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New York en famille, itinéraires dans les quartiers de Brooklyn et de Lower East Side. Comme back to NYC en famille !!!!

New York en famille, itinéraires dans les quartiers de Brooklyn et de Lower East Side

Lors de ma dernière escapade à NYC, où j’ai croqué le fruit défendu, je vous ai rapporté dans ma hotte, des pépins, OUPS que dis-je? Des pépites… Suivez mes derniers itinéraires d’enfant gâté de Downtown à Brooklyn, et appréciez mes coups de coeur, testés et approuvés par ma pomme. A la frontière de Greenwich Village, poser ses valises dans un petit hôtel-bijou, où chaleur et confort font la pair, au Jade Hotel. Petit déjeuner gargantuesque.

Demander à dormir au 18ème étage dans la chambre-penthouse. Jade Hotel : 52 West 13th Street – Jade Hotel Lower East Side. FATHOM Cool Restaurant Reviews and Reservations, Travel Guides. Romantic and rustic Venetian gathering place where twosomes or big groups hide away in candle-lit dining nooks.

FATHOM Cool Restaurant Reviews and Reservations, Travel Guides

Italian small plates fortify after too many carafes of wine. Restaurant guru Keith McNally's masterwork brasserie caters to media types and tourists alike with consistent power breakfasts, including homemade breads and pastries from their patisserie. It's a no-fail option for those who want to feel part of the NY scene. Get the best glimpse of Soho people-watching from the benches outside. If you can’t get to Blue Hill at Stone Barns (an old Rockefeller estate with a working farm), come here to see why Dan Barber is one of the USA’s most influential chefs.

Scimob, Olfeo, PrestaShop et Grizzly Labs, vainqueurs du Top250 des éditeurs de logiciels. Le Syntec Numérique organisait jeudi soir sa cinquième édition du Top 250 des éditeurs et créateurs de logiciels français.

Scimob, Olfeo, PrestaShop et Grizzly Labs, vainqueurs du Top250 des éditeurs de logiciels

Comme chaque année, le cabinet EY a publié les résultats de son étude sur le secteur. En se basant sur les résultats de 380 entreprises, il ressort que le secteur a réalisé un chiffre d’affaires en croissance de 17% l’an passé, à 10,5 milliards d’euros. Parmi les tendances importantes, la montée en puissance du Saas (software as a service, ndlr) comme mode de commercialisation.

Celui-ci a en effet représenté 22% du chiffre d’affaires du secteur, contre 17% un an plus tôt. Outre l’étude, plusieurs prix ont été remis. Les vainqueurs Prix jeu vidéo : Scimob Prix innovation : Olfeo Prix international : PrestaShop Prix du public : The Grizzly Labs. 12hrs in Marseille — 12hrs – Travel Guides for people like you! The city of Marseille is defined by the Mediterranean sea.

12hrs in Marseille — 12hrs – Travel Guides for people like you!

Its old port has been the lifeline of the city, and a source of renewal. Hundreds of thousands of people arrived in Europe on one of the countless ships docking here. Trade ships brought exotic goods and wealth and hungry sailors that needed to be fed. France’s second biggest city in the south of France couldn’t be more different than the biggest one, Paris, the capital of the country. I was at a travel agency the other day, looking to buy tickets for my upcoming trip to Colombia (excited!)

And the travel agent asked me, “So, what do you do for a living?” The following words fell out of my mouth: “I’m a travel blogger.” Yeah, I know, I couldn’t believe it either. I am extremely lucky (or an extreme risk taker, I’m not quite sure which yet) but yes, I blog and write full-time. It has it’s perks, no doubt, but it is definitely the type of job you have to do for the love of it. How to start a travel blog If you’re a bit of a free spirit, who loves to travel and visit new locations, then surely the idea of setting up and creating your own travel blog has come to mind for you too, hey? Find your passion and be specific The thing that gets me up every morning and ready to write about Colombia every day is my intense appreciation and love for the country.

Favoroute - The First Online Marketplace for Personal Travel Guide Books Joins Rockstart. Journi: From Failure To 10,000 Users. About two months ago we started a service called journi.

journi: From Failure To 10,000 Users

An iOS app that makes sharing and remembering travel moments super easy and beautiful. When we launched it I read two interesting posts which inspired me to share our own experiences. A post from Ryan Hoover about how his team managed to get the first 2,000 users on Product Hunt doing things that don’t scale and the post from Morgan Brown about “Ten things I learned researching ten of the world’s fastest growing startups”. Over the last two months we started to add more and more users and lately reached the 10,000 users mark on journi. If this wasn’t enough to celebrate, Apple reached out for a featuring. The Prior Startup that Failed Every startup has its history of failure and so do we.

The service called miavia (which is Italian and stands for “my way”) attracted 800 users on the creator side in 10 months. Growth is Nothing Without the Product So we stopped all our growth activities and focused on the product again.