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Chart of the Week: Male Nurses Outearn Female Ones Every Which Way. By Lisa Wade, PhD, 1 day ago at 08:48 am According to the U.S.

Chart of the Week: Male Nurses Outearn Female Ones Every Which Way

Bureau of Labor Statistics, fully employed women earn $0.81 for every dollar men make. Some of this discrepancy is due to women working in male dominated occupations, but when men work alongside women in female-dominated occupations, they still earn more. Nursing is this week’s example. According to a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, male nurses out earn female nurses in every work setting, every clinical setting, and every job position except one.

On average, male nurses make $5,100 more a year than female ones. The Ladies Vanish. The most magical innovation of the app economy is making the female workers it depends on mostly invisible.

The Ladies Vanish

Andrew Norman Wilson was fired from his contracting job at Google for interacting with what he called a different “class of workers.” He had been watching them for months as they exited the office building adjacent to his. Everyday they left at 2 PM (he later learned that their shifts began at 4 AM). “They were purposefully kept separate. They carried yellow badges that restricted access everywhere besides their own building,” Wilson said. They were mostly black and Latino—a rare sight on Google’s predominantly white campus.

Of course books don’t digitize themselves. There is a tradition of humans posing as machines called “mechanical turking.” Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a marketplace that allows companies to post jobs that anyone can sign up to complete. Such “crowdworking” exists in a legal gray area. The contract workforce keeps much of Silicon Valley running. Fuck yeah sex education. Are Female Scientists on TV Inspiring Girls to Pursue STEM Careers?: The Conversation. Tuesday, 10/29/2013 at 6:30PM by Tanya Edwards Contributing writer.

Are Female Scientists on TV Inspiring Girls to Pursue STEM Careers?: The Conversation

Lover of Tibi dresses, kitchen dance parties, pink wine and the Howard Stern Show. Firm believer in handwritten thank-you notes. What gets girls and young women interested in computer science? According to Girls Who Code, a national nonprofit organization that provides computer science classes for middle school- and high school-age girls, most of its applicants actually aspire to have careers in forensic science. The New York Times Magazine reports that many Girls Who Code applicants didn't really understand what computer science was when they applied, and they don't know any computer scientists in their own lives. It is interesting to consider how gender roles in television and films are divided. But over the years, there have been some fantastic female scientist roles, and we'd like to call out a few of our favorites. Dr. Dr. Pourquoi les femmes gagnent-elles moins que les hommes?

Malgré les progrès remarquables que les femmes ont réalisés en matière de scolarisation, elles continuent d'afficher un revenu de travail inférieur à celui des hommes.

Pourquoi les femmes gagnent-elles moins que les hommes?

En 2011, le salaire horaire moyen des femmes qui travaillaient à temps plein au Canada représentait 87 pour cent de celui des hommes. Au Québec, ce ratio était de 90 pour cent. Female academics pay a heavy baby penalty. Photo by Cristi M/iStockphoto/Thinkstock In 2000, I greeted the first entering graduate-student class at Berkeley where the women outnumbered the men.

Female academics pay a heavy baby penalty

I was the first female dean of the graduate division. As a ’70s feminist I cautiously thought, “Is the revolution over? Have we won?” Hardly. Our Berkeley research team has spent more than a decade studying why so many women begin the climb but do not make it to the top of the Ivory Tower: the tenured faculty, full professors, deans, and presidents. The most important finding is that family formation negatively affects women’s, but not men’s, academic careers. The early years are the most decisive in determining who wins and who loses. Before even applying for the first tenure-track job, many women with children have already decided to drop out of the race.

Then there is the job interview. There is some good news for women. The pressure cooker years as an assistant professor leading up to tenure usually number four to seven years. La discrimination positive (1) : définition, concept et visées. Assurance autonomie - La persistance de la dévalorisation du travail des femmes. Par Louise Boivin, professeure au Département de relations industrielles de l'UQO, membre de l'ORÉGAND et du RéQEF-UQO Les économies sur le coût des services de soins à domicile que promet le ministre de la Santé Réjean Hébert avec son projet d’assurance autonomie risquent de se faire sur le dos des employées qui dispenseront les services.

Assurance autonomie - La persistance de la dévalorisation du travail des femmes

En effet, les modalités de l’assurance autonomie telles qu’elles ont été annoncées par le ministre fin mars lors d’un colloque tenu par l’Association québécoise de gérontologie (on peut voir la présentation Powerpoint du ministre et écouter son allocution) supposent un accroissement de la privatisation des services d’aide à domicile (voir l’article du Devoir du 24 avril). Or, les salariés effectuant ce type de travail pour des prestataires privés, majoritairement des femmes, connaissent une grande précarité alors qu’elles exercent des responsabilités importantes à l’égard de personnes souvent isolées et vulnérables.