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What To Pack for a Cruise - Caribbean Cruise Packing Tips List Checklist. Caribbean Cruise What to Pack Which clothes to pack for a Caribbean cruise is simpler than your think.

What To Pack for a Cruise - Caribbean Cruise Packing Tips List Checklist

Your 2 most important considerations are comfort and practicality. Before deciding what to pack, do your homework first to narrow your focus and eliminate the urge to throw things in the suitcase at the last minute for “just in case.” * Make a list of every day's port of call and the activities you plan to participate in at each. * How many days do you spend at sea? Now that you know your itinerary, you can get down to serious business. There's no need to break the bank on clothing for a cruise. Most things you need are in your closet. For men: Slacks and a polo-style shirt are great attire for a man at dinner and the shirt can be worn the next day with shorts. The only night men need a coat and tie is the formal evening, which varies between 1 and 2 nights depending on the length of your cruise.

For women: Don't limit yourself to dresses and heels because you may regret it. Rain jacket. Great Carnival Cruise Tips. Secrets and Tips- -Make sure that your bank and credit card company are aware that you will be out of the country.

Great Carnival Cruise Tips

They will note it on your account so you won't be flagged for fraudulent activity. -If you need postcards go to the pursers desk.......they have ones with the picture of the ship for free. -The pursers desk will carry stamps of the different countries that you are going to. -You can get a free deck of cards at the pursers desk. -If you need asprin, seasick pills or a variety of general medications, check the "O"deck where the waiting room is for the doctor. -You can also go to the pursers desk for seasick pills. -In the casino, they will give you a lanyard as well as punch a hole in your S&S card for you. -The library has a supply of crossword puzzles (a different one each day) and a sheet of trivia questions(one for each day) On some ships they set these our each day but on others you have to ask for them.

-The couch in your cabin has drawers built in underneath. -Extra hangers. Samantha Brown's surprising travel essentials. Samantha Brown takes in the sights in Florence, Italy.

Samantha Brown's surprising travel essentials

The popular TV host hast some unusual travel must-haves. Road warrior Samantha Brown shares items that make her travels easierNoise-canceling headphones can be stolen, so try disposable ear plugs insteadRubber balls can make you feel like you've had an expensive massageBrown brings her own meal on a plane -- even in First Class Editor's Note: Samantha Brown is the host of several popular series on the Travel Channel and travels some 230 days a year. She is also the spokeswoman for Nature Valley's National Parks Project. We asked her what some of her travel essentials are. (CNN) -- I, of course, travel with a smartphone, an iPod and a laptop, but the rest of my list is an unconventional one and lacking in anything that needs to be charged.

Here are my top travel must-haves: 1. I had the expensive $250 noise-canceling headphones. I find that what makes airports most stressful is the noise level. 2. On the road with Samantha Brown 3. Jr.