are covered in removable fabric envelopes and offer a simple, easily transportable and effective way of marking out quiet zones or closing off individual spaces.Used in combination, they provide inspired means of sculpting interior spaces by creating an acoustic shield. Stereo screens 296 x 1, 196 x 50 mm 296 x 1, 796 x 50 mm 296 x 2, 396 x 50 mm 1, 596 x 1, 196 x 50 mm 596 x 1, 796 x 50 mm 596 x 2, 396 x 50 mm 1, 196 x 1, 196 x 50 mm 1, 196 x 1, 796 x 50 mm 1, 196 x 2, 396 x 50 mm - Suspended between ceiling and floor with through cable fixings - Suspended from the ceiling with 2 or 3 vertical cables - Screwed to the ceiling - Floor mounted in a modular system - Floor mounted personal screens - Mounted or clipped to a table A modular system of acoustic partitions. 38 Fun Office Furniture Pieces. By: Laura McQuarrie - Published: May 23, 2014 Modern workplaces have ditched strict hierarchical layouts and have opted for open, flexible spaces and sometimes even include fun office furniture.

38 Fun Office Furniture Pieces

Since the office is a place that most working individuals spend the majority of their time, it may as well be an environment that fosters fun, creative thinking and collaboration. Meetings are still very much an important part of the workplace, but the way they are conducted has changed drastically over the last decade—instead of going to a designated meeting room, people can pick up and move to a meeting table with much greater ease. Now meeting tables are often combined with ping pong tables or swingsets to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and impromptu brainstorming sessions.

When it comes to working individually in terms of fun office furniture, playful pods offer a much better alternative to being stuck in a cramped cubicle. SketchChair by Diatom Studio. Login | sign up Download Design Library.

SketchChair by Diatom Studio

Desk concept on Behance. Asymptote architecture. Knoll A3 Office Furniture System Knoll International, New York Date: 2002 Client: Knoll International, New York Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture Project Director: Noboru Ota.

asymptote architecture