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Download elementary OS

Download elementary OS

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Cinnamon 1.8 released : Cinnamon On behalf of the team and all the developers who contributed to this build, I am proud to announce the release of Cinnamon 1.8! Cinnamon 1.8 represents 7 months of development and 1,075 commits. It features a lot of bug fixes but also brand new features and many improvements. Here’s a quick overview of some of the new things in Cinnamon 1.8. Have a lot of fun with this new release and don’t hesitate to give us some feedback! Enjoy Products - Chicago Electronic Distributors 1.8" 18-bit color TFT LCD display with microSD card breakout - ST7735R This lovely little display breakout is the best way to add a small, colorful and... View full product details » 12 VDC 1000mA regulated switching power adapter - UL listed This is a really nice power supply. It's a switching DC supply so its small...

XBMCbuntu XBMCbuntu is a boot-USB drive/LiveCD image with XBMC pre-configured to work directly out-of-the-box for a dedicated set-top-box style installation of XBMC. Users can either demo XBMC without touching the internal HDD, or use it to install XBMCbuntu on the HDD, without any pre-installed operating systems. XBMCbuntu is based on a light weight version of Ubuntu. XBMCbuntu currently supports MCE (Media Center Edition) Remotes with USB IR-receiver receivers directly out-of-the-box. Installation only requires 8GB (or larger) USB drive or internal HDD. Wookmark news Refreshing An updated look for Wookmark was rolled out today. Technology changes so fast and it was time to bring things up-to-par with today's expectations. While all the visual elements were refined, only a few things have changed as far as the content goes.

Cairo Dock 3.2.1 Released with fixes, Install it in Ubuntu 13.04/12.10/12.04/Linux Mint Install Cairo Dock 3.2.1 in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring/Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal/Ubuntu 12.04 Precise/11.10 Oneiric/11.04 Natty/10.10 Maverick/10.04 Lucid/Linux Mint (New Release) Cairo-Dock, a fast and customizable desktop interface which can be used as alternative or addition to Unity, Gnome-Shell, Xfce-panel, and KDE-panel, is now at version 3.2.1. Cairo-Dock sits in the centre of your desktop, allowing you to monitor and control your favourite apps: music players, chat messengers, twitter, torrents downloaders, RSS feeds, calendar/tasks, weather, mail checkers, etc, and a powerful taskbar. Cairo Dock includes many plugins/applets such as: weather, clock, Messaging Menu, system monitor, keyboard indicators, custom icons, notification area, clipboard manager, and many other plugins. What's New in Cairo Dock 3.2? That's it

Ubuntu 12.04 - Rhythmbox and Totem as UPnP/DLNA clients Created on 15 Aug 2012, updated on 1 Nov 2013, by Nicolas Bernaerts Nowadays, uPnP/DLNA home servers are becoming very popular. These servers now come embedded with Windows clients, with network appliances like NAS, ... So you can today easily centralize and serve all your audio/video files. Qubes Qubes is an open-source operating system designed to provide strong security for desktop computing. Qubes is based on Xen, the X Window System, and Linux, and can run most Linux applications and utilize most of the Linux drivers. Qubes Release 1 was released in September 2012.

10Pcs 5V Electromagnetic Active Buzzer Continuous Beep Continuously - US$2.03 This warranty and return policy are only available for the sub categories of Arduino SCM & 3D Printer Acc, Electronic Accessories & Gadgets . E-Book Reader Product's Warranty Within 180 days

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