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BonzoTeam, itinerario in moto sulle strade austriache della Carinzia. Penultima tappa straniera del viaggio nelle Alpi di BonzoTeam, prima della sosta in Slovenia e del doveroso, dopo dieci giorni, rientro in Italia. Oggi si passa in Carinzia, terra di natura suggestiva e percorsi da sogno. Splende il sole al risveglio e la colazione è come al solito ricca ed abbondante, ci attende una giornata impegnativa e lunga ma piena di luoghi di grande fascino!

Salutati i simpatici inglesi il Gruppo riparte alla volta delle due strade alpine più belle e suggestive della Carinzia: la Nockalm e la Maltal. Della prima che dire; è talmente unica e incredibile che per apprezzarla bisogna solo percorrerla in tutti i suoi 35 km (e 52 tornanti) in completa unione con la natura senza sfiorare alcun insediamento umano ed i panorami che riusciamo ad ammirare sono quelli che forse più di ogni altro posto mi sono rimasti impressi. Turkmenistan's Astonishing Attempt To Build A City Of The Future. Cosa vedere in Catalogna: Peratallada - I paesi più belli della Catalogna. Eclettismo a gogò alla Casina delle Civette | smARTraveller. 10 INCREDIBLE THRILL SEEKING ADVENTURES TO DO AROUND THE WORLD | Flying The Nest. Attention all thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies! Are you on the hunt for your next hit? Well, we have you covered.

Here are 10 incredible thrill seeking adventures you need to add to your bucket list from around the world. 1. Sky Diving Over The Palm In Dubai We know there are plenty of places to skydive around the world, but we don’t think the views get any better then from over the palm in Dubai. 2. The North Yungas Road (also known as Death Road) is legendary for its extreme danger. 3. Would you take the plunge into the depths of shark infested waters? 4. Hu Shan Mountain is famous for having one of the worlds most dangerous hiking trails. 5. In Finland they literally cut a giant hole in their icy lakes and you are asked simply to jump in. 6. This roller coaster is the steepest ride to date, having a famous drop of 121°. 7.

Are you fearless enough to be strapped standing on top of an aeroplane as it soars through the sky? 8. 9. Ever wondered what it would feel like to fly? 10. 31 Places Everyone Should Visit Before They Die. Posted on July 9, 2014 Do you want to travel and see the world? If not, these pictures sure will inspire you to. 1. Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31.

Thanks to this reddit user for compiling this list of beautiful places to visit. (Source: Do you want to travel and see the world) Recommended for You. 15 Amazing Places You Can Tour on Google Maps. 1. The White House – Visit the home of the president of the United States. 2. Smithsonian American Art Museum – Get your culture on. 3.

The Colosseum – Peruse the remains of the famous Roman stadium. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. If you are looking for more, visit Google Maps Street View. I 7 mercatini di Natale più grandi d’Europa. Metti una notte in un faro del Mare del Nord | smARTraveller. 29 Fascinating Photos You’ve Probably Never Seen BeforeTales Maze | Tales Maze. The lava lake of the continuously active volcano Erta Ale, Ethiopia Where the Great Wall of China ends A geyser right before eruption Bavarian town of Nordlingen built in a 14 million year old meteor impact crater A huge dust storm that hit Western Australia in early 2013 A rare 360 degree rainbow captured from an airplane Climbers going up Mount Everest in May 2013 Daytona Beach 1957 An aerial view of a scrap tire dump Bagger 288, the largest land vehicle in the world A cross-section of an undersea cable Inside one of Google’s data centers Einstein’s desk hours after his death Michelangelo illustrated his grocery lists so that his illiterate servants would know what to buy him.

The inside of a FedEx Boeing 757 without any cargo Overcrowded prison in El Salvador Hitler’s office Enormous statue of Genghis Khan in Mongolia What pugs looked like before selective breeding Octopus eggs George Washington’s teeth A microscopic image of a human tongue Five pounds of fat compared to five pounds of muscle Comments. 35 Things You See Every Day In Dubai | Dubai Holidays.

Select the destination for your trip - Church-built-across-a-deep-river-gorge-...-Las-Lajas-Sanctuary-Ipiales-Colombia.jpg (JPEG Image, 965 × 723 pixels) - Scaled (91%) 10 Most Beautiful Villages in Europe | Earth Traveling.

From the Alps to the Mediterranean, these frozen-in-time European villages will make you appreciate the beauty of taking it slow. Reaching some of these European beauties requires extra effort, yet the rewards are dazzling. Your eyes will thank you. Hallstatt, Austria The storybook town of Hallstatt in central Austria enjoys a gorgeous setting on the bank of the Hallstätter See, between the pristine lake and a lush mountain that rises dramatically from the water’s edge. Manarola, Italy Manarola is a small town, a frazione of the comune (municipality) of Riomaggiore, in the province of La Spezia, Liguria, northern Italy. Image Source Bibury, England The hilly Cotswold region is a designated “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” in southwestern England, and one of its loveliest villages is Bibury, where verdant meadows abut ancient stone cottages with steep pitched roofs.

Image Source Colmar, France Image Source Reine, Norway Image Source Pučiśća, Croatia Image Source Telč, Czech Republic Image Source. The 10 best treks in the world. These 10 classic treks are for serious walkers. All of them require a sturdy pair of lungs, fit legs and a good amount of preparation. However, if you choose to go on any of these trails then you will be rewarded with experiences that last a lifetime. In no particular order: 1. GR20, France Image by Jean-Baptiste Bellet This demanding 15- day (168km, 104mi) slog through Corsica is legendary for the diversity of landscapes it traverses. 2.

