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The World's 50 Best Restaurants

The World's 50 Best Restaurants
Related:  Travel - getsongbird Resources and Information. This website is for sale! With all the natural wonders in the world, it’s an almost impossible task to narrow the wonders down to just seven. You’ve heard of the “official” seven wonders, but check out these; just seven more of the hundreds or thousands or millions you could choose from. You probably have heard of some of these, but hopefully a few will be new discoveries for you. We’d love to hear about your favorite natural wonder, so please leave your comments. Keep it natural. 1. Like many natural wonders, this one is a result of volcanic activity and weathering. 2. About 4,000 feet above sea level, Antelope Canyon is found. 3. This is a spot well known to the diving enthusiast. 4. With it’s endless coastline, we all know Australia has some great surf. 5. In the Dominican Republic, you can have an active encounter with 27 Waterfalls, or Damajaqua Cascades. 6. Extreme conditions define this cave of giant crystals (Cueva de Los Cristales) made of selenite (a delicate, translucent form of gypsum). 7.

Acasa 21 lugares que no creerás que existen No hay mejor forma de darnos cuenta de todo lo que nos falta por vivir que viajar. Sin embargo, a veces nuestros viajes están pensados para conocer los lugares turísticos del país o ciudad que visitamos, cuando no necesariamente son los más bonitos sino los más famosos. Aquí te dejamos una lista de lugares tan surrealistas que parecen sacados de historias fantásticas de nuestra niñez. Aún cuando hayas viajado a alguno de los países que la conforman, lo más probable es que no conozcas estos lugares o quizás nunca antes hayas oído hablar de ellos. Puedes ver la segunda parte de esta lista aquí.Túnel del amor, UcraniaEste asombroso lugar lleva el nombre del “Túnel del amor” y está situado en en Kevlan en Ucrania. Ahí, un tramo de una línea de tren fuera de servicio se convirtió en un pasillo rodeado de vegetación y lleno de un clima poético. Playa Roja, Panjin, ChinaLa playa roja en la ciudad de Panjin es un espectáculo natural que acontece anualmente. Lago Retba, SenegalOtro lago rosa.

Funny Pictures and Funny Videos to make your days awesome! | iLyke - getsongbird Resources and Information. This website is for sale! Creatividad Gastronomica, Gastronomia Creativa 10 of the best budget hotels in New York Posted on: September 21st in Cool Hotels, Travel by Graham Padmore. Like this Post? The Big Apple may be one of the ultimate city break destinations – shopping, art, sightseeing and so much more. It’s also (like most major capital cities) unfortunately notoriously expensive. A good tip is to book as far in advance as possible, this way you’ll get the best price. The Gershwin This Manhattan midtown hotel is just a block away from 5th Avenue and close to both Madison Square Garden and the Empire State Building. Prices from $32 a night.Check prices and availability for The Gershwin Hotel The Jane Once home to salty sailors and Titanic survivors, The Jane is a living work of art. Prices from $90 per night.Check prices and availability for The Jane The Pod The Pod prides itself as a hip, affordable New York City hotel, and its central location and room chic for all budgets makes it a great place to stay in Manhattan. Prices from $89 per night.Check prices and availability for The Pod Sohotel

Calling all wannabe chefs! You need The Bart Periodic Table of Herbs & Spices - Evening Bag News The Bart Ingredient Company has created this very clever periodic table of herbs and spices to help home cooks make the most out of their meals. If you want to experiment with flavours and expand your culinary repertoire then this clever table will shows you what herbs to use and what sort of taste they will provide in each dish. Here's how it works - Each column refers to a different flavour 'tone' like citrus, floral and earthy. Finally each square in labelled with a letter that corresponds to the type of effect the herb will have in your final meal. Now rejoice fellow food lovers because you can download the table from Bart's Facebook page for FREE here. Will Holland, multi-award winning chef and member of the Bart Taste Team told us, "Herbs and spices are very complex, so it can be daunting to experiment, not knowing which ones will compliment and where you can substitute in recipes for it to still taste delicious, just different. What do you think?

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