Image by funkz This 33km (20mi) ancient trail was laid by the Incas and is currently traversed by thousands each year. 3. Image by Crazy Joe Devola ‘The land of the Dogon people’ is one of Africa’s most breathtaking regions. 4. Image by lampertron Reaching a height of 5,545m (18,193ft) at Kala Pattar, this three-week trek is extremely popular with those who want to be able to say, ‘I’ve been to the base of the world’s highest mountain’. 5. Image by Chandramohan Burly V Fewer folk trek on the Indian side of the world’s greatest mountain range. 6. 7. 8. 9.

40 Incredible Secret Places Most Travelers Don't Know About. The Last One Blew Me Away... Scandinavia travel guide. The word “Scandinavia” evokes many images. Endless fir forests, awe-inspiring fjords, wilderness, and lately, perhaps, crime fiction and noir thrillers such as Borgen, Wallander and The Killing.

It’s all these things, of course, but this hardly does justice to the region’s vastness and diversity. To the North is the Arctic Circle, where polar bears roam, the summer sun lasts 24 hours, but an implacable dark descends in a winter lit, if you’re lucky, by cosmic northern lights. Although not in Scandinavia, Finland, where Russia's cultural orbit is felt, also has a Nordic feel with vast expanses of lake and forest inhabited by wild bears stretch beyond sight. Download the free Telegraph Travel app to destinations including Paris, New York and Rome: Stockholm offers grand Venetian charms around its many canals and islands as well as the world’s only ABBA museum. More Telegraph Travel expert guides The western coasts are wild and wet. When to go Getting around By rail By road. Most Beautiful Villages Around The World photo.

Popeye Village, is a group of rustic and ramshackle wooden buildings located at Anchor Bay in the north-west corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta. Photo by: Mosin Village on the bank of the Niger river, Mali. Photo by: Yann Arthus-Bertrand Hidden mountain village in Southern China. Photo by: Christian Ortiz Mist over countryside in Southwest England.

Photo by: Bob Small Hobbiton village – “Lord of the Rings” movie location in New Zealand. Riomaggiore is a village and comune in the province of La Spezia, situated in a small valley in the Liguria region of Italy. Mountain Village, Iran. Beautiful African sea side village. Hallstatt, Upper Austria, is a village in the Salzkammergut, a region in Austria with 946 inhabitants. Gásadalur village, Faroe Islands. Village located in Himalayas, Tibet. Fort Bourtange is a star fort located in the village of Bourtange, Groningen, Netherlands. Google Street View Hyperlapse. A Teehan+Lax Labs experiment for creating interactive Google Street View hyper-lapse animations. Learn more about this project. See the possibilities Built with Hyperlapse.js, Three.js (r57), a modified version of GSVPano.js, and Google Maps API v3.

This site requires WebGL and is best viewed in Google Chrome on a decent machine. Tweet. 30 Incredible Views you’d see if you were a bird. Spotty News. Pubblicata il 22 Jan 2014 Ci auguriamo tu non abbia paura delle altezze, perché a noi ha fatto tremare le gambe. Quello che vedete di seguito è una montagna cinese chiamata Monte Hua Shan.

Alla sua base, si trova un gigantesco insieme di scale scolpite nella pietra, chiamate "Le scale del paradiso" Queste scale vanno così in alto nella montagna che è difficile vedere dove vadano a finire. Se ciò non bastasse, a seguire, delle precarie scale portano al sentiero più pericoloso al mondo, un percorso interamente costruito su tavole in legno chiamato Hua Shan.

Le scale, anche se meravigliose, sono abbastanza scoraggianti! E sono la parte più facile della salita Un gran numero di persone la percorre per quello che c'è alla fine Lungo il percorso vi sono addirittura delle case costruite sulle pareti Dopodichè si prende una funivia per giungere alla parte più "divertente" del sentiero...

E qui inizia la parte più pericolosa, dove vi è solo una catena per tenersi Che panorama! Che dire! Ti è piaciuta? 21 Unseen Tunnels That Will Convince You Heaven Is On Earth. #14 Is Simply Magnificent! | Astoundable. This world is a beautiful place, but you haven’t seen heaven on earth on earth until you’ve seen these unbelievably gorgeous tunnels! I can’t believe these are real, but they are! These magical places make me want to pack my bags and travel. Which is your favorite? 1. The Dark Hedges Of Northern Ireland 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Città abbandonate: Hashima, l’isola fantasma del Giappone | oubliettemagazine.

Mag 26, 2013 L’isola di Hashima, sperduta tra le 505 isole disabitate della prefettura di Nagasaki, in Giappone, è un luogo spettrale ed affascinante, meta di insolito turismo avventuroso ed alternativo. È chiamata anche Gunkanjima, che significa nave da guerra, per via dell’aspetto che assume il suo profilo sul letto dell’oceano: un’isola grigia e decadente, circondata da un grande muro di cemento e i cui edifici, prossimi al collasso, vanno a delineare la forma di una specie di grande corazzata. Negli anni Cinquanta fu il posto più densamente popolato al mondo, oggi è diventata una città fantasma, un luogo completamente abbandonato a se stesso, visitato dai turisti come testimonianza di una lontana archeologia industriale che vive solo di memorie.

Era un polo minerario talmente importante che decisero di costruire centinaia di appartamenti per i minatori, con scuole, ospedali, palestre, cinema, bar, ristoranti e 25 negozi per le rispettive famiglie. Written by Cristina Biolcati Mi piace: